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Tossups – special trash tossups round questions by various contributors to utc’s TrashMasters trash tournament, De

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Questions by various contributors to UTC’s TrashMasters trash tournament, Dec. 2004

1. In the original series, broadcast from 1979 to 1982, Guy Fleegman appeared in only one episode, but in a second incarnation of the show, he returned as Security Chief "Roc" Ingersol. The central cast from the original show included: Fred Kwan as Technical Sergeant Chen, Gwen DeMarco as Lieutenant Tawny Madison and former Shakespearean actor Alexander Dane as Dr. Lazarus. FTP, identify this show which told of the adventures of the NSEA Protector, starring Jason Nesmith as Captain Peter Quincy Taggart, portrayed on film by Tim Allen.

Answer: Galaxy Quest
2. He has cousins named Clem, Zeke, Rufus, Billy Bob, Billy Jim, Billy Billy Banana-fana Fo Filly, Tug, Enos, and Rainchild…among plenty of others. He also has a computer wife named Karen, who finds it quite amusing that his first name is Sheldon. He once fell into one of his own inventions, a component analyzer, that determined he was made up of 1% evil, 99% hot gas. Voiced by Mr. Lawrence, this is, FTP, what purveyor of the Chum Bucket and tiny, constant seeker of the secret formula for the Krabby Patty?

Answer: Plankton

3. Originally known as "Sweet Children," they changed their name two weeks before the release of their debut album, "39/Smooth." After two albums, original drummer John Kiffmeyer left for college; their new drummer wrote one of their earliest word-of-mouth hits, "Dominated Love Song." Their album Kerplunk! sold over 500,000 copies without a major label release, and led to their signing with Reprise, who brought in Rob Cavello to produce their Grammy-winning 1994 breakthrough album. Later albums included Insomniac, Nimrod, and Warning. FTP, name this San Francisco punk trio with drummer Tre Cool, bassist Mike Dirnt. and lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, who hit it big with Dookie.

Answer: Green Day

4. Winner of the 1966 Heisman Trophy, he was selected by the San Francisco 49ers with the third pick in the 1967 NFL Draft. Playing with the 49ers from 1967 to 1975, his first stint in coaching was for the Tampa Bay Bandits of the now-defunct USFL. Coaching there from 1983-1985, he then took over at Duke where he posted a 20-13-1 record. Returning to the SEC this year as head coach at South Carolina, FTP name this former Washington Redskins and University of Florida coach.

Answer: Steve Spurrier

5. These were developed by James Welch, brother of Sugar Daddy and John Birch Society creator Robert Welch. Named after James’s favorite Broadway show, they entered the market in 1949. Along with Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies, and Charleston Chew, they were acquired in 1993 from the Warner Lambert Company by Tootsie Roll Industries. On Seinfeld, during a struggle between Kramer and Jerry, one falls from a surgery viewing box into the patient on the operating table. FTP, name this popular movie theater candy that has a creamy certain-flavored center, covered in dark chocolate.

Answer: Junior Mints (Note: The Broadway show was “Junior Miss”.)

6. After quitting his job and blackmailing his boss for $60,000, the main character in this film gets a job at Mr. Smiley's. The main character's wife has an affair with a local real-estate magnate named Buddy Kane, and his daughter falls in love with a guy who enjoys videotaping bags dancing in the air. The climax involves the neighboring Colonel Fitts confronting the main character who is the father of Jane and the husband of Carolyn. FTP name this 1999 film starring Mena Suvari, Annette Bening, and Kevin Spacey as Lester Burnham.

Answer: American Beauty [accept Lester and/or Burnham before “this film”]

7. After five years of exploring other options in the entertainment field, this double-threat returned to the disc shelves with appearances on three Fall 2004 releases. On Manifest Destiny, he appears with his brother and sister on an album held ten years until its release this Fall under the name UTD. With Medina Green, he appears on U-Know the Flex: The Mix Tape 101. But his own disc, The New Danger, shipped to the largest numbers. FTP, name this hip-hop actor previously heard from on 1999’s Black on Both Sides and seen as Jada Pinkett Smith’s brother in Bamboozled.

Answer: Mos Def

8. The music soundtrack for this sequel is provided by Incubus, Hoobastank and Nile Rodgers. Featured voices include Michelle Rodriguez, Miguel Ferrer, and Ron Perlman, some of whom replaced dialogue weeks before the product roll-out because of anti-Muslim objections from Microsoft lawyers. Included in this sequel are features such as online play, and the ability to wield two weapons at once. The product of Bungie Studios of Redmond, Washington, this is, FTP, what long-awaited Xbox game released November 9th, 2004?

Answer: Halo 2

9. Antwon got two fish named Ike and Tina. Wyatt got a new wing and Logan got a Blackberry. Christine got a massager for her Grandma Jessie, while Nile got her own river…and some new heels. All of this thanks to Jimmy, Alex, Danny, Aren, Ish, Big Dane, Mad Mike and the rest of the good folks at West Coast Customs – yep, there’s the giveaway. So quick, FTP, name this ultra-cool MTV series hosted by X-to-the-Z, Xzibit.

Answer: Pimp My Ride

10. One had its formation in the flapper era, the other had its formation in the 1970’s Bowery. While Miss Boopadoop finally married her beau on February 17, 1933, Miss Harry never married Mr. Stein during their fifteen-year relationship. However, both entities are going strong in 2004, although the latter has a “curse.” FTP, what is the common name describing both Chic Young’s comic strip about the Bumsteads, and the rock band responsible for “Call Me”, “Maria,” and “The Tide Is High.”

Answer: Blondie (Their 2004 CD is “The Curse of Blondie)

11. She was born in London to George and Mary White. Her twin's name is Mimmy, and their friends include Cathy, a white rabbit, Fifi, a lamb and Tippy, a bear. She first appeared on a coin purse in 1975 that sold for less than $1. In 1981, creator Yuko Shimizu put her in a car under the word "Vroom." Her appeal hasn't diminished over the last 25 years, as McDonald's in Asia sold 4.5 million Happy Meals with a giveaway doll of this character. FTP, name her, the biggest hit for Sanrio.

Answer: Hello Kitty

12. Season two saw the addition of four new cast members: intern Christine, former ILM employee Tory, model-maker Kari, and metal-worker Scottie, whose extensive tattoos were the focus of one episode. However, UCLA professor (and major Trekkie) Heather Joseph-Witham has left the show for the time being. Amazingly, Buster is still around, despite being dropped in 200 feet of water, having bricks dropped on his head, and getting blown up on multiple occasions. Recent episodes have dealt with an ancient Greek death ray, quicksand, and literally finding a needle in a haystack. FTP, name this Discovery channel show on which hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman attempt to debunk urban legends.

Answer: Mythbusters

13. On June 3rd, 2004, a forty-five-year-old Julio Franco became the oldest player to accomplish this feat, taking the title from Carlton Fisk who accomplished it in 1991 at age 43. In 1961, Jim Gentile entered the record books by doing this in both the 1st and 2nd inning of the same game. Lou Gehrig is the all-time leader with 23, and in 1999 the leading active player, Robin Ventura, became the only man to do this in both ends of a double-header. Boston switch-hitter Bill Mueller is the only man to accomplish it twice in the same game from different sides of the plate, and Fernando Tatis is the only player to do it twice in the same inning. FTP name this hitting feat, resulting in four RBI's.

Answer: hitting a Grand Slam home run

14. Garry Marshall played one of the mobsters assembled to hear about Project Grand Slam. Theodore Bikel and Orson Welles were passed over for the title role that went to Gert Frobe, even though his English was so bad most of his lines were dubbed. Honor Blackman quit The Avengers to play the film’s uniquely named female lead. This movie is believed to be the first one to feature the Ford Mustang, and it’s the last one where producers had to pay to use an Aston Martin. This is some of the trivia behind, FTP, what 1964 Bond movie that did not see actress Shirley Eaton die after being coated in metallic paint?

Answer: Goldfinger

15. Songs on it that were co-written by its performer include “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” “Addicted,” and “Where Is Your Heart.” The last track is a live version of “Beautiful Disaster,” a song from her first album. Its second single, “Since You’ve Been Gone,” follows a more rock-like sound -- funny given that its first, namesake single with a more pop sound credits Avril Lavigne as a writer. Apparently not about scoring chances in basketball or hockey, name, FTP, this sophomore album by Kelly Clarkson.

Answer: Breakaway

16. The English language script for Miyazaki’s “Princess Mononoke,” the children’s book “The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish,” the TV series and novel “Neverwhere,” and the novel “American Gods” are all creations of this prolific writer better known for graphic novels such as “Death: the High Cost of Living” and “Signal to Noise.” FTP, who is this creator of the DC Comics series “Sandman” and co-author, with Terry Pratchett, of “Good Omens.”

Answer: Neil Gaiman

17. He didn't play football until his senior year of high school, when he led Taylor Allerdice High with 1705 rushing yards. At Pitt, he led the team in rushing three years, but missed his senior year with an ankle injury. The tenth running back selected in the 1995 draft, he led the AFC in rushing and won Rookie of the Year. His touchdown in Super Bowl XXXI (31) was his team record fifth of that post-season, but injuries kept him out of the playoffs in 1997, and he soon signed an offer sheet that the Patriots refused to match. In 2004 he became his current team's all-time leading rusher, as well as cracking the list of top-ten all-time NFL rushing leaders. FTP, name this running back who holds the single-season rushing records for the Patriots and the New York Jets.

Answer: Curtis Martin

18. A graduate of Texas A&M-Kingsville and Miss Corpus Christi USA in 1998, she has shown her stage acting chops in such works as What the Rabbi Saw and Hot Tamales Live. She played a psychic in the CBS movie The Dead Will Tell and won an ALMA award for playing Isabella on The Young and the Restless. While her run as Detective Gloria Duran on L.A. Dragnet was short-lived, she’s shining in her second ABC prime-time role. FTP, name this actress who plays gardener-loving Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives.

Answer: Eva Longoria

19. This phrase made its debut this past July at a party in the Hamptons, where its best known proponent was in attendance with a copy of the Declaration of Independence as his date. With media support from BET, MTV, and Clear Channel, stars promoting it included Paris Hilton, 50 Cent, and Mary J Blige, some of whom did not expire even though they could not exercise the phrase's initial option due to legal ineligibility or lack of registration. Name, FTP, this three-word phrase that was the centerpiece of the P. Diddy-sponsored Citizen Change youth empowerment movement.

Answer: Vote or Die

20. Its old history told of a giant mole that could eat metal and locations like the Scarlet Jungle and Gold Volcano. From this history we know that Argo City would eventually wind up on an asteroid, while its capital, Kandor, would be shrunk and put in a bottle. It was also reported to have two moons, one of which was destroyed by the scientist Jax-Ur. That incident prompted a ban on space flight, which was in place until one young individual was sent away before the planet self-destructed due to internal pressures. FTP, name this planet whose only known survivor is Superman.
Answer: Krypton
21. Recently partnered with Yahoo!TV, this web site allows for forums on current shows and recaps episodes already aired. Although recaps are often personalized by the writers to such an extent that the show itself is difficult to recognize, the writing staff prides itself on sarcasm and inside jokes. Stemming from the previous incarnation, this website’s contributors include MSNBC commentator Tara Ariano and Pamela Ribon. FTP, name this website with mascot Tubey.


22. A varsity cheerleader at Riverdale and North Clayton High Schools outside Atlanta, she started in the business by writing for Mya and performing for the group Hearsay. She went then solo and was signed by Jazze Pha to his Sho Nuff label after just a couple of recording sessions. That led to her breakout dance hit, which was produced by Lil Jon and sounds a lot like “Freek-A-Leek” by Petey Pablo, who’s also on the single. FTP, name this “First Lady of Crunk & B” who burst on the scene in 2004 with the song “Goodies.”

Answer: Ciara Harris

23. Vera is a middle-aged woman who has finally met Merrill, the daughter she gave up for adoption years ago. Nick's a nice guy who never takes risks. Duane and Blaine are brothers whose constant get-rich-quick schemes backfire. Randy is a family man who loves to gamble. Owen is a pro football referee who embarrassed himself on national TV. And Enrico is an Italian narcoleptic. All of them come together when eccentric millionaire Donald Sinclair, played by John Cleese, manipulates the ultimate cross-country treasure hunt. FTP, name this 2001 comedy and update of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, directed by Jerry Zucker.

Answer: Rat Race

24. She was played by Bonita Granville in four movies in the 1930’s. In the 1970’s, she was played on TV by Pamela Sue Martin, and later, by others. Her friends include the athletic George Fayne, and her cousin, the cautious Bess Marvin. She drives a convertible, and lives with her housekeeper, Hanna Gruen, and her attorney father, Carson, in the town of River Heights. FTP, name this heroine of The Secret of the Old Clock, The Hidden Staircase, and many more books in a series of mysteries credited to the pseudonym Carolyn Keene.

Answer: Nancy Drew (Prompt on partial answer.)

25. Founded 50 years ago by Frank Swift, it started its innovating in 1964 when it started to package its products in netting and with a handle. 1972 saw the introduction of a lifting mechanism to get its product out of the pan, while an instructional preparation booklet was included with each one sold starting in 1975. Based in Downers Grove, Illinois and part of the ConAgra family of companies, it launched its best known service in 1981, one that now handles over 100,000 calls a year. Named for the special breed that gives it its broad breast and plump round shape, name, FTP, this poultry brand that sponsors the Turkey Talk-Line.
Answer: Butterball

[spares in case you threw one out or something]

There’s Mary who got pregnant from a kid named Tom, a friend named Max who liked to get shit faced and hang with the thugs, and we’ve all seen the man at the liquor store beggin’ for your change. These people are found in this song by the artist, also known as Eric Schrody, who sings, “I licked the silver spoon, drank from the golden cup smoked the finest green.” FTP name this song from the album Whitey Ford Sings the Blues, by Everlast.

Answer: What It’s Like
This city’s first entrant in the NBA was not successful, sending only two different players to the All-Star Game in a 5-season stint from 1974 to 1979. In 1994, they nearly returned to the league, but the move of the Minnesota franchise was blocked. In 2002, the NBA finally returned to this city with the move of the Hornets from Charlotte. FTP, identify this city, nicknamed ‘The Big Easy’.

Answer: New Orleans

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