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Town board meeting organalzational

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JANUARY 3, 2006

PRESENT: Councilpersons: Cheryl Boyd, Bruce Dolph, Luis Rodriguez-Bentancourt, Supervisor John Meredith, Hwy. Supt., Walt Geidel, Town Clerk, Ronda Williams

OTHERS PRESENT: Bob Cairns – Walton Reporter, Maureen Wacha, and Mrs. Rodriguez-Betancourt

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Councilperson Armstrong led the Pledge of Allegiance

The following took their Oath of Office; John Meredith - Supervisor, Kevin Armstrong – Council Person, Luis Rodriguez-Bentancourt – Council Person, Walt Geidel – Hwy Superintendent, Bruce Dolph – Council Person.

RESOLUTIONS: The following resolutions (1-14) were presented to the Councilpersons by Supervisor Meredith. Motion listed at end of resolutions.

  1. Town Board Meetings—Second Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm at the
    Walton Town Board Room, 129 North Street, Walton, NY

  2. Official Radio Station—WDLA

  3. Official Newspaper—The Walton Reporter

  4. Official Library—William B. Ogden Free Library

  5. Official Depository—National Bank of Delaware County

  6. Code Enforcement Officer – Mark Jacobs

  7. Sole Assessor – Mark Jacobs, term will expire on Sept. 30, 2007

  8. Planning board Chairman – Gale Sheridan

  9. ZBA Chairman – Donald O’Connell

  10. ZBA Board Member – Stephen Hodge

  11. Board of Assessment Review Secretary – Louis Lurenz

  12. Law Enforcement Officer – Delaware County Sheriff Thomas Mills

  13. Reimbursement for Mileage - $0.40 per mile

  1. Approval of Salaries

1. Supervisor $15,985.00

2. Town Board Members $876.00 each

3. Superintendent of Highways $36,060.00
4. Town Clerk $26,085.00

5. Justices $6,952.50 each

6. Sole Assessor $34,500.00
7. Deputy Town Clerks $7.50 per hour
8. Town Attorney $13,911.00
9. Building Maintenance $4,637.00
10. Dog Control Officer $5,629.00
11. General Highway Foreman $1,392.00
12. Code Enforcement Officer $10,678.00
13. Health Officer $876.00
14. Registrar of Vital Statistics $876.00

15. Court Clerk $4,645.00

Motion by Councilman Dolph, second by Councilman Armstrong to accept the resolutions as presented. Vote 5 ayes, Armstrong, Boyd, Dolph, Rodriguez, and Supervisor Meredith. 0 nays. Motion Carried.

1. Deputy Town Supervisor – Bruce Dolph

2. General Highway Foreman – Ronald Fletcher

3. Town Historian – Walton Historical Society

The Town Board Committees were presented as follows —

-Public Works Boyd & Armstrong
-Finance & Insurance Dolph & Boyd
-Legal & Ordinance Rodriguez & Dolph
-Land Use & Village Rodriguez & Dolph
-Personnel Boyd & Dolph
-Union Negotiations Armstrong & Dolph
-Building & Grounds Boyd & Armstrong
-Technology Dolph & Armstrong
-Emergency Disaster Rodriguez & Boyd
-Historical Boyd & Armstrong



A motion was made by Councilman Armstrong, second by Dolph to approve the abstracts for payments as presented. All in favor, motion carried.

General A #335-350 $2,337.90

TOWN CLERK: I reported on the delay of receiving the tax rolls and disk from the County.

Reported on the 2006 Training School and Annual Meeting of the Association of Towns.

Reported on the permissive referendum for the sale of the .94 acres of Town land.
HIGHWAY SUPERINTENDENT: Reported that he will be meeting with the DEC on the Houck Mountain by-pass.
SUPERVISOR: Reported that the appointed Sole Assessor is fully qualified for the position.
Presented to the Board an agreement between the Delaware County Planning Board and the Town of Walton for planning services from the County at the cost of $3,500.00.
A motion was made by Councilman Dolph, second by Armstrong to give the Supervisor permission to sign and enter into the agreement with the County Planning Board and the Town of Walton. Vote 5 ayes, Armstrong, Boyd, Dolph, Rodriguez, and Supervisor Meredith. 0 nays. Motion Carried.
Councilman Armstrong reported that the sale of the highway truck brought $5,960.00 on ebay.
Highway Superintendent invited the Board to the Fire Department for a tour of the facility and the Emergency Disaster Command Center.
Councilman Rodriguez spoke of the poor communication between the hospital and ambulances and would like to improve this system. He would also like to the Disaster Plan for the Town updated. “Everyone needs to be included into the plan”.
Councilman Armstrong reported that negotiations are continuing with the Highway Department Personnel.

With no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 6:34 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Ronda Williams

Walton Town Clerk

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