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Title: Advances in psychological assessment

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Psychology Materials

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BF698.4.A33 V.3 1968

Title: Advances in psychological assessment.

Publication info: New York [etc.] Plenum Press [etc.] 1968-
BF320.A4 1972

Title: Altered states of awareness; readings from Scientific

American. With introds. by Timothy J. Teyler.

Publication info: San Francisco, W. H. Freeman [1972]


Title: Decision making [ videorecording[ : values and goals /

Director, Jerry A. Callner.

Publication info: Huntsville, Tx : Educational Video Network, n.d.

BF575.G7.L785 1999

Title: Living With Grief : At Work, At School, At Worship.

Publication info: Hospice Foundation of America
BF636 .N43 1980 1980

Title: Neuro-linguistic programming.

Publication info: Cupertino, Calif. : Meta Publications, c1980-

Title: Perception

BF201.P47 2002 2002

Title: Perspectives on cognitive psychology / Serge P. Shohov


Publication info: New York : Nova Science, c2002.

BF721.P8 V.13 1945

Title: The Psychoanalytic study of the child.

Publication info: New Haven [etc.] Yale University Press [etc.]
BF575.S75S76 V.6 1975

Title: Stress and anxiety.

Publication info: New York [etc.] Hemisphere Pub. Corp. [distributed

solely by Halsted Press, 1975-1991.

BF121.S265 2005 2004

Title: Study Guide to Accompany Psychology.

Publication info: McGraw-Hill Humanities Social 2004.
BF637.S4S9 1977 V.1 1974

Title: Synthesis.

Publication info: Redwood City, Calif., Synthesis Press.
BF637.S4V57 1993 & GUIDE 1993

Title: Vision 2000 [videorecording] : your practical guide to

developing visionary skills / J.V.E. Partnership ;

concept, Anthony Aames ; script, Shale Paul.

Publication info: Huntsville, TX : Educational Video Network, Inc.,


Summary: Presents a workshop on developing & enhancing

visioning skills. Shows how having a long-range vision

enables individuals to develop & adapt their goals to

achieve it.

BF175.5 .S55 S48 1994 1994

Title: The shadow in America : reclaiming the soul of a

nation / compiled and edited by Jeremiah Abrams ;

[with a foreword by Thomas Moore].

Publication info: Novato, CA : Nataraj Pub., c1994.
BF318 .L3853 1999 1999

Title: Learning and individual differences : process, trait,

and content determinants / edited by Phillip L.

Ackerman, Patrick C. Kyllonen, Richard D. Roberts.

Publication info: Washington, DC : American Psychological Association,

BF724.P795 1996

Title: Psychosocial development during adolescence :

[progress in developmental contextualism] / edited by

Gerald R. Adams, Raymond Montemayor, Thomas P.


Publication info: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c1996.
BF441.A28 1986 1986

Title: Conceptual blockbusting : a guide to better ideas /

James L. Adams.

Personal Author: Adams, James L.

Publication info: Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley, c1986.
BF698.A327 1979

Title: Personal construct theory : concepts and applications

/ J. R. Adams-Webber.

Personal Author: Adams-Webber, Jack R.

Publication info: Chichester [Eng.] ; New York : Wiley, c1979.
BF173.A47 1964

Title: The individual psychology of Alfred Adler : a

systematic presentation in selections from his

writings / edited and annotated by Heinz L. Ansbacher

and Rowena R. Ansbacher.

Personal Author: Adler, Alfred, 1870-1937.

Publication info: New York : Harper & Row, c1964.
BF636.A3 1929 1968

Title: The practice and theory of individual psychology.

Translated by P. Radin.

Personal Author: Adler, Alfred, 1870-1937.

Publication info: Totowa, N.J., Littlefield, Adams, 1968.
BF173.A52 1929

Title: The science of living, by Alfred Adler.

Personal Author: Adler, Alfred, 1870-1937.

Publication info: New York, Greenberg [c1929]

BF173.A548 1964 1964

Title: Superiority and social interest, a collection of later

writings. Edited by Heinz L. Ansbacher and Rowena R.

Ansbacher, with a biographical essay by Carl


Personal Author: Adler, Alfred, 1870-1937.

Publication info: [Evanston, Ill.] Northwestern University Press, 1964.
BF697.A3 1961

Title: The living symbol; a case study in the process of


Personal Author: Adler, Gerhard, 1904-

Publication info: [New York] Pantheon Books [1961]
BF637 .L4 A3 1977

Title: Lifelong learning, the adult years / Adult Education

Association of the United States of America.

Publication info: [Washington, D.C.] : The Association, [c1977-1983]

BF176.A483 1997 1997

Title: Questionnaires and inventories : surveying opinions

and assessing personality / Lewis R. Aiken.

Personal Author: Aiken, Lewis R., 1931-

Publication info: New York : J. Wiley, c1997.
BF311 .A34 2003 2003

Title: The systematicity arguments / by Kenneth Aizawa.

Personal Author: Aizawa, Kenneth, 1961-

Publication info: Boston : Kluwer Academic, c2003.

BF575.A85A43 1978 1978

Title: Your perfect right : a guide to assertive behavior /

Robert E. Alberti and Michael L. Emmons ; with

foreword by John Vasconcellos.

Personal Author: Alberti, Robert E.

Publication info: San Luis Obispo, Calif. : Impact Publishers, 1978.

BF1045.S33A42 1990 1990

Title: Science and supernature : a critical appraisal of

parapsychology / James E. Alcock.

Personal Author: Alcock, James E.

Publication info: Buffalo, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, c1990.
BF175.A65 1966

Title: Psychoanalytic pioneers, edited by Franz Alexander,

Samuel Eisenstein & Martin Grotjahn.

Personal Author: Alexander, Franz, 1891-

Publication info: New York, Basic Books [1966]
BF637 .T5. A45 2001 2001

Title: Getting things done : the art of stress-free

productivity / David Allen.

Personal Author: Allen, David, 1945 Dec. 28-

Publication info: New York : Viking, 2001.
BF1679.A4 1966

Title: The star-crossed renaissance; the quarrel about

astrology and its influence in England.

Personal Author: Allen, Don Cameron, 1903-1972

Publication info: New York, Octagon Books, 1966 [c1941]
BF724.3 .G73 A55 2002 2001

Title: Using literature to help troubled teenagers cope with

end-of-life issues. / edited by Janet Allen.

Publication info: Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2002.

BF637 .C45 I644 2002 2002

Title: Interpersonal communication research : advances

through meta-analysis / edited by Mike Allen ... [et


Publication info: Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum, 2002.
BF175.A45 1933

Title: The new psychologies / by Rudolf Allers.

Personal Author: Allers, Rudolf, 1883-1963.

Publication info: London ; New York : Sheed & Ward, 1933.

BF311.A5 1955

Title: Theories of perception and the concept of structure; a

review and critical analysis with an introduction to a

dynamic-structural theory of behavior.

Personal Author: Allport, Floyd Henry, 1890-

Publication info: New York, Wiley [1955]

BF38.A38 1955

Title: Becoming; basic considerations for a psychology of


Personal Author: Allport, Gordon W. (Gordon Willard), 1897-1967.

Publication info: New Haven, Yale University Press, 1955.
BF575.P9A38 1954

Title: The nature of prejudice.

Personal Author: Allport, Gordon W. (Gordon Willard), 1897-1967.

Publication info: Cambridge, Mass., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1954.

BF698.A4 1937

Title: Personality; a psychological interpretation [by]

Gordon W. Allport ...

Personal Author: Allport, Gordon W. (Gordon Willard), 1897-1967.

Publication info: New York, H. Holt and company [c1937]
BF1311 .F8 A55 1992 1992

Title: Death and personal survival : the evidence for life

after death / Robert Almeder.

Personal Author: Almeder, Robert F.

Publication info: Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1992.
BF671.A4 1966

Title: Organic foundations of animal behavior.

Personal Author: Altman, Joseph, 1925-

Publication info: New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1966]

BF76.7.A45 1995 1995

Title: The world's easiest guide to using the APA / Carol J.


Personal Author: Amato, Carol J.

Publication info: Westminster, Calif. : Stargazer Pub. Co., c1995.
BF76.7 .A52 2002 2002

Title: The world's easiest guide to using the APA : a

user-friendly manual for formatting research papers

according to the American Psychological Association

style guide / Carol J. Amato.

Personal Author: Amato, Carol J.

Publication info: Corona, Calif. : Stargazer Pub. Co., c2002.
BF408 .C7467 2003 2003

Title: Creative intelligence : toward theoretic integration /

edited by Don Ambrose, LeoNora M. Cohen, Abraham J.


Publication info: Cresskill, N.J. : Hampton Press, c2003.
BF76.7.C66 2005 2005

Title: Concise rules of APA style.

Publication info: Washington, DC : American Psychological Association,

BF76.7 .C66 2005 2005

Title: Concise rules of APA style.

Publication info: Washington, DC : American Psychological Association,

BF77 .G73 2008 2008

Title: Graduate study in psychology, 2008.

Publication info: Washington, D.C. : American Psychological Association,

BF77 .G73 2009 2009

Title: Graduate study in psychology, 2009 / American

Psychological Association.

Publication info: Washington, DC. : American Psychological Association,

BF76.7.P83 2001 2001

Title: Publication manual of the American Psychological


Publication info: Washington, DC : American Psychological Association,

BF721.A578 1989 1989

Title: Arnold Gesell : themes of his work / Louise Bates


Personal Author: Ames, Louise Bates.

Publication info: New York, N.Y. : Human Sciences Press, c1989.

BF721.C5165 1995 1995

Title: Child Rorschach responses : developmental trends from

two to ten years / Louise Bates Ames ... [et al.].

Publication info: Northvale, N.J. : J. Aronson, 1995.

BF176.A5 1997 1997

Title: Psychological testing / Anne Anastasi, Susana Urbina.

Personal Author: Anastasi, Anne, 1908-

Publication info: Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c1997.

BF76.4 .A86 1998 1998

Title: Avoiding ethical misconduct in psychology specialty

areas / [edited] by Robert M. Anderson, Jr., Terri L.

Needels, Harold V. Hall.

Publication info: Springfield, Ill. : Charles C. Thomas Publisher,

BF378 .S54 W67 2001 2001

Title: Working memory in perspective / edited by Jackie

Andrade ; with a foreword by Alan Baddeley and Graham


Publication info: Hove [England] ; New York : Psychology Press, 2001.

BF723.C5A53 1977 1977

Title: Word, object, and conceptual development / Jeremy M.


Personal Author: Anglin, Jeremy M.

Publication info: New York : Norton, c1977.
BF698.A5 1941

Title: Foundations for a science of personality [by] Andras

Angyal ...

Personal Author: Angyal, Andras, 1902-1960

Publication info: New York, The Commonwealth fund; London, H. Milford,

Oxford university press, 1941.

BF637.C45F86 1973

Title: Fundamental concepts in human communication [by]

Ronald L. Applbaum [and others]

Publication info: San Francisco, Canfield Press [1973]

BF723 .S3 A68 1997 1997

Title: The confident child : raising a child to try, learn,

and care / Terri Apter.

Personal Author: Apter, T. E.

Publication info: New York : W.W. Norton & Company, c1997.
BF637.C6A67 1968 1968

Title: Counseling: philosophy, theory and practice / [by]

Dugald S. Arbuckle.

Personal Author: Arbuckle, Dugald S. (Dugald Sinclair), 1912-

Publication info: Boston : Allyn and Bacon, [1968, c1965]
BF441.A64 1982

Title: Reasoning, learning, and action : individual and

organizational / Chris Argyris.

Personal Author: Argyris, Chris, 1923-

Publication info: San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, 1982.
BF611.A75 1975

Title: The will to be human / Silvano Arieti.

Personal Author: Arieti, Silvano.

Publication info: New York : Dell, 1975.

BF636.A7 1971

Title: Explorations in human behavior.

Personal Author: Arkoff, Abe.

Publication info: New York, McGraw-Hill [1971]

BF431 .A5775 2003 2003

Title: Maximizing intelligence / David J. Armor ; with the

assistance of Susan L. Aud.

Personal Author: Armor, David J.

Publication info: New Brunswick, NJ : Transaction Publishers, c2003.
BF431 .A579 1999 1999

Title: 7 kinds of smart : identifying and developing your

multiple intelligences / Thomas Armstrong.

Personal Author: Armstrong, Thomas.

Publication info: New York : Plume, 1999.
BF318 .A75 1998 1998

Title: Awakening genius in the classroom / Thomas Armstrong.

Personal Author: Armstrong, Thomas.

Publication info: Alexandria, Va. : Association for Supervision and

Curriculum Development, c1998.
BF723.S75C47 1990 1990

Title: Childhood stress / edited by L. Eugene Arnold.

Publication info: New York : Wiley, c1990.
BF531.A8 1960 V.1 1960

Title: Emotion and personality.

Personal Author: Arnold, Magda B.

Publication info: New York, Columbia University Press, 1960.

BF698.8 .T5 A7 2001 2001

Title: A practical guide to the thematic apperception test :

the TAT in clinical practice / Edward Aronow, Kim

Altman Weiss, Marvin Reznikoff.

Personal Author: Aronow, Edward.

Publication info: Philadelphia : Brunner-Routledge, c2001.

BF637 .C6 A77 1994 1994

Title: Cultural considerations for working more effectively

with Latin American individuals [videorecording] /

Patricia Arredondo.

Personal Author: Arredondo, Patricia M.

Publication info: North Amherst, MA : Microtraining Associates, c1994.

Summary: Provides culture specific information about persons of

Latino heritage that will enable couselors to better

serve Latina/Latino clients.
BF724.3 .S36S367 2005 2005

Title: Self-esteem for Native American students

[videorecording] / TMW Media Group ; written, produced

and directed by Richard Arsenault.

Publication info: Venice, CA : TMW Media Group, c2005.

Summary: Discusses the importance of self-esteem for Native

American students. Designed to present the strength

and importance of the native people of North America

as a background for further research and advanced

BF721 .M66 V. 69, NO. 4 2004

Title: Trajectories of physical aggression from toddlerhood

to middle childhood : predictors, correlates, and

outcomes / NICHD Early Child Care Research Network ;

with commentary by William F. Arsenio.

Publication info: Boston, Mass. : Blackwell, c2004.
BF105.P79 1987 1987

Title: Psychology in twentieth-century thought and society /

edited by Mitchell G. Ash, William R. Woodward.

Publication info: Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press,

BF637 .C6 C6372 1995 1995

Title: Counseling diverse populations / Donald R. Atkinson,

Gail Hackett, [editors].

Publication info: Madison, Wis. : Brown & Benchmark, c1995.

BF683.A8 1964

Title: An introduction to motivation, by John W. Atkinson.

Personal Author: Atkinson, John W. (John William), 1923-2003

Publication info: Princeton, N.J., Van Nostrand [1964]

BF683.A88 1966

Title: A theory of achievement motivation, edited by John W.

Atkinson [and] Norman T. Feather.

Personal Author: Atkinson, John W. (John William), 1923-2003

Publication info: New York, Wiley [1966]
BF575.G7A79 1996 1996

Title: How we grieve : relearning the world / Thomas Attig.

Personal Author: Attig, Thomas, 1945-

Publication info: New York : Oxford University Press, 1996.

BF789.F5B313 1964

Title: The psychoanalysis of fire. Translated by Alan C. M.


Personal Author: Bachelard, Gaston, 1884-1962.

Publication info: Boston, Beacon Press [1964]
BF731.B225 1997 1997

Title: Human memory : theory and practice / Alan Baddeley.

Personal Author: Baddeley, Alan D., 1934-

Publication info: Hove, East Sussex : Psychology Press, c1997.

BF39.B3 1964

Title: Intermediate correlational methods [by] Andrew R.


Personal Author: Baggaley, Andrew R.

Publication info: New York, J. Wiley [1964]
BF637 .C6 B26 1996 1996

Title: The internship, practicum, and field placement

handbook : a guide for the helping professions / Brian

N. Baird.

Personal Author: Baird, Brian N., 1956-

Publication info: Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall, c1996.

BF39.B32 1978

Title: Fundamentals of scaling and psychophysics / John C.

Baird, Elliot Noma.

Personal Author: Baird, John C.

Publication info: New York : Wiley, c1978.
BF109.F74B35 1990 1990

Title: Sigmund Freud and the Jewish mystical tradition / by

David Bakan.

Personal Author: Bakan, David.

Publication info: London : Free Association Books, 1990.
BF724.B28 1973 1973

Title: Social deviancy and adolescent personality; an

analytical study with the MMPI, by John C. Ball.

Personal Author: Ball, John C.

Publication info: Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press [1973, c1962]
BF724.3.I3C37 1991 1992

Title: Careers and identities / Michael Banks ... [et al.].

Publication info: Milton Keynes ; Philadelphia : Open University Press,

BF321.B35 1958 1958

Title: The art of listening.

Personal Author: Barbara, Dominick A.

Publication info: Springfield, Ill., C. C. Thomas [1958]
BF723 .G75 B37 1999 1999

Title: Children, bereavement and trauma : nurturing

resilience / Paul Barnard, Ian Morland and Julie Nagy.

Personal Author: Barnard, Paul, 1950-

Publication info: London ; Philadelphia : Jessica Kingsley, 1999.
BF723.I56 P47 1995 1995

Title: Personal, social, and emotional development of

children / editor, Peter Barnes.

Publication info: Cambridge, Mass. : Blackwell Publishers in association

with the Open University, 1995.
BF576 .E378 2007 2007

Title: Educating people to be emotionally intelligent /

edited by Reuven Bar-On, J.G. Maree and Maurice Jesse


Publication info: Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, 2007.
BF1078 .N454 2007 v.3 2007

Title: The new science of dreaming / edited by Deirdre

Barrett and Patrick McNamara.

Publication info: Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, 2007.

BF723 .E6 NO.77 1997 1997

Title: The communication of emotion : current research from

diverse perspectives / Karen Caplovitz Barrett,


Publication info: San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c1997.
BF698.9 .O3 P47 2003 2003

Title: Personality and work : reconsidering the role of

personality in organizations / Murray R. Barrick, Ann

Marie Ryan, editors ; foreword by Neal Schmitt.

Publication info: San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2003.
BF175.4 .P45 .B37 2003 2003

Title: Paradox and the possibility of knowledge : the example

of psychoanalysis / Jeremy Barris.

Personal Author: Barris, Jeremy.

Publication info: Selinsgrove : Susquehanna University Press, c2003.
BF209.L9L2 1967

Title: LSD, man & society [by] Frank Barron [and others]

Edited by Richard C. DeBold and Russell C. Leaf.

Publication info: Middletown, Conn., Wesleyan University Press [1967]

BF201.B37 1992 1992

Title: Cognitive psychology : an overview for cognitive

scientists / Lawrence W. Barsalou.

Personal Author: Barsalou, Lawrence W.

Publication info: Hillsdale, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 1992.
BF1301 .B357 1997 1997

Title: I come as a brother : a remembrance of illusions /

Bartholomew ; [edited by Joy Franklin, Mary-Margaret

Moore, and Jill Kramer].

Personal Author: Bartholomew (Spirit)

Publication info: Carlsbad, CA : Hay House, 1997.

BF371.B26 1967 1967

Title: Remembering: a study in experimental and social

psychology, by Sir Frederic C. Bartlett.

Personal Author: Bartlett, Frederic C. (Frederic Charles), Sir,


Publication info: London, Cambridge U.P., 1967.

BF311 .B325 2002 2002

Title: Consciousness emerging : the dynamics of perception,

imagination, action, memory, thought, and language /

Renate Bartsch.

Personal Author: Bartsch, Renate, 1939-

Publication info: Amsterdam ; Philadelphia, Pa. : John Benjamins Pub.,

BF575 .A5 B373 2008 2008

Title: Creative anger : putting that powerful emotion to good

use / Rhoda Baruch, Edith H. Grotberg, and Suzanne


Personal Author: Baruch, Rhoda, 1925-

Publication info: Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, 2008.

BF76.4.P76 1996 1996

Title: Professional conduct and discipline in psychology /

Larry J. Bass ... [et al.].

Publication info: Washington, DC : American Psychological Association ;

Montgomery, AL : Association of State and Provincial

Psychology Boards, c1996.

BF575.E83B38 1991 1991

Title: Escaping the self : alcoholism, spirituality,

masochism, and other flights from the burden of

selfhood / Roy F. Baumeister.

Personal Author: Baumeister, Roy F.

Publication info: New York, N.Y. : Basic Books, c1991.

BF636 .A62 2003 2003

Title: Applied psychology : current issues and new directions

/ edited by Rowan Bayne and Ian Horton.

Publication info: London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE Publications,

BF318.5 B43 2002 2002

Title: The power of experiential learning : a handbook for

trainers and educators / Colin Beard & John P. Wilson.

Personal Author: Beard, Colin (Colin M.)

Publication info: London : Kogan Page ; Sterling, VA : Stylus Pub. Inc.,

BF311.B4 1958

Title: Readings in perception, selected and edited by David

C. Beardslee and Michael Wertheimer.

Personal Author: Beardslee, David Cromwell, 1925-

Publication info: Princeton, N.J., Van Nostrand [1958]

BF637 .N66 B43 2004 2004

Title: Visible thought : the new psychology of body language

/ Geoffrey Beattie.

Personal Author: Beattie, Geoffrey.

Publication info: London ; New York : Routledge, 2004.
BF353 .H36 2002 2002

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