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Tossups – round 1 dennis haskins open 2002 ut-chattanooga

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1. You can still find some copies of historian S. Walter Poulshock’s 1965 book The Two Parties and the Tariff in the 1880s despite the fact that it was exposed in 1966 as outright academic fraud. Given information about bogus sources used in that work, name the following FTPE:

a) One key reference that led another scholar to suspicion was a purported quote from the correspondence of this Rhode Island senator, best remembered for his Senate version of a 1909 tariff bill which was ultimately a compromise between his version and that of Rep. Sereno E. Payne.

Answer: Nelson Aldrich

b) False passages were added to text from a letter sent to this President in 1887 by the pallbearers for the funeral of his Secretary of the Treasury, Daniel Manning.

Answer: Grover Cleveland

c) Another dead guy who had words put in his mouth was this Vermont Congressman whose most lasting achievement was a bill passed in 1862 granting public lands for the establishment of universities.

Answer: Justin Smith Morrill

2. FTPE, answer the following questions about complex numbers.

10) What is the value of i raised to the power 7?

Ans: -i [negative I]

10) For the complex number z = 1 - 2i, what is the complex conjugate of z?

Ans: 1 + 2i

10) For the complex number z = 1 - 2i, what is the value of z times the complex conjugate of z?

Ans: 5
3. What do FDR and Timothy McVeigh have in common? The same favorite poem. Answer the following FTPE:

a) Before he was executed McVeigh passed out copies of this poem, which begins, “Out of the night that covers me / Black as the pit from pole to pole /I thank whatever gods may be / For my unconquerable soul.”.

Answer: “Invictus

b) This British poet, a defender of the works of many 19th-century contemporaries, wrote “Invictus.”

Answer: William Ernest Henley

c) For a final 10, give the last two lines of “Invictus,” which are preceded with “It matters not how straight the gate / How charged with punishments the scroll”

Answer: “I am the master of my fate/I am the captain of my soul
4. Identify these chromosomal disorders from descriptions FTPE.

Females who are missing an x chromosome suffer from this disorder which can lead to short stature and infertility.

Answer: Turner’s Syndrome

This syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome on the 21st pair and leads to varying levels of intellectual retardation.

Answer: Down’s Syndrome

This rare disorder is caused by a partial deletion of the short arm of chromosome five and leads to mild retardation, facial abnormalities, and a high-pitched wailing cry which gives it its French name.

Answer: cri du chat (acc. “cat’s cry”)
5. Your genial quizmaster can’t remember there ever being a bonus on famous cantatas before. But then, there aren’t that many that are well-known by name. FTPE tell who composed the following cantatas:

a) #211, the Coffee Cantata; #204, which includes “Sheep May Safely Graze”, and #140, which contains the first version of his “Sleepers Awake”

Answer: Johann Sebastian Bach [prompt on Bach]

b) “Alexander Nevsky”, which he wrote in conjunction with the Sergei Eisenstein film of the same name

Answer: Sergei Prokofiev

c) “Carmina Burana”

Answer: Carl Orff
6. Only a few schools in NCAA Division I have team nicknames that don’t end in “s”. Give these examples F5PE:

a) Alabama

Answer: Crimson Tide

b) Tulane

Answer: Green Wave

c) North Carolina State

Answer: Wolfpack

d) Navy

Answer: Midshipmen

e) Marshall

Answer: Thundering Herd

f) Tulsa

Answer: Golden Hurricane
7. Never give a saga an even break. FTPE answer the following about great sagas of northern Europe:

a) The monumental Heimskringla or “Orb of the World” was the masterwork of this Icelandic author of the early 13th century.

Answer: Snorri Sturluson [accept either name]

b) The basis of Wagner’s great opera cycle, the Nibelungenlied tells of this hero, who marries the princess Kriemhild but runs afoul of the powerful queen Brunhilde.

Answer: Siegfried or Sigurd

c) Compiled by Elias Lonnrot, this Finnish national epic tells of the warrior hero Lemminkainen and the witch Pohjola.

Answer: the Kalevala
8. Given functional groups, name the class of organic compounds, FTP each.

a) Carbon-carbon triple bond

Answer: alkyne [not alkane or alkene – if in doubt, make them spell it]

b) An oxygen between two alkyl groups

Answer: ether

c) A carbon double-bonded to an oxygen and singly-bonded to an alkyl group and a hydrogen

Answer: aldehyde
9. Name these 20th century Native American political leaders for 10 points each.

Many people did not realize that this man, Herbert Hoover’s Vice President, was a Kaw Indian.

Answer: Charles Curtis

This woman became the first female chief of a major tribe when she was elected leader of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma in 1987.

Answer: Wilma Mankiller

This Harley-riding member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe, a former captain of the U.S. Olympic judo team, is the senior U.S. senator from Colorado.

Answer: Ben Nighthorse Campbell
10. It was years before your genial quizmaster realized that Joan [jo-AHN] Miro and Camille Pissarro didn’t qualify for this bonus. FTPE name these women artists:

a) American artist of “Black Iris III” and “Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses”

Answer: Georgia O’Keeffe

b) American-born artist of “Blue Room”, “Boating Party”, and “The Bath”

Answer: Mary Cassatt

c) Austrian whose major works were series of engravings or lithographs such as “The War”, “Death”, and “Peasant’s War.” How cheerful.

Answer: Kathe Kollwitz
11. Not all members of the Greek pantheon had Roman equivalents. Name these second-tier Greek deities FTPE:

a) God of dreams

Answer: Morpheus

b) Goddess of vengeance

Answer: Nemesis

c) God of marriage

Answer: Hymen
12. Answer the following about the first sustained atomic chain reaction FTPE.

This Hungarian-born physicist had first theorized that nuclear fission could produce a chain reaction capable of releasing enormous energy.

Answer: Leo Szilard

This Italian-born physicist led the project to create the reaction.

Answer: Enrico Fermi

This reaction took place under Stagg Field on the campus of what university?

Answer: University of Chicago
13. What would a sitcom be without the wife nagging the poor husband? FFPE, given a recent or current sitcom, name the main character’s wife.

  1. Ray’s wife on Everybody Loves Raymond

Answer: DEBRA

    b) Doug’s wife on King of Queens

    Answer: CARRIE

    c) Hal’s wife on Malcolm in the Middle

    Answer: LOIS

    d) Jim’s wife on According to Jim

    Answer: CHERYL

    e) Michael’s wife on My Wife and Kids

    Answer: JAYE

    f) Sean’s wife on Grounded for Life

    Answer: CLAUDIA

14. Answer the following questions about the history of terrorism FTP each.

(A ) In July 1976 an Israeli airliner hijacked by Palestinians was taken to Entebbe Airport in Uganda. Israeli commandos rescued the hostages using a plan that included a lookalike for this notorious Ugandan President.

Answer: Idi Amin Dada

(B) The Irgun, a Jewish revolutionary group of the 1940s whose leaders included Menachem Begin, bombed this Jerusalem Hotel, named for a Biblical patriarch, that housed the British colonial government.

Answer: King David

(C) Terrorists killed wheelchair bound American Jewish passenger Leon Klinghoffer after they hijacked this Italian cruise ship in the Mediterranean.

Answer: Achille Lauro

15. Stay gold, Ponyboy, by identifying the following “golden” literary works FTPE.

This Henry James novel concerns Maggie Verver, daughter of a millionaire.

Answer: The Golden Bowl

This satirical romance by Apuleius is narrated by a man turned into a beast.

Answer: The Golden Ass

This monumental 13-volume work of comparative religion by James M. Fraser greatly influenced literary analysis and anthropology in the early 20th century.

Answer: The Golden Bough

16. FTP each, identify these types of defense mechanisms.

A. The attribution to others of one’s own ideas, feelings, attitudes, especially blame, guilt, or sense of responsibility.

Answer: Projection

B. The process by which unacceptable desires or impulses are excluded from consciousness.

Answer: Repression

C. A mental or emotional response that represents the opposite of what one really feels.

Answer: Reaction Formation
17. Answer these questions about milestones in air travel, FTP each.

A. Name the pair of French brothers who perfected the hot-air balloon in 1783.

Answer: The Montgolfier brothers (Joseph and Etienne)

B. In 1929, this dirigible which is not the Hindenburg became the first airship to fly around the world, doing so in just over 3 weeks.

Answer: The Graf Zeppelin

C. It won’t get you 2.18 million dollars like it did for Kevin Olmstead, but name the man who invented the first practical helicopter, the VS-300, in 1939.

Answer: Igor Sikorsky
18. Identify the Eastern European who wrote the following works on a 10-5 basis.

a) 10 pts Poor People (1846)

5 pts The Brothers Karamazov (1879)

Answer: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

b) 10 pts The Hunger Artist (1925)

5 pts The Castle (1926)

Answer: Franz Kafka

c) 10 pts The Book of Laughter and Forgetting (1980)

5 pts The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1984)

Answer: Milan Kundera

19. Show what you know of early Chinese history by answering the following FSNOP.

(15pts.) Sometimes called the “First Emperor,” this man created the first unified Chinese empire in 221 BCE.

Answer: Shih Huang-ti

(10pts.) Shih Huang-ti founded this dynasty, which lasted only about 12 years.

Answer: Ch’in

(5 pts.) Shih Huang-ti filled in the gaps in this northern barrier, meant to keep out nomads and Mongols.

Answer: Great Wall
20. Name these heavy-thinking Germans FTPE.

This philosopher opposed absolute idealists like Hegel and thought that the Will is a blind impulse, and for each individual, the universe is his own idea.

Answer: Arthur Schopenhauer

This man’s Critique of Pure Reason argues that perception could give no knowledge of the thing-in-itself beyond experience of phenomena.

Answer: Immanuel Kant

Though perhaps better known for his scientific investigations into the properties of sound waves, this Positivist rejected a priori principles in science and reason.

Answer: Ernst Mach
21. How about a contemporay plate tectonics question? See if you can name these plates on the Earth’s surface FTPE.

This plate, which shares its name with an ancient people of South America, sits directly west of that continent.

Answer: Nazca plate

This small plate named for an explorer plunges below the North American plate in the Pacific Northwest, which has created mountain ranges and volcanoes there.

Answer: Juan de Fuca plate

This small plate sits between the Pacific and Eurasian plates and is named for a group of islands that rest on it.

Answer: Philippine plate
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