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To cast a shadow press release

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TO CAST A SHADOW is a rock/metal band from Norway, signed to Kolony Records. The music is melodic, melancholic doom/goth metal with graceful and alluring female vocals on top.
TO CAST A SHADOW released their first studio album titled All Alone in 2007, which was a self-financed record on the band’s own label, with distribution by Indie Distribution in the Nordic region, and Plastichead in the rest of Europe. The album was recorded at Hamar Recordings and mixed and mastered by the renowned producer Rikard Löfgren at Leon Music Studios in Karlstad, Sweden (Sparzanza, Mustasch). The band also collaborated with the designer Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art & Design in England (My Dying Bride, The Haunted, Cathedral, Cradle of Filth), who designed the cover art for the album. The expression on this record was complete when the award-winning folk music singer Camilla Granlien joined and added her unique voice to the mix. All Alone garnered high acclaim both domestically and internationally, and has even earned airtime on BBC Radio in England.
At the start of 2009, TO CAST A SHADOW was one of six bands chosen to participate in Project Six, a Swedish/Norwegian based project run by Innovation Music Network (IMN) with funding by the EU. For a duration of one year, the band got a chance to work with well-known and experienced people in the music business, as well as performing live at numerous showcases. At the course of this project, the band has worked with Kenneth Lewis from Waterfall (Ida Maria), Daniel Bergstrand from Dugout Productions (In Flames, Meshuggah, El Caco, Stonegard) and Dan Swanö from Unisound (Opeth, Pain, Katatonia, Theatre of Tragedy).
TO CAST A SHADOW’s second album, titled In Memory Of, was released in February 2011 in Europe by Kolony Records and later also distributed to USA. It was recorded at Hamar Recordings with the help of producer Kristian Sigland (The Crest) and yet again mixed and mastered by Rikard Löfgren at Leon Music Studios. The artwork was also this time designed by Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art & Design. The new album shows a progression of the bands style, the sound is heavy and massive, at the same time, the band shows a more nuanced side of itself, blending more aggression in with the gloomy setting. In Memory Of has, as its predecessor, also recived good reviews and radio plays around the world.

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