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Tossups – round 1 dennis haskins open 2002 ut-chattanooga

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Before we start, your genial quizmaster wishes to thank those who supplied some of the questions: Kelly McKenzie of Kentucky, Seth Teitler of Cal-Berkeley, Glenn Allen Bobo of Bevill State, Stan Jastrzebski of DePauw, Ezubaric Jordan & friends from Caltech, Jason Carl Mueller of Missouri, Sudheer Potri of Illinois, Mengmeng Zhang of Texas, Chris Manteuffel of Virginia, Jeremy Rasmussen of South Florida, Amber Obermeyer of Detroit Country Day School, William Tressler of the Sanford School, and all the contributors to our recent trash tournament, ACF Detox. Special thanks go to Chris Borglum of Valencia State for the question-sharing arrangement with their Delta Burke Invitational, and to the authors of the Delta Burke questions: Chip Thomas, Raj Dhuwalia, Robert Whaples, and Jeremy Lee. Everything else is by your genial quizmaster, so if you don’t like a particular question, blame him.

1. The two characteristics in this work’s title cut both ways. The heroine feels one toward her own self-respect and the other toward the hero’s snobbery, while the hero feels the former toward his own social and economic status and the latter against hers. These obstacles are overcome by Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy, but it originally took the author three volumes to finally get them together. FTP name this 1813 novel by Jane Austen.

Answer: Pride and Prejudice
2. His great-uncle said of him, "There was never a better slave nor a worse master." He kissed and told; among his lovers were the noted mime actor Mnester, the poet Catullus, his brother-in-law Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and all three of his sisters. At first his reign was mild and his policies sensible, but then his grandmother Antonia died and he took ill, possibly with encephalitis. Changed after the illness, he exhausted the treasury, revived treason trials as torture-filled spectator events, raised taxes, killed rich people for their inheritances, and even raised money by opening a palace brothel filled with highborn women. FTP name this successor of Tiberius and predecessor of Claudius, who reigned as Emperor of Rome from AD 37 to 41.

Answer: Gaius Caligula

3. In terms of the recycling classification system, this polymer is #4 in its low density configuration and #2 in its high density configuration. While the high density or linear configuration is stronger and has the simplest structure of any commercial polymer, the low density or branched form is cheaper and easier to make. FTP, name this most popular plastic, commonly used for grocery bags and milk jugs.

Answer: Polyethylene or polyethene

4. His works for piano included Valses nobles et sentimentales (1911) and Gaspard de la Nuit (1908). While he relied on the strong melodies of the 19th century romantic tradition, he used tone color of different instruments to show his impressionistic style in such works as Daphnis et Chloe. FTP name the French composer of Bolero.

Answer: Maurice Ravel

5. His feast day is December 27. While many scholars question whether he is the author of a fifth book often attributed to him, this brother of James the Greater is generally acknowledged as the author of three New Testament epistles, as well as the Gospel which begins, “In the beginning was the Word…” FTP name this disciple whom many believe to have been the closest personally to Jesus.

Answer: John (the Apostle or the Evangelist; accept the Divine; do not accept “the Baptist”)

6. In 1976 several prosecution witnesses revealed that they had been coerced to testify against this woman at her trial, leading to her pardon from President Ford. Born Iva D’Aquino, in 1941 she traveled to Japan to visit a sick relative, but after Pearl Harbor was unable to return to the United States. FTP, who was this woman forced to broadcast anti-American propaganda to demoralize Allied servicemen in the Pacific?

Answer: Tokyo Rose (accept early answer of Iva D’Aquino)

7. This process involves the weak nuclear force, as a down quark is converted to an up quark. The existence of the neutrino was hypothesized to allow conservation of momentum and energy in this process. It results in emission of an antineutrino, and the inverse process is called K capture when it involves an electron in the first energy level. This process preserves the mass number but increases the atomic number by one, as one neutron is converted into a proton. An electron is also emitted in, FTP, what type of nuclear radioactive decay?

Answer: beta decay

8. Raised in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, Shawn Carter was a high school friend of the late Notorious B.I.G. Under his pseudonym, Carter began producing albums in 1994 and was featured in Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker.” His latest album is Best of Both Worlds. FTP name the artist who won a Grammy for 1998's “Vol 2...Hard Knock Life,” the tour for which was rap’s biggest grossing tour.

Answer: Jay-Z

9. He published several volumes of poetry before satirizing the hedonism of the 1920’s in such novels as Antic Hay, Point Counter Point, and Crome Yellow. He had a significant influence on the counterculture of the Sixties with The Doors of Perception. FTP name the author of Eyeless in Gaza and Brave New World.

Answer: Aldous Huxley

10. If granted full independence, this would have by far the lowest population density of any nation in the world, with only 18 municipalities in an area about three times that of Texas. Locals prefer the name Kalaallit Nunaat, but it has not been as widely accepted as the renaming of its former capital Godthaab, now Nuuk. FTP name this chilly Danish dependency,

Answer: Greenland [accept Kalaallit Nunaat before it’s mentioned]

11. It has been argued that the figure with his back to the viewer in this painting is a thief. In the left background is a desolate red building, while an advertisement for Phillie’s cigars is found above a brightly illuminated diner containing an employee in white and a couple. FTP, what is this masterpiece by Edward Hopper?

Answer: Nighthawks

12. This organ's two lobes are separated by the falciform ligament. It produces the plasma proteins prothombrin, fibrinogen, and albumin; manufactures the anticoagulant heparin; plays a major role in the body’s metabolism; and converts poisons into less harmful compounds. FTP name this bile-producing organ, which after the skin is the second largest in the human body.

Answer: liver

13. Soon after its incorporation Chile applied to join it, and negotiations over its admittance began in 1994. Extending an earlier 1988 agreement between the United States and Canada, it mandated a gradual phasing out of agricultural tariffs and complete removal of all trade tariffs between its three original signers. FTP, what is this controversial 1992 trade agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico?

Answer: NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

14. Two fantastic novels he wrote five years apart are often published together as Voyages to the Moon and the Sun. Just as his work satirized the customs and beliefs of his time, he defied convention in his own life, and his sharp temper led to many duels over insults aimed at his unique personal appearance. FTP name this soldier and poet, immortalized in a verse drama by Edmond Rostand.

Answer: Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac [prompt on partial answer]

15. Pencil and paper ready. You have 10 seconds. FTP, what is the area of a circle inscribed inside of a square with area 36 square inches?

Answer: 9 pi square inches

16. It was a major factor in the election of 1848, electing one Senator (future Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase) and drawing enough votes from the Democrats in New York to throw the election to the Whig Zachary Taylor. Unlike its predecessor, the Liberty Party, it sought to build a coalition between Northerners and Westerners by opposing slavery on economic rather than moral grounds. FTP name this third party, whose leaders in 1854 joined forces with disaffected Whigs and anti-slavery Democrats to form the Republican Party.

Answer: the Free Soil Party

17. It has an estimated 2.8 million followers worldwide today. Although it has no overall dogma, adherents are expected to revere their ancestors, remain pure and simple, and enjoy life. They also remember and celebrate, especially at shrines and festivals, the kami, a large number of gods and spiritual beings. FTP name this venerable native religion of Japan.

Answer: Shinto

18. September 19, 1969, was a historic day for Dan Evins and Tommy Lowe. In those days, the interstate system was young, and good food was hard to find along those massive highways, especially in small towns like Lebanon, Tennessee. The two friends opened up their store with the philosophy that mealtime was a time to be shared, even on the road. By 1977, thirteen of their restaurants had opened, and by 1981 they were publicly traded. Today, there are 440 of these establishments, most with the Old Country Store attached, but no filling stations as they once boasted. FTP, name this staple of exit-ramp cuisine.

Answer: Cracker Barrel

19. It has given us a means of estimating the extent of the Earth’s atmosphere, as they have appeared at heights ranging from 50 to roughly 600 miles. The Van Allen belts’ magnetic field traps some of the material from coronal mass ejections of the particle stream often called solar wind. When these particles collide with terrestrially produced particles in high enough quantities, they can produce audible crackling or buzzing sounds as well as luminous expanding arcs or vertical streamers of light. FTP name this phenomenon, given the suffix Australis if in the Southern Hemisphere or Borealis if in the Northern.

Answer: aurora [accept Northern Lights, aurora borealis, or aurora australis]

20. Chauffeur Walter Lee Younger hopes to use his father’s insurance money to become part owner of a liquor store. But with the support of his wife Ruth and sister Beneatha, his mother instead makes a down payment on a house in an all-white neighborhood. Soon thereafter she receives a visit from Karl Lindner, representing the neighborhood with a buyout offer. FTP name this 1959 drama by Lorraine Hansberry, which takes its title from a line in the Langston Hughes poem “Harlem.”

Answer: A Raisin in the Sun

21. Grade Two uses about 300 common contractions, and the seldom-used Grade Three uses even more. In Grade One, dot 6 denotes that the next symbol is a capital letter, while dots 3, 4, 5, and 6 together indicate that it is a number. Q and Y are the only letters using 5 of the 6 possible dots. FTP name this system of printing and writing for the blind, named for its 19th century French developer.

Answer: Braille

22. This thinker wrote the novel "A Tenured Professor", but is better known for his work in economics, including "A Short History of Financial Euphoria". Author of the memoirs "The Scotch" and "Ambassador's Journal", the latter concerning his time as Kennedy's ambassador to India, he advocated Keynes' philosophy of public welfare programs in "The Nature of Mass Poverty" and "American Capitalism: The Concept of Countervailing Power". FTP, who was this Canadian economist best known for "The Affluent Society"?

Answer: John Kenneth Galbraith

23. The name’s the same. A 1973 movie starring Al Pacino and Gene Hackman. The code name of Lee Stetson. A Garth Brooks album containing the songs “Thicker Than Blood” and “Don’t Cross The River.” A John Cougar Mellencamp album, which includes the songs “The Face of the Nation” and “Small Town.” FTP, give this name, which also names Ray Bolger’s character in “The Wizard of Oz.”

Answer: Scarecrow

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