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Tossups – round 1 dennis haskins open 2002 ut-chattanooga

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Answer: Samuel Adams

4. This religion about 185,000 adherents today, with an estimated 20,000 of those in the U.S.; the modern-day followers are known as Parsees. They revere the forces of nature, especially fire, as manifestations of the power of the “Wise Lord” or Ahura-Mazda. FTP name this ancient religion that declined dramatically after the Islamic conquest in the 8th century AD of its native Persia.

Answer: Zoroastrianism
5. He was knighted in 1997, the same year his symphony Standing Stone premiered at Carnegie Hall; other major works include the Liverpool Oratorio. In 2001 he received his first solo Oscar nomination in the Best Song category for “Vanilla Sky”; he had earlier shared a nomination with his wife for “Live and Let Die.” The successful ten-year run of his group Wings was somewhat overshadowed by his earlier successes. FTP name this man, the bassist and half of the songwriting team behind the Beatles.

Answer: Paul McCartney

6. The plaintiff was a Louisiana resident who was traveling on a first-class ticket from New Orleans to Covington, Louisiana. Though only one of his great-grandparents was of African descent, the conductor noticed his difference and told him he had to leave the white section of the train. After the plaintiff refused, he was jailed. This sparked, FTP, what Supreme Court case which established the “separate but equal” doctrine?

Answer: Plessy v. Ferguson

7. The first step in a proof that demonstrates this theorem shows that the quantity x plus y obviously equals the quantity of x plus the quantity of y. The second step in proving this theorem involves assuming the theorem works for k and showing that the combinatorial identity of k plus one choose one gives the appropriate coefficient of x and y, which also happen to appear in Pascal's Triangle. FTP--name this theorem that allows you to expand x plus y the quantity raised to the n.

Answer: binomial theorem

8. Connected to the Pacific Ocean by the Juan de Fuca Strait, this body of water is entered through the Admiralty Inlet, extending south in two arms for 100 miles. Home to a naval shipyard at Bremerton, it is home to several important deepwater ports, including Port Townsend, Everett, and Tacoma. Named for the aide to George Vancouver who first explored it, FTP, what is this sound on which Seattle can be found?

Answer: Puget Sound

9. They were originally called condensers, and a displacement current flows in the interior until they reach equilibrium. They can be made more effective by inserting a dielectric, and their electric fields store energy equal to the charge squared divided by the voltage. The total charge on one of these devices is generally zero, and the electric field in the interior is essentially constant for large area and small separation. The most common example consists of two parallel metal plates. FTP name these electronic devices with two conductors storing charge proportional to the applied voltage.

Answer: capacitor

10. Although it was published in 1831, this novel is set in 15th-century Paris. It has been adapted for the big screen four times: first in 1923 with Lon Chaney in the leading role, and most recently in 1996. The novel’s central characters include Phoebus, Clopin, and Frollo. FTP name this Victor Hugo novel, the story of a gypsy woman named Esmeralda and a bell-ringer named Quasimodo.

Answer: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

11. You could call him a whiz kid: He was seven years old when he deliberately urinated in his parents' bedroom, prompting Dad to remark, "That boy will never amount to anything."  In the 1884 essay Uber Coca, he cheerfully admitted trying cocaine "some dozen times" and doubted that it is addictive. FTP, name the Viennese Jew who, in collaboration with Joseph Breuer, treated Anna O. and   in 1900 published The Interpretation of Dreams.

Answer:  Sigmund Freud
12. He shares his full name with two other painters, a father and son of minor success as landscape painters in the 18th century. Settling in Barbizon in 1849, he became associated with the Barbizon School more by friendship and proximity than by a shared style. “The Sower” and “The Angelus” are noteworthy examples of his unidealized depictions of peasant life. FTP name the French artist whose best-known work is “The Gleaners.”

Answer: Jean Francois Millet

13. This leader imprisoned Aleksandr Radishchev for his "A Journey from Petersburg to Moscow", while Nikolay Novikov was jailed for publishing the satirical journals "The Drone", "The Painter" and "The Purse", but was released later by Czar Paul. Establishing the Russian frontier on the Black Sea coast and gaining Ukrainian land long-held by Poland, this leader's early liberalism, seen in the intended reforms of the "Nakaz", or "Instruction", were replaced by conservatism after the revolt of Emelyan Pugachev and the French Revolution. FTP, who was this later 18th century Russian empress, known as "the Great"?

Answer: Catherine II or Catherine the Great

14. As surfactants, or wetting agents, they are very compatible with aqueous ions and are resistant to both acids and alkalis. In the middle pH ranges, they become molecules with two ionic groups of opposite charge, called Zwitterions. Water fits the definition, because it can donate or accept a proton. FTP what are these substances which can act as either an acid or a base?

Answer: amphoterics (acc. amphoprotic; accept Zwitterions before said, as up to there it’s true)

15. Based on the real-life story of the Lost Woman of San Nicolas, this novel has a lesser-known sequel, Zia, in which the protagonist’s niece tries to rescue her. The natives of the title place board ships to escape Aleutian seal hunters, but Karana goes back to the island to find her brother, only to find he’s been eaten by dogs, so she has to fend for herself. This describes, FTP, what Newberry-medal winning novel by Scott O’Dell?

Answer: Island of the Blue Dolphins

16. Among those who rejected his notions was Anaxagoras, who posited instead that matter was composed of an infinite number of unique particles. He was himself disputing the notions of Thales, Anaximenes, and others who believed in one universal substance. Anticipating modern physics, he explained change as the result of changes in proportions of the essential components of matter. FTP name this Greek philosopher who asserted that air, water, fire, and earth were the four elements that made the universe.

Answer: Empedocles
17. Co-written by Head of the Class co-stars Dan Schneider and Brian Robbins, it is the story of Jason Shepherd and his best friend Kaylee. They head to Los Angeles in a convoluted revenge plot against Marty Wolf, the man who stole Jason's class assignment and made it into a hit movie, one which shares its name with this film. Costarring former baseball commissioner's son Paul Giamatti and Nick's Amanda Bynes, FTP, name this 2002 film, starring Frankie Muniz.

Answer: Big Fat Liar

18. Chert, chalk, and dolomite are examples. Composed of geologically reworked materials, they make up only five percent of the uppermost ten miles of the Earth’s crust, but they compose nearly 75% of the Earth’s exposed surface. FTP what is this type of rock created by the deposition of materials in a typically linear pattern?

Answer: sedimentary rock

19. As a teen he was too young to serve in World War II but worked in an airplane factory. He formed the Tatekonai, or Shield Society, stressing martial arts and the samurai code as a way to reinforce Imperial ideals. He traced the decline of those ideals in his tetralogy The Sea of Fertility. FTP name this Japanese author, born Kimitake Hiraoka, whose other works include The Sound of the Waves and The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea.

Answer: Mishima Yukio [Western-style reverse order OK too]

20. W. H. Auden wondered what “huge imago” affected this man in the poem, “September 1, 1939.” The theory that he was a coprophile was floated in a psychobiography of him titled The Psychopathic God, but Allan Bullock’s A Study in Tyranny is considered more reliable, if a drier read. FTP, identify this man, bosom buddy of Rudolf Hess and the author of the two-volume best-seller Mein Kampf.

Answer: Adolf Hitler

21. Initially designed by Marvin Glass as a toy, Ideal asked him to rework it as a game. Up to four players roll dice and move around the board. Landing on special places allows you to add components, such as a staircase, bathtub, drainpipe, washbasin, stop sign, set of gears, and a tall post. The ultimate goal was to assemble the complete machine while amassing pieces of cheese. FTP, identify this Rube Goldberg-inspired board game in which you attempt to capture the other rodents.

Answer: Mousetrap

22. Highly influential comedies of this type were written by Herodas in the 3rd century BCE, while ribald ones were produced by Sophron of Syracuse. Combining dialogue with dancing and suggestive gestures, the church attempted to suppress it due to its frequently lewd nature, but it was kept alive by wandering players, with traces surviving in Mystery Plays and Dumb Shows. FTP, what was this form of comedy whose name now describes the act of Marcel Marceau?

Answer: mime

23. It is the only composite number that divides 252, and it is also the Euler totient of seven. It is the smallest positive perfect number, and it is also the area of right triangle with a hypotenuse of five. FTP identify this integer, the number of sides on a hexagon.

Answer: six

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