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Title: Head of Catholic Religious Education

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Title: Head of Catholic Religious Education
Accountable to: Headmaster (Through Deputy Head Teacher)
Responsible for: Leading and managing Catholic Religious Education


To raise standards of student attainment and achievement in RE and to monitor and support student progress.

To be accountable for student progress and development in RE.

To ensure the provision of an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant, differentiated and challenging curriculum for students studying RE, in accordance with aims of the school and the curricular policies as determined by the Governing Body and Headmaster.

To be accountable for leading, managing and developing RE.

To effectively manage and deploy teaching/support staff, financial and physical resources within RE to support the designated curriculum portfolio.

Share in the corporate responsibility for the education and well being of all pupils in accordance with the school's policies.

Responsible for:

All pupils, staff and resources within RE

Liaising with:

Senior and middle leaders, pupil support and relevant staff with cross-school responsibilities, relevant non-teaching support staff, DfESC staff, parents.


Collaborating with colleagues and working under the Headmaster – the Head of RE will:-


  • Demonstrate effective practice in their lessons and act as role model for their subject.

  • Research and identify good practice in the classroom for use in their subject.

  • Be accountable for the development and delivery of RE.

  • Lead curriculum development for RE.

  • Keep up to date with national/island developments in the subject area and in teaching practice and methodology. Actively monitor and respond to curriculum development initiatives at national and local levels. Ensure that the development of the subject is in line with national and, if required, local developments.

  • Be responsible for the development of literacy, numeracy, ICT inclusively within RE.


  • Work strategically to support raising standards in RE.

  • Monitor the progress of pupils against measurable targets, ensuring high standards of work. Actively follow up student progress as required in the monitoring and evaluation cycle.

  • Develop appropriate syllabuses, resources, schemes of work, assessment and teaching and learning strategies in RE.

  • Work with colleagues to formulate aims, objectives and strategic plans for RE which have coherence, congruence and relevance to the needs of students and to the aims, objectives and strategic plans of the school.

  • Lead and manage the planning function of the subject and ensure that the planning activities reflect the needs of students within the subject area, SDP/DDP and the aims and objectives of the school.

  • Manage the subject area’s collection of data. Systematically analyse and evaluate performance data provided.

  • Identify and take appropriate action on issues arising from data, systems and reports, setting deadlines where necessary and reviewing progress on the action taken.

  • Contribute to department reports on examination performance including the use of value-added and conversion rates data.

  • Carry out day-to-day management, control and operation of course provision within subject, including the effective deployment of staff and physical resources.

  • Attend staff meetings on a regular basis to decide on policy and contribute to discussion on School policy.

  • Effectively implement and monitor School Policies and Procedures.

  • In conjunction with the Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum & New Technologies, foster and oversee the application of ICT in RE including the development of materials to be made available on the school’s VLE and web site.

  • Contribute to the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date information concerning RE on the management information system CMIS – conforming to school procedures.

  • Ensure that Health and Safety policies and practices, including Risk Assessments, in RE are in-line with national requirements and are updated where necessary, liaising with the School’s Health and Safety Officer.


  • Contribute to the effective operation of quality control systems, implement School quality procedures and cycles and ensure adherence in the subject area.

  • Maintain the process of the setting of targets within RE and work towards their achievement.

  • Establish common standards of practice and develop the effectiveness of teaching and learning styles within RE.

  • Participate in the school procedures for lesson observation.

  • Produce reports within the quality assurance cycle for the school.

  • Monitor and evaluate RE in line with agreed school procedures including evaluation against quality standards and performance criteria. Seek/implement modification and improvement where required.


In conjunction with the Assistant Headteacher, Teaching & Learning and the Assistant Headteacher Curriculum & New Technologies contribute to:-

  • The monitoring of the planning of individual teachers with particular reference to Individual Learning Plans - their modification and relation to pupil curricular targets and Subject Schemes of Work - and to the opportunities for Peer Assessment, Self Assessment and Pupil feedback.

  • The quality of assessment within the classroom.

  • The quality of targets set by individual teachers in RE.

  • The quality of marking and adherence to the School Marking Policy.

  • The quality of all school reports to parents.

  • Effective staff record keeping through record books, mark books and class attendance registers.

Help to enter pupils for examinations and ensure examination entry deadlines are met in good time.

Contribute to the implementation of an effective examinations and assessment policy which reflects the school's mission statement and whole school policy on assessment.

  • Ensure that staff professional development needs are identified and that appropriate programmes are designed to meet such needs.

  • Participate in the interview process for teaching posts if required and ensure effective induction of new staff in line with school procedures.

  • Be responsible for day-to-day management of staff within RE and act as a positive role model for pupils and staff alike. Promote teamwork and motivate staff to ensure effective working relations.

  • Support the efficient and effective deployment of the technicians/support staff.

  • Make appropriate arrangements for classes when department staff are absent.

  • Participate in the school’s ITT programme.

  • Monitor student attendance and punctuality together with students’ progress and performance in relation to targets set for each individual ensuring that follow-up procedures are adhered to and appropriate action is taken where necessary.

  • Act as a Mentor and carry out the duties associated with that role as outlined in the Teachers Terms and Conditions (DfESC). Contribute to PSHEE, citizenship and enterprise according to school policy.

  • Ensure the Sanctions and Rewards policy is consistently and effectively implemented in RE so that effective learning can take place.


Promote equal opportunities in all aspects of responsibility and access according to the school's aims and objectives.


  • To be fully aware of and understand the duties and responsibilities arising from the Children’s Act 2004 and Working Together in relation to child protection and safeguarding children and young people as this applies to the worker’s role within the organisation.

  • To also be fully aware of the principles of safeguarding as they apply to vulnerable adults in relation to the worker’s role.

  • To ensure that the worker’s line manager is made aware and kept fully informed of any concerns which the worker may have in relation to safeguarding and/or child protection.

This Job Description will be reviewed annually or as changing circumstances require.

The School Directors expect all teachers to support the values of a Catholic School as expressed in the school’s Mission Statement and Trust Deed of the School.

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