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Tossups – round 1 dennis haskins open 2002 ut-chattanooga

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1. This city's most famous TV reporter is Stanley Whitfield, & its major store is Malph's. The Morebux family is the richest, & Police Chief Hittledee has arrested Lenny Baxter & Harold Smith. For a time, the town seemed to be protected by Major Man, but he was a fraud exposed near Miss Keane's kindergarten at Pokey Oaks. FTP, name this city also populated by Miss Sara Bellum, Professor Utonium, Mojo Jojo, & the Powerpuff Girls.

Answer: Townsville
2. One of seven sons of the Earl of Cork, he was a director of the East India Company and helped to found Britain’s Royal Society. A proponent of an early version of the atomic theory of matter, he formulated the first chemical definitions of an element and a reaction. He invented an efficient vaccum pump, which he used to establish his best known discovery. FTP name this chemist, whose namesake law states that at a constant temperature, pressure and volume of a gas are inversely proportional.

Answer: Robert Boyle

3. He was envious of the skill of his nephew, Perdix, and tried to push him off a tower. This inventive Athenian, the son of Metion and grandson of Erechtheus, is the patron of artists’ and craftsmen’s guilds. He landed safely in Sicily after escaping his own construction, the labyrinth of King Minos, and his name was later used by James Joyce for the surname of an artist. FTP, name this mythical architect who fashioned wax wings for himself and for his son, Icarus.

Answer: Daedalus (do not accept “Stephen Dedalus”)

4. This “conspiracy in restraint of trade” was ironically broken by the use of the Sherman Antitrust Act, upholding a major employer’s 40% wage cut. Attorney General Richard Olney secured an injunction whose violation secured Eugene V. Debs jail time, and President Cleveland secured the wrath of labor by sending federal troops to Chicago under the pretext of securing the mails. FTP, the wage cut and exorbitant rents caused what 1894 strike, whose chief target was the plush railway cars of a famous company?

Answer: Pullman strike

5. Her last words, spoken before an unsuccessful cancer operation in 1946, were, "What is the question?"  Her Paris home was a salon for Cubist painters and experimental writers, and some argue that the enigmatic minimalism of works like Tender Buttons was the inspiration for macho man Ernest Hemingway's terse prose. How ironic. FTP, name this Oakland-born lesbian writer for whom a rose was a rose was a rose.

Answer:   Gertrude Stein

6. In 1950 a Dutch astronomer first inferred the existence of this astronomical entity, now named for him. It surrounds our planetary system and marks the furthest boundary of the sun’s physical and gravitational influence. Recently the source of Hale-Bopp, FTP what is this immense spherical region which generates comets, not rain?

Answer: Oort Cloud

7. Painted in 1872, the figures of several tall ships are barely visible in the haze of the background. In the foreground is the darkened image of a small boat, the rudderman standing up. The dark orange sun hangs above the boat. FTP this describes what Claude Monet painting that provided the name for the art movement to which he belonged?

Answer: Impression: Sunrise

8. “The tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps” taps out her name. Annabel had died of typhus four months after the narrator’s childhood romance with her. Enter Charlotte Haze and her 12 year old daughter Delores. FTP, name this lass whose nickname is the title of the Nabokov novel in which the lecherous Humbert Humbert seduces her.

Answer: Lolita
9. He was a gifted musician and an intellectual friend and patron of Voltaire. He was also a skilled negotiator, as seen by his gains in the first partition of Poland and the withdrawal of the Russians after they’d beaten him and conquered Berlin. And he was an even better general, as shown in his taking of Silesia in the War of the Austrian Succession and his survival against a superior enemy alliance in the Seven Years War. FTP name this 18th century Prussian king.

Answer: Frederick the Great or Frederick II [Friedrich is OK in either case, but not Frederick William]

10. In 1883, it became the first nation to grant women the vote, though it didn’t become fully independent until 1907. Feel free to snicker when you hear that its current Governor-General is Michael Hardie-Boys, but its real political head is Prime Minister Helen Clark. The 1840 Treaty of Waitangi attempted to regulate relations between settlers and the native Maori population. The Gold Rushes of the 1860s helped to encourage the settlement of South Island, which is separated from North Island by the Cook Strait. FTP, what is this Pacific nation with capital at Wellington?

Answer: New Zealand

11. The major director of macromolecular transport in cells, it’s where proteins from the ribosomes are stored, chemically modified, given carbohydrate tags to mark their destinations, and packaged in vesicles. These subcellular organelles are formed of stacks of flattened, folded membranes. FTP what are these organelles, named after the Italian who discovered them in 1898?

Answer: Golgi apparati or bodies or complex)

12. By the end of the book the title character, who is of a middle-class background, is a wealthy foreign land owner. As it opens 30 years earlier, the hero’s father begs him not to leave home. He catches a ship to London from his home in Hull, on which trip his ship gets caught in a minor storm and he gets a major case of sea-sickness. This leads to the way he spent 29 of those years. FTP, this is a brief plot summary of what novel by Daniel Defoe where a man is befriended by a savage named Friday on an island after a shipwreck?

Answer: Robinson Crusoe

13. Not an organized whole, they represented various groups: the National Mobilization against the War and the Youth International Party to name a couple. Five were tried and found guilty in 1970, though an appeals court overturned the verdicts in the fall of 1972. Rennie Davis, David Dellinger, John Froines, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, and Lee Weiner were members of, FTP what group that was accused of conspiring to incite the riots that occurred during the 1968 Democratic National Convention?

Answer: The Chicago 7 [accept Chicago Eight before “and Lee Weiner” – there was an 8th for a time]

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