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Tossups – round 1 dennis haskins open 2002 ut-chattanooga

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Answer: Azerbaijan

19. Ambitious works by this poet include the five related poems “Four Elements”, “Four Constitutions”, “Four Ages of Man”, “Four Seasons”, and “Four Monarchies”. Better known are “The Flesh and the Spirit” and “Contemplations”, both found in a volume published in England without her knowledge. Known for her analysis of happiness and religious faith in 17th century New England, FTP, who is this author of “The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America?”

Answer: Anne Bradstreet
20. Isocitrate, alpha-ketoglutarate, succinate, malate, and fumarate make up some of its intermediate stages, and it loses hydrogens every step of the way. By its completion, there are three new NADH molecules and two new FADH2 molecules, along with one ATP. Oxaloacetate combines with Acetyl-Coenzyme A to begin, for 10 points, what cycle of cellular respiration, named for either its first product or for a Hungarian scientist?

Answer: Krebs cycle (accept citric acid cycle)

21, The smallest number with 2 prime factors that don’t divide ten, it is also the palindrome 1221 in base 2 of the Alternate Number System and the palindrome 10101 in standard binary. FTP identify this eighth Fibonacci number, the gap between blackjack primes, and the legal drinking age in most US states.

Answer: twenty-one

22. The nave of this building is covered by a lofty dome whose weight is carried by four huge arches, with the east and west arches extended by half-domes, thus creating a vast oblong interior. Built by Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus, four minarets were added when it was converted to a mosque in 1453. FTP, what is this famous Istanbul landmark?

Answer: Hagia Sophia (or Santa Sophia or Aya Sophia)

23. A dispute over repurposing episodes on cable delayed the debut of this show just three minutes before it was to have aired in January. Among the early highlights of the show were Jewel explaining how to castrate a bull and an interview with Suge Knight that spanned two episodes. Other guests get interviewed, then play music, like Alicia Keys in the delayed opener. FTP, name this newest late-night interview show on NBC hosted by Carson Daly.

Answer: Last Call


1. Don de Lillo's novel Libra is largely a sympathetic portrait of this man, whose  infant daughter June once became sick and had to be taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital! His  "revolutionary resume" listed as the most important activities of his short life: "Radio Speaker and Lecturer" "Street Agitator," "Photographer," "Defector," and "Resident of U.S.S.R."  FTP name this man who was shot at close range while under police custody, the presumed assassin of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

  Answer:  Lee Harvey Oswald
2. Mostly nocturnal, they include the avahi, sifaka and aye-aye, which have forward-directed lower front teeth and a claw on the second toe of the foot. Fossils of them are found in North America and Europe, though they remain in force only on the one island on which they haven’t faced much natural competition. FTP what are these are somewhat primitive primates whose species include the dwarf, mouse, and ring-tailed, many of which still thrive in Madagascar?

Answer: lemurs

3. The opening poem in the collection Mountain Interval, its author later said it was intended as a parody of the poems of his friend Edward Thomas. Written in iambic tetrameter, each of its four stanzas uses an abaab rhyming scheme. Its last line is “And that has made all the difference”; its first line is “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.” FTP name this poem by Robert Frost.

Answer: The Road Not Taken
4. He was occasionally depicted as a baboon. Sometimes his more familiar image was shown holding the heart and tongue of Ra, symbolizing his control over Ra’s intellect. He was also a scribe and messenger for the gods; hence the Greeks identified him with Hermes and called him Hermes Trismigestus. FTP name the Egyptian god usually shown as a human with the head of an ibis, inventor of hieroglyphics and god of wisdom.

Answer: Thoth

5. He was unsuccessfully nominated for an Oscar for his score for the 1961 film Paris Blues. In 1965 the Pulitzer board turned down the recommendation that he receive the award, but they did vote him a special award posthumously in 1969. Often in collaboration with Billy Strayhorn, he composed and recorded such classics as “In a Sentimental Mood,” “Take the A Train,” “Sophisticated Lady,” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing.” FTP name the famed jazz composer and bandleader whose signature song was “Mood Indigo.”

Answer: Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington

6. A veteran of Arizona’s Lincoln County War, legend has it he was shot in a darkened room after asking, “Quien es?” After the murder of his mentor, John Tunstall, he vowed revenge, killing at least 11 men, including Buckshot Roberts. Born Henry McCarty, FTP who is this famous outlaw who was shot by Sheriff Pat Garrett?

Answer: Billy the Kid (acc. William Bonney)

7. His 1960 New Yorker essay,“Baseball’s Best Year: A Season of Faith’s Perfection” is one of his few publications, though not as famous as his Pulitzer-winning novel Avalon Landing. Shortly after losing his brother, and parents in a 5 month period, he became a recluse in his Bronx neighborhood where he is known as the ‘Window’. Be prepared for his next novel Sunset, with foreword by Jamal Wallace. FTP name this fictional writer and title character of a 2000 Gus Van Sant movie.

Answer: William Forrester

8. It is equal to two times the mass times the cross product of the velocity and the angular velocity of the reference frame. A controlling factor in the rotation of sunspots, it helps explain why railroad tracks wear out faster on one side than on the other. It is most apparent for an object moving longitudinally. Foucault used the action of this force to prove the rotation of the earth, but it is actually too weak to determine the direction water drains in a typical sink. FTP name this fictitious force which deflects objects to the right in the northern hemisphere.

Answer: Coriolis force or effect
9. Much of the action of this story concerns the journey of the title figure, who encounters on his way Deacon Gookin and a pious woman named Cloyse who had taught him the catechism. A man with a striking resemblance to the protagonist urges him to travel deeper into the forest, but the sight of the pink ribbons of his wife Faith drives him mad with despair. FTP, what is this short story about a witness to a satanic ritual written by Nathanael Hawthorne?

Answer: Young Goodman Brown

10. Acquired by Henry VIII from the monks of Westminster Abby, it covers 630 acres and has a perimeter of four miles. The marble arch and Queen Mother’s gate offer entrance from the east, while Kensington Palace sits at its west end. Rotten Row is a popular horse path, and Serpentine Lake offers boating. Your genial quizmaster once found himself in a softball game there, where he’d expected to find cricket. FTP, Speaker’s Corner is the best known spot in what huge park inside London?

Answer: Hyde Park

11. One of this leader's favorite councillors, David Rizzio, was murdered by her second husband, Henry, Lord Darnley, who in turn was killed in a plot led by the earl of Bothwell, with whom this woman was implicated by the "casket letters". Forced to marry Bothwell, she was soon imprisoned and implicated in Babington's conspiracy, which sought to place her on the throne in favor of Elizabeth I. FTP, who was this mother of James I best known as queen of the Scots?

Answer: Mary, Queen of Scots or Mary Stuart

12. In 1916, this U.S. physicist verified that the energy of emitted electrons varied directly with the frequency of incident light, thereby proving Einstein’s theory of the photoelectric effect. FTP, name this Nobel laureate who constructed an oil drop apparatus which allowed him to determine that 1.602 x 10 to the negative-19 coulombs is the electric charge of a single electron.

Answer: Robert Andrew Millikan

13. Cecily Cardew, the ward of Jack Worthing, is being wooed by her guardian’s friend Algernon Moncrief. Meanwhile, Jack is in love with Algernon’s cousin Gwendolen Fairfax. Gwendolen and Cecily both think their suitor to be the same person, a fictitious rakish brother Jack invented to give him an excuse to visit London whenever he wished. FTP name this satire of social hypocrisy, first performed in 1895 and considered the masterpiece of Oscar Wilde.

Answer: The Importance of Being Earnest

14. Pencil and paper ready. You have 10 seconds. FTP, what is the limit as x approaches 2 of quantity x squared minus 4 divided by quantity x minus 2?

Answer: 4

15. He did illustrations for a version of the Bible and an edition of Gogol’s Dead Souls and designed the sets for the premiere of Stravinsky’s The Firebird. He was particularly fond of flower and animal symbols but is more associated with works inspired by his Russian Jewish childhood. FTP name this artist of “Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers,” “The Rabbi of Vitebsk,” and “I and the Village.”

Answer: Marc Chagall

16. Kenneth Pike developed the concept of Emics in 1954 to combat this anthropological tendency; in Emics, a group views its own cultural categories and values. It is often contrasted with cultural relativism, which is the idea that all cultures display their own inherent uniqueness and logic, which may not be fully appreciated by outsiders. FTP what is this bias in anthropology in which outsiders judge a culture based on their own norms and values?
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