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Thomas G. Plante, Ph. D., Abpp

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Thomas G. Plante, Ph.D., ABPP

Media Interviews

Most of the media interviews focused on either clergy sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church, psychological and behavioral issues among Catholics including clergy, general ethical issues, health psychology topics such as the psychological benefits of exercise and coping with stress, or issues related to major psychiatric disorders. Specific media outlets follow:
Interviews for the following television shows and stations: NBC Nightly News with Brain Williams, Discovery Channel, CBS News, PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer, CNN, CNN International, ABC News, NBC Today Show, ABC News with Peter Jennings, KSTS-TV Channel 48 San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland, KNTV-TV NBC 11 San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland, Silicon Valley Community Cable Channel 6, KRON-TV Channel 4 San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland, KRON 4 Morning Show, Daybreak Show (San Francisco), ABC affiliate KGO channel 7 including the beyond the Headlines Show (San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose), KDTV Univision (San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, Channel 14), KTVU Channel 2 (San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose), KTVU Mornings on 2 (San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose), WMUR Channel 9 (Manchester, New Hampshire), NECN-TV/Boston, the Pilipino Channel, Catholic Radio on SIRUS.
Interviews for the following national and international magazines: New Yorker, Newsweek, US News and World Report, Time Magazine, Runner’s World, Money Magazine, O Magazine, People Magazine, Business Week, American Health, Prevention, Mother Jones, Consumer Reports, Body Health, Total Fitness For Women, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Redbook, New Age Magazine, Science and Spirituality, Santa Clara Alumni Magazine, Silicon Valley Business Ink, Nursing Spectator, Women in Higher Education, APA Monitor on Psychology, APS Observer, AARP Magazine, Journal International Press, Vitality Magazine, Science and Theology News, Vegetarian Times, Legal Affairs, Schwab Learning Center, More Magazine, Allure Magazine, Veja Magazine (Brazil), Tu Ciudad, American Psychological Society Observer, Arthritis Today Magazine, Fitness, L'Espresso (Italy), Marie Claire, Backpacking Magazine.
Interviews for the following newspapers: New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, San Jose Mercury News, The London Times (Higher Education Supplement), Detroit Free Press, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune (IL) Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, New York Post, Denver Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Pittsburg Telegraph Gazette, Seattle Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, New York Post, Newsday, San Jose Metro, Palo Alto Daily News, Santa Rosa Press Democrat (CA), Birmingham News (AL), Orange County Register (CA), West Palm Beach Sun Sentinel (FL), Palm Beach Post (FL), Palo Alto Weekly (CA), The Morning Call, Attleboro Sun Chronicle (MA), Mail Tribune, Excess Weekly, Wooster Telegram Gazette (MA), Mobile Register (AL), Las Vegas Sun, South Bend Tribune (IN), Ventura Country Star (CA), Irish Herald, Riverside Press Enterprise (CA), Nuevo Mundo, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sacramento Bee, The Mission, Christian Science Monitor, St. Joseph News-Press (MO), Santa Cruz Sentinel, The Journal-Register (RI), World-Herald (Omaha, NE), Good Times Weekly (Santa Cruz, CA), The Valley Catholic, Waco (Texas) Tribune-Herald, The Press-Enterprise (San Bernardino, CA), The Eagle Tribune (North Andover, MA), Chinese Daily News, Erie Times (PA), The Victoria Advocate (TX), The Herald-Leader (Lexington, KY), The Sunday Visitor (MA), The Pantagraph (IL), Arizona Republic, Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA), The Advocate (Stamford, CT), Menlo-Atherton Almanac (Menlo Park, CA), St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO), Jewish Week, Grand Rapids Press (MI), Garrnett News Service (Washington, DC), Dagen (Christian Swedish daily), Buffalo News (NY), The News Journal (DE), Oscala Star Banner (FL), Seattle Weekly (WA), Telegraph Herald (IA), Times-Leader (PA), National Catholic Register, Catholic Online, La Presse (Montréal, Canada), Sarasota Herald Tribune (FL), The Oregonian (OR), The Journal Star (IL), National Catholic Register (Canada), National Post (Canada), San Antonio Express-News (TX), Toronto Star (Canada).
Interviews with numerous radio programs: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC News), National Public Radio, New York City (WNYC), WHYY (91 FM) -Philadelphia (NPR), Weekend America (National Public Radio), Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Newsweek on Air, KQV-Pittsburgh, KLIV (1590AM) - San Jose, KUSP 88.9FM-Santa Cruz (National Public Radio), WROL (660AM) Boston, KGO San Francisco, KCBS 740AM, KTAR 620AM (Phoenix, AZ), NBC 1190 (Phoenix, AZ), KMOX 1120AM (St. Louis), KQED 88.5FM San Francisco (NPR), Christian Family Radio (88.5FM, 91.5FM, 91.9FM, 101.7FM – Wisconsin), The David Gold Show (990AM, Dallas, TX), North Dakota Public Radio (Fargo, ND), WCLO Radio 1230AM (Janesvulle, WI), The Ric Bratton Show (Ellusions Radio Network), KRLC-AM (Lewiston, ID), Clear Channel Radio (Frankfort, KY: WCND 1490AM and WFKY 940AM and Florida East Coast: WZZR-93.4FM, WQOL-103.7FM, WAVW 92.7FM, WCZR 101.7FM, WAXE 1370AM, WSYR 94.7FM), America at Night (Footwork Media), WDLB 1450 AM Wisconsin, Strategies for Living KBCL-AM 1070, Louisiana, The Breakfast Club 102FM (Jamaica), CJBK Newstalk 1290 (London, Ontario), A Night of Insight, Radio Iran 670AM (Los Angeles), Insider Internet Radio Show (with Dr. John Riolo), WBAI 99.5FM (New York City), CKNW Radio, Vancouver, Canada, WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago Public Radio, Roy Green Show, Corus Radio Network, Canada.
In addition to above media outlets, my research has been featured in the following: USA Today, National Public Radio, National Catholic Reporter, Salt Lake Tribune, Pittsburg-Tribune-Review, Times Union (Indiana), Wausau Daily Herald, London Herald, The Industry Standard, Christian News, Virginia Pilot, American Catholic, Los Angeles Mission, World Net Daily, Jamaica Gleaner, NBC News, Roeder’s Health, Associated Press, Providence Journal, Contra Costa Times, Body and Soul Magazine, Best Interest: The E-Magazine for Children’s Advocates, Catholic News, Portsmouth Herald (NH), Concord Monitor (NH), Business Wire, , CFRB 1010 Radio (Toronto), KNTV-TV News Channel 11 San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Catholic News Agency, The Age (Australia), The Casper Star Tribune (WY), the Forth Worth Star Telegram (TX), the Catholic World News, Indianapolis Star (IN), San Mateo County Times (CA), Genetic Engineering News, Science Daily, South Coast Today (MA).

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