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Tom and Lauren start busy summers with Trips

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ol. 2, No. 2
CSN July, 2003

Tom and Lauren start busy summers with Trips

In June, Thomas Samblanet, along with 21 other high school students from Central Presbyterian Church of Longmont Colorado, left for a 10 day mission trip to work at the Union Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles. The next morning, Lauren Samblanet, Tom’s sister, began working with the church youth at Music Camp in the Mountains as a counselor.
These trips marked the beginnings of busy summers for both Tom and Lauren. Tom was rarely home, taking several trips including a trip to Chicago that included a visit to see Bruce and Lisa Samblanet in Carmel Indiana (reported on later in this newsletter). He also had school work over the summer that required him to read several novels and watch a number of history related movies. His mean, old, nasty dad also gave him a number of writing assignments as well as some work around the house and the office.
Likewise Lauren also had a very busy summer with trips to Allenspark, Colorado for Adventure Camp in late June, and to Denver in July for a Church mission trip. While she did not have school work over the summer, she read and wrote a lot. She also baby sat and did odd jobs for her dad to make money to spend at the mall.

Lauren and Tom Samblanet (left photo) stand in front of Central Presbyterian Church prior to Tom’s mission trip to Los Angeles where he worked in the kitchen and as a server. Tom boards the church van below.

Lauren and Moosey get ready for Adventure Camp

Lauren prepares for her solo in the Church Youth Musical

Lily looks hip in Lauren’s Fish Sun Glasses from her musical.

Phil Hosted by Bixlers

Jeannie, Steve, Larissa and Linnea Bixler were wonderful hosts for Phillip Samblanet, during his recent trip to the Carolinas. Of course they played lots of cards, ate wonderful food (the rhubarb crumble was fantastic!), celebrated Larissa and Linnea’s graduations, and caught up on each others lives. It was a great break for Phil from meetings, and allowed him to have some much needed and appreciated home cooked food. Thanks!

Phil honored with not just Father’s Day,

but whole Father’s Day Weekend!

Knowing Phillip Samblanet was tired from a 16 day business trip, and also knowing that Tom Samblanet would be leaving on a Mission Trip just before Father’s Day, Karen, Tom and Lauren Samblanet planned a wonderful Father’s Day weekend for Phil. After getting home from delayed flights, Phil found his family waiting for him with lots of hugs, kisses, a homemade dinner, and lots of presents! Obviously he was very flattered, as well as just being happy to be home. Dinner consisted of one of his favorites, baked potatoes, corn, meatloaf, and blueberry cobbler for desert. Yum!
He received lots of nice presents for Father’s Day that were way more than he deserved. Some of the cool things he received were a digital camera (which is responsible for many of the images in this newsletter), several CD’s, a new wallet and lots more hugs and kisses.
On Friday evening, the family played cards together, and they even let Dad win. Very nice.
After Tom left on Saturday for his Mission Trip (see front page), Lauren and Karen kept up the fun, taking Phil to the Farmer’s Market for some yummies, and then took him shopping, to a movie, and out to dinner. On Sunday, after church, they also took him to Rocky Mountain National Park to go fishing. Unfortunately, fishing was out of the question due to the high muddy rivers from a massive snowmelt. But they enjoyed a short hike, saw lots of elk, listened to great music on the trip, and just relaxed. All in all, it was a great Father’s Day weekend! Thanks gang!

Lauren Samblanet (sporting her new beret) and Karen Samblanet pose for a photograph in Rocky Mountain National Park so Phil could learn to use his new Digital Camera the family gave him for Father’s Day

Tom and the Old Man Head to the Windy City and Indiana

Having a “Most Excellent” Adventure

This past July, Phillip Samblanet had to go to Chicago for a short business trip. It was a perfect opportunity for him to take his son, Tom, with him and show him the “Windy City.” During the trip, the boys were also able to make time to visit Bruce, Lisa, Nate in nearby Indiana. While in Chicago, the “boys” had lots of fun, getting to go to a Cubs game (unfortunately they lost, but they saw Sammy Sosa hit a homerun), visit the aquarium, and eat lots of good food. During Phil’s meetings, Tom slept in, read a lot, and of course, e-mailed his friends. The boys also enjoyed “Pirates of the Caribbean” at a local movie theater.

Phil and Tom were very happy to be able to see Bruce, Lisa, and Nate, who had recently moved to their new house in Camel, Indiana. While there Nate kept everyone well entertained, as he and the boys played with his new basketball hoop. Unbelievably the boys did NOT go fishing, but had great fun anyway playing ping pong and cards (thanks for letting us win Bruce and Lisa!). Tom and Phil helped Bruce finish off a fireplace enclosure while Lisa cooked some fantastic meals. Yum! It was a great trip, and Tom and Phil are hoping to do it again soon.

Tom looks dapper as he heads out to his trip to Chicago.

Tom waiting for the train on the way back from Wrigley Field where the boys saw Sammy Sosa (below) hit a big homer, although it wasn’t enough to lift the Cubs over the Florida Marlins, who ended up winning the 2003 World Series.

Tom and Nate (left photograph) enjoy playing outside between rainstorms, while Bruce (right photograph) puts some final touches on the fireplace enclosure before painting. Nate dunks another in the center photograph!

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