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Third Japan-eu english Haiku Contest Winners will be invited to visit Japan or Belgium

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Third Japan-EU English Haiku Contest

-Winners will be invited to visit Japan or Belgium-

(Guidelines for Submission)
22 June 2012

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

European Union

  • Introduction

Mr Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, is a haiku poet who has published his own book of haiku poetry. To advance “People-to-people and cultural exchanges” a common Japan-EU goal, the Japan-EU English Haiku Contest has been held twice previously. The second contest was held in May 2011 with the theme of “Kizuna (the bonds of friendship),” and 364 haiku poets participated in the competition.
This year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the European Union are pleased to host the Third Japan-EU English Haiku Contest and call on contestants to share their haiku under the theme “Dawn”.
We hope that this contest will deepen the relationship between Japan and the EU as well as encourage people to enjoy writing and reading English haiku.
We have set up a Fan Page for the Contest on Facebook ( Selected haiku will be uploaded to the Facebook Fan Page. Those registered on Facebook can communicate with applicants from Japan and the EU. This contest is expected to serve as an opportunity to encourage mutual understanding among people and promote the interaction of people’s views on Japan and the EU.

  • Organizers: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, European Union

  • Sponsors: Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan (Known as the birthplace of modern haiku in Japan), Flemish Haiku Center (Belgium)

  • Theme: Dawn

Japan-EU relationship is expected to develop further to enter a new era of partnership, “Dawn”.

  • Regulations: Original, previously unpublished haiku referring to some aspect of the theme “Dawn” should be submitted in English. Words evoking the seasons are not essential for contest entries. Keeping in mind that haiku is considered to be the shortest poem in the world, submitting haiku on three lines is recommended (however, up to four lines or fewer than three are acceptable).

  • Eligibility: The contest is open to the public of nationals of EU member states (including Croatia) or Japan who are currently residing in the EU (including Croatia) or Japan.

  • Submission: Please fill out the entry form and submit it by email to:

*Please note that English haiku submitted in the Haiku Post in the Delegation of Japan to the European Union will not be considered as entry for this contest.

  • Rescheduled Deadline: 30 July 2012 (2:00 AM, Brussels time)

  • Judges: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

European Union

An Expert

  • Awards: One winner from Japan, and one from the EU will be announced in due course. The winner from the EU will be offered a round-trip to Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan and a stay in a Japanese style hot spring hotel (in Dogo Onsen). Matsuyama City is considered to be the birthplace of modern Haiku in Japan. The winner from Japan will be offered a round-trip to Belgium, the home country of European Council President H.E. Herman Van Rompuy*.

*The contest winners will be notified by e-mail from the organizer and be given further details of the round-trip prize. Please note that the winner may have to cover some of the domestic travelling costs and accommodation.

  • Contact: European Policy Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (

Please inquire by e-mail only.
Japan-EU English Haiku Contest Entry Form

Please email to

Given Name

Family Name







Profession/School name

*One Haiku



Items marked with an asterisk * must be filled in completely.

Submitted haiku and the name of the haiku poets may be made public, shown on homepages, Facebook, or otherwise displayed under the copyright of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union. Your personal information will be used official reason by organizers and sponsors only.

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