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VETO 2004

B2B, Pack One (Questions by Brock Stephenson, Bruce Lin, and Michael Clum)


1) Prior to departing for Gordon Capital on Bay Street, where he would become a multimillionaire, his autobiography was ghostwritten by Ron Graham in the mid-1980s. The book sold 100 thousand copies, an unheard of sum for a Canadian politician. By the end of his book tour a touch of hubris led him to be believe he had written the book himself and he could not recall Ron Graham’s name. FTP, name this retired Canadian politician whose name appears on the cover of 1984’s Straight from the Heart.

Jean Chretien
2) A year after its creation, 68 names were added. Over the next twenty years, another 150 would be added to a long list that begins with Harry C. Cramer, a captain killed in a training action on October 21, 1957. Its design was submitted as an undergraduate assignment at Yale for architect Maya Lin. FTP, name this black granite work to the side of the Lincoln Memorial on Washington's Mall

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

3) Site of the short lived Fort Rouge, which was founded by French-Canadian explorer La Verendyre, in the early 1800s it was the site of North West Company and Hudson’s Bay Company fur posts. It became provincial capital in 1870, less than a decade after a town began to take shape around Fort Garry. By the early 1900s it had engulfed St. Boniface, the largest French-Canadian settlement west of the Great Lakes. FTP, name this city at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, which is the capital of the keystone province.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

4) The title figure’s name appears on a wooden board in the lower right quadrant. Featuring a green cloth and another cloth wrapping a man’s head, a lifeless hand holds a fountain pen. Subject of immediate critical praise, this neo-classicist scene was a public memorial to a martyr of the French Revolution. FTP, name this work depicting a man in a bathtub by painter Jacques-Louis David.

The Death of Marat or Marat Assassinated
5) First observed by Jeremiah Horrocks, it is the subject of a book by William Sheehan and John Westfall. Having occurred in 1639, 1761, 1769, and 1882, it last occurred on June 8, 2004. Occurring in pairs eight years apart before not being seen for more than a century, it causes a portion of the sun’s light to be blocked out. FTP, name this precise alignment of the Sun, Earth, and the second planet from the sun.

Transit of Venus

6) Along with the son of Abinoam, Barak, she led the Hebrews to victory over the Canaanite king Jabin. In battle, she won the chariots of Sisera, who was Jabin’s general, and in doing so ended the era of persecution of the Hebrews by Jabin. FTP, name this woman of the Old Testament who was one of the Judges, who did her judging while sitting under a palm tree.


7) The favourite philosopher of this Sunni Arab who was living in Saudi Arabia in the spring of 2003 was Thomas Paine rather than the Prophet Muhammad. A member of the Iraqi Governing Council, he was one of the sharpest critics of the American occupation of Iraq. He insisted on Iraqi independence from America and used Paine to justify his reasoning. FTP, name this man who wears tribal dress in his official role as the first President post-Saddam Hussein sovereign Iraq.

Sheik Ghazi Ajil al-Yawar
8) Born on August 6, 1946, he became the head of the Pusan Citizen’s Committee for Democracy in 1985. He was elected to his nation’s presidency in 2002 and had subsequently become embroiled in scandals involving bribery and violation of election laws. FTP, name the recently impeached president of the Republic of Korea.

Roh Moo-hyung
9) Founded in 1889 by a group of University of Cambridge students, its editor is Ian Jack. The Spring 2002 issue had the theme “What We Think of America,” while a more recent issue had a theme of rebuttal, “Over There: How America Sees the World.” FTP, name this literary journal, which in 1983, 1993, and 2003, produced special issues dedicated to the best young British writers.


10) Featuring a low-pitched roof, a balcony with wrought iron railings and white stucco on top and brick on the ground floor, cement lions outside the front door are optional. A prominent style in its city’s architecture from the 1970s through the 1990s, these two-storey homes with no basement tended to fill their lots and were considered eyesores despite their popularity with large immigrant families. FTP, name this architectural style of housing popular in Canada’s largest Pacific port city.

Vancouver Special

11) This Isaiah Berlin biographer and BBC talk show host was a liberal who supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The son of a former Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., this Canadian expat spends most of his time in America. FTP, name this academic who was shortlisted for the Booker prize for his work Scar Tissue.

Michael Ignatieff

12) These molecules get their name because, while they normally maintain a relatively rigid structure, the application of heat or an electric potential can cause them to re-orient. In their most common usage, twisted "nematic" molecules are sandwiched between two filters polarized at right angles to each other. Normally, no light passes through the two filters. But when the spiral molecules are electrically charged, they twist, rotating the polarization of the light so that it can pass between both filters. FTP, identify this class of materials, often used for displays in wrist watches and computer notebook displays.

Liquid Crystals

13) Subject of a 1999 Emmy winning documentary by Veronica Tennant, which was subtitled Dancing in the Moment, she won a 2002 Governor General’s Performing Arts Award. Inspired by Celia Franca, she won first prize in 1973 for the pas de deux with Frank Augustyn at the Moscow International Ballet Competition and received a silver medal at the same event. Suffering from chronic stage fright, she performed in a cross-Canada farewell tour in 1997. FTP, name this Canadian ballerina who danced with Rudolf Nureyev.

Karen Kain
14) With the exception of elemental fluorine, CF3, and molten alkali metals, it resists virtually all forms of chemical attack thanks to its dangling fluorine atoms and the strength of the bond between the fluorine atoms and the carbon backbone. The first samples were made by accident in 1938, when DuPont researchers accidentally polymerized C2F4 refrigerant gas. FTP, name this polymer that is now used in seals, waterproof clothing, and non-stick frying pans.

PTFE or Teflon or polytetraethylfluorine
15) In 2003, William Ivey Long, Jack O’Brien, and actor Dick Latessa were among the winners at the Tonys for this musical that was honoured 8 times. With lyrics by Scott Wittman and music and lyrics by Marc Shaiman, it featured outlandish 1960s attire. FTP, name this musical that shares its name with a type of product.


16) Jettisonned in 1986 in favour of the Minute Maid brand in America by Coca-Cola, it first appeared in Naples, Italy, in 1955. It was originally available in the U.S. from 1958 to the 1980s. In Saudi Arabia it is available in black currant and in China it is available in lychee. Other flavours include pineapple, strawberry, and grape. FTP, name this beverage that is most often associated with orange flavour, which is again being promoted in America by the fake pop group the Fantanas.


17) Written in 1840 by William Hobson on instructions by Colonial Secretary the Marquis of Normanby, there are two versions, one in English and one in the language of the native inhabitants of the area. This document gained for Queen Victoria governorship rights over the area concerned. FTP name this treaty, the foundation document of New Zealand.

Treaty of Waitangi
18) Upon the announcement of its demise, journalist Ian King commented, “Now there won’t be a regular place, aside from CPAC, for York University leftists to trade barbs with National Post flame-throwers.” Originally it ran four times a week and then it was reduced to a weekly show. At the conclusion of the 2004 Canadian federal election it was scheduled to be taken off the air. FTP, name this CBC Newsworld debate show that has been hosted by Carol Off, Sharon Lewis, and Avi Lewis.


19) Subject of the Colm Toibin novel The Master, his home in Rye was Lamb House. Leon Edel wrote a five-volume biography of his life, which has a low point at the 1895 London premiere of his play Guy Domville. FTP, name this author of indeterminate sexuality better known for The Wings of the Dove, The Ambassadors, and The Golden Bowl.

Henry James
20) The 1970 Yale Law Valedictorian, after serving under two Republican Presidents he became a Wall Street Journal columnist. The diary of his first year in Hollywood was published as DREEMZ. He authored the economic self-help classic Bunkhouse Logic. FTP, name this jack-of-all-trades who appeared in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and who helped Jimmy Kimmel get his start in TV.

Ben Stein

21) Commissioned into the Canadian Navy on January 17, 1957, it was purchased from the Royal Navy on the condition that a steam catapult would be added. It was named for an island bird sanctuary in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and initially could carry approximately 30 McDonnell Douglas “Banshee” jet fighters. FTP, name Canada’s last aircraft carrier, decommissioned and sold for scrap in 1970.

HMCS Bonaventure

22) Featuring a cigar-chomping dog named Turbo, this UPN midseason replacement debuted in March 2004. The story of the domestic life of the Smashenburn family, who live next door to Shaolin monks, it attempts to project the message that video game heroes leave ordinary lives. Arrogant Grand Prix driver Rip begins to doubt himself when he begins to crash frequently and he is told by his adventurer wife Raquel that he needs to regain his “winstincts.” FTP, name this computer animated series, which features the voices of Artie Lange, Lucy Liu, and Rachel Dratch.

Game Over

23) The winner of the 2002 Governor General’s Literary Award for English Fiction, it quickly sold out nationwide and required a second printing. A short story collection named after its titular novella about a character who was created for a play that the author never finished, it includes the brilliantly named story, “The Day I sat with Jesus on the Sundeck and a Wind Came Up and Blew My Kimono Open and He Saw My Breasts.” FTP, name this work by Albertan Gloria Sawai.

A Song for Nettie Johnson
24) The first two-thirds of its upper section forms an international border. Typically one and a quarter miles wide in this section, it widens at points for form Lake St. Francis and Lake St. Louis. Its middle section includes Lac St.-Pierre, while its lower section is as wide as 90 miles at its mouth at the western tip of Anticosti Island. FTP, name this second longest river in Canada.

St. Lawrence River

1) Vacations with Bruce: your faithful correspondent recently went on trips to Europe and Boston solely in order to bring back photographs of buildings for this quiz tournament. For ten points each, answer these questions about buildings that Bruce saw [MODERATOR: Distribute sheet BL1]

(10) This structure in the north of France near Arras was designed by Canadian architect Walter Allward. It was unveiled by King Edward VIII in 1936.

The Canadian National Vimy Ridge Memorial

(10) The original version was built in Rome by Emperor Agrippa in 27 BC, but fire caused virtually all of it to be rebuilt in 125AD by Hadrian. Hadrian may have intended to placate the varied religious groups in the empire by dedicating this temple to all the Roman gods.

The Pantheon

(10) Dedicated in the summer of 2004, the Ray and Maria State Center is MIT's new computer science, linguistics, and philosophy building. Name its Canadian architect, who described the building as "pieces of buildings collaged on one building, helping to break down the scale and humanize it."

Frank Gehry
2) Answer these questions about figures from the Cold war on a 5-5-10-10 basis:

(5) In March 1946, he coined the phrase “iron curtain” in a speech in Fulton, Missouri.

Winston Churchill

(5) In February 1956, he denounced the era of Stalin before the Twentieth Party Congress.

Nikita S. Khrushchev

(10) Under the pseudonym “X,” he wrote “The Sources of Soviet Conduct” in a 1947 issue of Foreign Affairs, which promoted the case for containment.

George F. Kennan

(10) This electrician and labour leader was the spokesman of the Inter-Factory Strike Committee of Gdansk Shipyard during the Solidarity protests that began in August 1980.

Lech Walesa
3) Answer these questions about the June 2004 Canadian general election for 10 points each:

(10) This lawyer and former Toronto Maple Leafs President was elected to Parliament as a Liberal in the Toronto riding of York Centre.

Ken Dryden

(10) In Toronto-Danforth, NDP leader Jack Layton ran against this party’s leader, Jim Harris.

Green Party of Canada

(10) This former leader of the Canadian Alliance was elected as a Conservative in the British Columbia riding of Okanagan-Coquhalla.

Stockwell Day
4) Answer these related questions about a Canadian television program for 10 points each:

(10) For 19 seasons, Canadians tuned into the CBC after the Walt Disney Show to watch this drama set at Molly’s Gibsons Landing café.

The Beachcombers

(10) Bruno Gerussi starred as this Greek-Canadian who was volatile, unattached, and unavailable to women.

Nick Adonidas (accept either)

(10) This actor played Relic, Nick’s clever yet unscrupulous nemesis.

Robert Clothier
5) Given a winning work of CBC’s Canada Reads, name the author for 10 points each:

(10) The 2002 winner, In the Skin of a Lion.

Michael Ondaatje

(10) The 2003 winner, Next Episode.

Hubert Aquin

(10) The 2004 winner, The Last Crossing.

Guy Vanderhaeghe
6) 30-20-10. Name the Canadian politician:

(30) On his first campaign poster he quoted historian Arnold Toynbee. He once said, “I have never taken up any of the known forms of leisure.”

(20) In Maclean’s he said he would not cry over the fleur-de-lis nor the maple leaf. Over the course of his career he earned the nicknames, the Ayatollah and the Pope of Sacrement Street.

(10) He described Rene Levesque as “a man of no fixed address,” and was Levesque’s rival during the 1980 Referendum as the leader of the Quebec Liberals.

Claude Ryan
7) Given cities on an interstate that meets up with the Canadian border, name the interstate for 10 points each:

(10) Fargo, Sioux Falls and Kansas City are on this interstate that is south of Winnipeg.

Interstate 29 or I-29

(10) Detroit, Cincinnati, Knoxville, and Tampa are on this interstate that heads south from Sault Ste. Marie.

Interstate 75 or I-75

(10) Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and San Diego are on this interstate that is south of Vancouver.

Interstate 5 or I-5
8) For 10 points each, given an impressionist painting, name the artist:

(10) 1842’s The Dogano, San Giorgio, Citella from the Steps of the Europa

Joseph Mallord William (J.M.W.) Turner

(10) 1874’s Sunset on the Seine

Claude Monet

(10) 1872-1875’s Nocturne: Blue and Gold: Old Battersea Bridge

James Macneil Whistler

[Ed. Note: All three works are on display at the Art Gallery of Ontario during the summer of 2004.]

9) Many mathematical operations are far more generalized than most people think. For example, it's possible to take a negative exponent of a real number. For fifteen points each, simplify these unusual expressions:

(15) ei ("e to the power of open-bracket i times pi close-bracket")


(15) The positive real solution to 81 –½ ("eighty-one to the power of negative one-half")

1/9 (one-ninth)
10) Given the characters, name the Douglas Coupland novel for the stated number of points:

(10) Dag, Andy, and Claire

Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture

(10) Sarah, Wade and Janet Drummond

All Families Are Psychotic

(10) Susan Colgate and movie producer John

Miss Wyoming

11) 30-20-10. Name the objects:

(30) An example of the three-body problem, they were predicted by Lagrange in 1772, 134 years before they were observed by Max Wolf.

(20) They are located at the stable orbit position at approximately the third point of the equilateral triangle whose first vertex is the Sun and second Jupiter.

(10) Achilles, Hector, Nestor, Agamemnon, Odysseus, Ajax, Antilochus, Diomedes, and Menelaus are near the Lagrangian point 60 degrees ahead of Jupiter. Patroclus, Priamus, Aeneas, Anchises, and Troilus are about 60 degrees behind Jupiter. Note that Hector and Patroclus violate the naming convention based on these planetoids' names, because they have been placed "in the enemy camp".

Trojan Planets or Trojan Asteroids (prompt on L4 asteroids or L5 asteroids as they are insufficiently specific)

12) For 10 points each, answer these questions about sister cities of Seattle, Washington, home of the 2005 College Bowl national championship:

(10) Seattle’s first sister city was this Japanese port city on the Inland Sea, which is capital of Hyogo Prefecture on Honshu. It rebuilt after a January 1995 earthquake.

Kobe, Japan

(10) An island city and capital of Coast Province in Kenya, its Kilindini port facilities is the best equipped on the East African coast.

Mombasa, Kenya

(10) Near the mouth of the Loire River in northwest France, this major port grew around the Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne and it is historically noted for a 1598 edict that granted religious freedom to French Protestants.

Nantes, France
13) If you have a B.A. or M.A. political science degree, you might be able to work at Starbucks, but if you have a Ph.D. you could probably place an order there. On a 5-10-15 point basis, answer these questions about Starbucks:

(5) In a cold drink it is 710mL while in a hot drink this size is 591mL.


(10) At 6 a.m., if you mumble to your barista to make it “unleaded” you will get this type of coffee, which will lead to you mumbling for your next coffee later in the morning.


(15) This type of espresso shot is a short pull of espresso that captures only the sweetest part.


14) Answer these related questions on a 5-5-10-10 basis:

(5) This Roman poet tells of the pre-history of Rome through the journeys of Aeneas.


(5) In the fourth book of the Aeneid, Aeneas encounters this Queen of Carthage.


(10) In the 17th century, this composer created a short opera in three parts called Dido and Aeneas.

Henry Purcell

(10) The librettist Nahum Tate attributes the tragedy to the machinations of witches, who were inspired by this goddess.

15) Answer these questions about Mexican politics on a 5-5-10-10 point basis:

(5) President Vincente Fox is was a elected as a member of this party.

National Action Party or PAN

(5) Fox ended 71 years of rule by this party, which still controls Congress.

Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRI

(10) In 2001, President Fox married this woman, a former press secretary who has ambitions to take over her husband’s job.

Marta Sahagun

(10) Sahagun may seek the Presidency in the next Presidential election after 2000, which will be in this year.

16) Name these books about Canadian society and demographics for 15 points each, given the description:

(15) Environics Research’s Michael Adams talks about Elders, Boomers, and Gen Xers in this book that discusses Canada’s “Social Values Tribes.”

Sex in the Snow: Canadian Social Values at the End of the Millennium

(15) In this book, David Foot looks at two of the same groups as Michael Adams but he also discusses the Boomers’ children who will have similar experiences to their parents’ cohort.

Boom, Bust, and Echo

17) Given a line from a Dr. Seuss work, give the next line for 10 points each:

(10) That Sam-I-am! / That Sam-I-am!

I do not like / that Sam-I-am!

(10) I do not like them / in a house.

I would not like them / with a mouse.

(10) I do so like / green eggs and ham!

Thank you! / Thank you, / Sam-I-am!

18) Answer these questions about 5th century Heresies on a 5-10-20-30 point basis:

a. Named for a Welsh monk, he denied that humans inherit original sin from Adam’s sin in Eden and that righteousness does not come from Christ’s death. Both are the result of the community people are born into. Man can achieve heaven under his own powers as he is born morally neutral.


b. This variant on Pelagianism, which was a response to Augustine’s refutation to his Pelagius’s teachings, claimed humans, without God’s grace, can reach out to God under their own power. One can retain a state of grace through one’s own efforts.


c. Initiated by the Bishop of Constantinople who denied Mary the title of Theotokos, or God-bearer, claiming she only bore Christ’s human nature in her womb. He proposed the alternative title of Christotokos or Christ-bearer. Orthodox Catholic theologians recognized that such a distinction would fracture Christ into two separate persons and reacted with the Council of Ephesus in 431 stating that Mary could be referred to as the Mother of God.


d. Originating as Eutyches’s reaction to Nestorianism, it was horrified by Nestorius’s implication that Christ was two people with different natures. They went to the other extreme claiming Christ was one person with one nature, a fusion of human and divine elements. The Orthodox Catholic theologians did not like this as it recognized neither Christ’s full human or divine nature. Their name means one nature in Greek.


[Ed. Note: If a team got one question right, they get 5 points. If the team got two questions right, they get 10 points. Three right, 20 points. All four right, all 30 points.]
19) For 10 points each, name the early Hitchcock film:

(10) Featuring a blinking man who plays the drums, the story revolves around a woman who was strangled by the belt of a raincoat.


(10) This 1926 film is about a man who is arrested on little evidence and is believed to be the killer who preys upon women in the streets of London.

The Lodging

(10) This 1929 film features a knife and the British Museum. It is about an artist who lures a young lady into an apartment while the outside world remains oblivious. A witness observes a woman leaving and a sound blows her cover as she is presumed murdered.


20) For ten points each, name these works of Charles Dickens:

(10) Told partly in narrative and partly in autobiographical style, it tells the story of John Jarndyce and his Chancery wards, Ada Clare and Richard Carstone.

Bleak House

(10) Originally titled Nobody’s Fault, its characters include Arthur Clennam, Jeremiah Flintwinch, and Mrs. Gowan.

Little Dorrit

(10) Dickens’s second novel, it is the story of a boy born in a workhouse who is ill-treated by all who deal with him. While apprenticing to Sowerberry, the undertaker, the title character runs away to London and falls under the influence of Fagin.

Adventures of Oliver Twist
21) Answer these questions about the 14th century Europe for 10 points each:

(10) This period of Catholic history begin as Pope Clement V relocates the papacy from Rome to Avignon for more than seven decades.

Babylonian Captivity

(10) This English philosopher and scholar whose philosophical rule of economy urged scholars to keep their theories as short and simple as possible was born in 1349.

William of Occam (prompt on Occam’s Razor)

(10) In 1300, Spanish alchemist Arnau de Villanova produces this alcoholic beverage for the first time.


22) Answer these questions about moons of Saturn on a 5-5-10-10 basis:

(5) This moon is the only moon in the solar system with clouds.


(5) This moon has a reflective side that may be icy and is darker on the other side of the moon.


(10) A crater covers one-third of the surface of this moon.


(10) This moon has a crater 250-miles in diameter.


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