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Linkin Park: Crawling with Violence and Uniqueness

As people evolve, so does their preference in music style. Linkin Park music style combines rock, hip-hop and electric noise. They are also well known for their emotional, dark and edgy lyrics. The song Crawling off their album Hybrid Theory illustrates this. The lyrics and the music style are what sets them apart from the pack and is a good explanation for all of their recent popularity and attention.

If you have ever tuned into a top 40, rock, or hip hop station you are more than likely familiar with the lyrics, "crawling in my skin these wounds they will not heal". This is the opening line in the song Crawling, whose lyrics are written by Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. "My walls are closing in...I've never felt this way before so insecure," also spitted from Bennington and Shinoda. They are often referred to as very dark and edgy. In interpreting this song it's evident that the artist was trapped in pain and fear, suffering from pain and unbearable pressure. "Angst, anger and emptiness repeatedly wash over the listener,"said Bob Waliszewski of Plugged In in a music review over Linkin Park's album Hybrid Theory, "The Los Angeles band oozes frustration, confusion and hopelessness."

The band has been compared to Korn, Limp Bizkit and Godsmack lyrically and style wise. Korn has been known for starting the harsh extreme and edgy lyrics. Linkin Parks lyrics can be tied to Bennington's childhood experiences. He was sexually assaulted as a child by a family friend. Then in high school was mocked as a nerd and became entangled with drugs. For this reason Linkin Park claims that they write their songs so that their listeners can relate the lyrics to their own experiences. Maybe if the listeners are schizophrenic or suffer from a psychological disorder where they feel trapped and suffer from insecurity all the time. Its also commented that their lyrics aren't as hostile as the bands that they are compared to such as Korn.

Linkin Parks music style on the other hand can be noted as unique, effective and popular. They use a mix of rock and hip hop that crashes loud-soft dynamics throughout the whole album. There is great evidence that this works being that Linkin Park had the single most selling album of 2001 selling 4,812,852 copies according to The name of their album greatly represents their music style. The word hybrid stands for the merging of music styles. Janiss Garza said in an album review, "The longevity of heavy rock is due to its ability to constantly develop and evolve; what worked for AC/DC and Judas Priest in the late '70s, or Metallica and Anthrax 10 years later is not going to cut it today. At the moment, hard music is nearing the end of a phase that began somewhere around Korn--harsh, extreme and edgier than ever before." The only arguments about this style are that the hard core rock and hip hop fans tend to not like to mix the styles.

In conclusion Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda merge the emotional and introspective feelings to shape them into violent, empty and dreary expressions. They also unite the styles of hip hop and rock into their beats.


linkin park crawling with violence uniqueness people evolve does their preference music style linkin park music style combines rock electric noise they also well known their emotional dark edgy lyrics song crawling their album hybrid theory illustrates this lyrics music style what sets them apart from pack good explanation recent popularity attention have ever tuned into rock station more than likely familiar with lyrics crawling skin these wounds they will heal this opening line song whose written chester bennington mike shinoda walls closing never felt this before insecure also spitted from bennington shinoda they often referred very dark edgy interpreting song evident that artist trapped pain fear suffering from pain unbearable pressure angst anger emptiness repeatedly wash over listener said waliszewski plugged review over linkin park album hybrid theory angeles band oozes frustration confusion hopelessness band been compared korn limp bizkit godsmack lyrically wise korn been known starting harsh extreme edgy parks tied bennington childhood experiences sexually assaulted child family friend then high school mocked nerd became entangled with drugs reason claims that write songs that listeners relate experiences maybe listeners schizophrenic suffer psychological disorder where feel trapped suffer insecurity time also commented aren hostile bands compared such korn parks other hand noted unique effective popular rock crashes loud soft dynamics throughout whole album there great evidence works being single most selling selling copies according lauchnews name greatly represents word hybrid stands merging styles janiss garza said review longevity heavy ability constantly develop evolve what worked judas priest late metallica anthrax years later going today moment hard nearing phase began somewhere around harsh extreme edgier than ever before only arguments about hard core fans tend like styles conclusion chester mike shinoda merge emotional introspective feelings shape them into violent empty dreary expressions unite styles into beats

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