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See Green Sr census

es: 0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older
1800  ---Green Bentley, Jr .(now abt age 22) listed as head of household in  Newtown, Tioga Co., NY with one male age 45 and older, one female 16-26, and one female age 45 and older.  But---Green Jr. and wife Olive (m 1798) were abt age 22. Who were the male and females listed age 45 and older and why was Green Jr listed on Census but his age range not checked off?  Green, Sr. either doesn’t appear as head of household in 1800 or this is him and not Jr.  In which case, where was Jr and Olive?  Perhaps living in the household of a relative as they were newly married?

Living next to him was Benjamin Bentley—one male under 10, one male 26-45, one male over 45, one female under 10, one female 16-26


The 1820 Census lists Green Bently in the Town of Catherine, Tioga Co., NY within the division allotted to Andrew Purdy.  This would be prior to Nov 10 of that year when he died.  No names of family are listed but it appears to denote Green (age 26-45) and wife Olive (age 26-45), his father Greene, Sr. (over age 45) , 3 sons age 18-26 “engaged in agriculture, “ and 3 daughters under age 10. They had 4 sons who were age 18-26 for this year, but James married and is listed in Catherine as the head of his own household.  They had 4 daughters under age 10 but for some reason only 3 listed.

Nearby is the family of Ephraim Bennett including a male and female over age 45 who are likely Green’s daughter Hannah and husband.


Stories from “The Lives of Green Bentley, Sr.” by Marlin Criddle:

***PAGE 8---redo

In March 1822, a deed of Green Bentley, Sr. to Olive Bentley and her male heirs, James, George, Ezekiel, William, and Elisha Bentley gave one hundred acres of land purchased from Benjamin (the first son of Green, Sr.) and Mary (Keeney) Bentley, “so long as she shall remain the widow of Green Bentley, Jr., and in case of her marriage, to above male heirs.”

In spite of this restriction, Olive Hopper Bentley later married a Captain Greenough, by whom she may have had additional children.  The property passed into the hands of the Greenoughs and was occupied by them to the dissatisfaction of the Bentleys. (Not only did the property not pass on to the sons of Green, Jr., but upon the death of Olive Bentley Greeno, Oliver married a third wife who eventually inherited the land).

    ----Note:  This is proof that Green, Jr. died prior to Green, Sr. --- Green, Jr. died Nov, 1820 and Sr. in 1821-1823

Olive's husband Green, Jr. dies in 1820.  Greene Sr lives with her, deeds her his property on condition she not remarry.  He dies in 1822-1823.  She marries Oliver Greeno in 1823 and keeps the land despite a dispute.  And then her son with Green, Ezekiel,  dies in 1826 and she gets his saw mill and possessions.  Olive dies in 1862 and Oliver remarries within a year and his 3d wife ends up with the Bentley property after he dies in 1867,

The Life and Descendants of Daniel Greeno by Todd Farmerie
5. Oliver GREENO, b. 17 Aug. 1783, (Daniel) he was in Catherine, then Tioga (now Chemung) Co., NY by 22 Oct. 1809 when he was appointed one of the guardians for his sister Polly. He had already had his oldest son, David, born in 1805 prior to his marriage. He is first wife, who he married 23 Aug. 1809, was Polly COE, daughter of David and Sarah (SQUIRE) COE. She was b. 23 Aug. 1781, and d. 7 Jan. 1823, being buried in Parsons Cem., Veteran Twp., and he remarried Olive (HOPPER) BENTLEY, widow of Green BENTLEY, b. ca. 1783, NY. She was still living in 1855, but on 5 Nov. 1863, he married his third wife, Ann MALLETT. In 1839, he appears in Leroy Twp., Bradford Co., Pa., selling to his brother Samuel the next year. He was an early member of the Millport Methodist Church. He died 17 Oct. 1867, Millport, NY, being buried at Horseheads, NY. His widow was still living in Millport in 1880.



Green and Olive had 8 or 9 children.  Cowan on a statement from her ancestor Margaret Bentley Craig:  “Mother had six boys before she had a girl.”  Five boys were named in the 1822 will of Green, Sr:   James, George, Ezekiel, William, and Elisha.  Criddle lists a Rockwell Bentley  b abt 1803 with no further info,  so this may have been the sixth son.  The girls were:  Esther, Eunice, and Margaret.

X—Criddle, Cowan and Census

X1.  JAMES BENTLEY was b Dec 21, 1798 according to information from Elaine Cowan ancestor Margaret Bentley, the sister of James.  Thus he would have been born in the Millport/Veteran, Chemung Co., NY area. He likely died prior to Sept 1850 as he does not show up in that Census with his family.  It is possible that the James Bentley buried at the Roushy Cemetery, Town of Ashland, Chemung Co. NY is our James.  The transcription has him b July 14, 1796; d Feb 2, 1846 at age 49 yr, 5 mo, 19 da.  (17) However, an Ezekiel Bentley buried there is listed as born in Vermont.

James married Eunice Nichols (b  abt 1800 in NY)  (7,10,16) prior to 1820.

The below is based on Census and other records which appear to be of our James Bentley.

1820---James apparently married and had a son prior to the 1820 Census where he is listed as head of household in the Town of Catherine, Tioga Co., NY with a female age 26-45 and a son under age 10.  So they prob. married in abt 1818/1819 and the child was likely b in 1819/1820James is listed as engaged in agriculture.  The same Census lists his father and family (apparently including his grandfather, Greene, Sr) in the same township, from which Veteran, Chemung Co. was later formed. That Census shows 3 of the 4 sons of Green, Jr. as living with him as farmers.  Which is further evidence that James was head of his own household at that time.

1823---Cowan:  Tioga County Deed Records “shows James Bently and wife Eunice selling land to Oliver Greeno in December, 1823, which was James' share of the land deeded by Greene Bentley Sr to Olive Hopper Bentley and her five sons. “  This was abt the time that Oliver married James’ widowed mother Olive Hopper Bentley.  

1825—Cowan:  “A deed of December, 1825 from James and wife Eunice to Ira Dodge.”  This seems to indicate that they moved.  Apparently to nearby Tioga Co, PA.  

1830—The  Census for Brookfield, Tioga Co., PA lists a James Bentley (age 30 to under 40) with two males under age 5, two males age 5 to under 10, one female under age 5, 1 female under age 10, one female age 30 to under 40 (Eunice).  So that’s 6 children under age 10.   One of the boys under 10 could be the same as listed in the 1820 Census if he was an infant in the 1820 Census.  

1840---Census still lists James in Brookfield, now as a male age 40-50, with one female under age 5 and one female age 15-20.  No adult female is listed and where are the rest of the kids?  Could be an error?  Or the wrong James.

1841---But this further links our James to Tioga Co, PA.  

Cowan:  "Abstracted from various Tioga Co.

(PA) newspapers 1839-1887
June 2, 1841
Eunice Lane vs. Elihu Lane
Eunice Lane by her next friend, James Bently......................" a James Bentley who attended Eunice Bentley Lane at her divorce hearing in Tioga County, PA.

    ----This the sister of our James Bentley

1850--- The Sept 4, 1850 Census lists a 50 yr old (b abt 1800) Eunice Bently in Veteran, Chemung Co, NY with children 26 yr old Olive Allen, 24 yr old Oliver Bently, 18 yr old Daniel Bently, 16 yr old Oscar Bently plus 30 yr old John Allen (assume the husband of Olive). This likely the right Bentley family with the daughter named for her grandmother Olive Hopper Bentley.  The men are listed as boatmen for occupation.  We assume they thus worked on the Chemung Canal, perhaps under the direction of Col Green Bentley Bennett, who was at one point the supervisor of the canal.  He was the son of Hannah Bentley Bennett, the sister of Green Bentley, Jr ---and thus the uncle of James Bentley. James Bentley is not listed in the Census and thus we assume he died prior to then.


James and Eunice had at least 5 children according to Criddle (7) and the 1850 Census:  Benjamin (b 1823), Olive (b abt  1824), Oliver (b abt 1826), Daniel (b abt 1832), and Oscar (b abt 1834).

Davidson (13) lists as dates for their first son Benjamin:  born April 30, 1823 in Millport; and died May 2, 1849 in Millport.   Which means he died at age 26 years, 2 days.  Bob and Shelly Glover on Aug 31, 2007 found and photographed ---among the few stones remaining of the old Bentley Cemetery north of Millport on Route 14--- a stone that matches up with Benjamin.  Thus he was buried on the old Bentley farm of his great grandfather Greene Bentley, Sr.   The tombstone reads:

                BENJ. BENTLEY


                    MAY 2, 1849

                    AGE 26 YRS

                    2 DAYS


2.GEORGE CARGILL BENTLEY, b Apr 27, 1801, Bentley Creek, Bradford Co., PA; d Dec 26, 1861, South Dansville, Steuben Co., NY.   See Chapter XX for more info.


X3.  EZEKIEL S. BENTLEY was b June 9, 1803, Millport/Veteran, Chemung Co, NY. (6, 17)

According to his sister Margaret's letter to S.B. Bennett, Ezekiel suffered from an incurable malady and never married. (6, 17).  He likely was one of the 3 sons listed as living with Green Bentley, Jr in the 1820 Census .

His tombstone at Millport Cemetery, Town of Veteran where his father was also buried reads: (6,17)

Bently, Ezekial d. 20 May 1826 age 23y 11m 11d s/o Green & Olive Bently

Photographed 9/3/087 by Shelly Glover.  Stone was leaning forward and Bob Glover propped it up.  Stone is next to his father, Green Bentley, Jr.  It reads:

                SON OF
                GREEN &
                OLIVE BENTLY
                MAY 20, 1826
                Age 23 YRS
                11 Mos   11 Days

Cowan reviewed a poor copy of his will:  “The Will itself is dated January 13, 1825. Ezekiel leaves all his personal estate, together with his share of a saw mill to his mother, Olive and, after her death, to his three sisters, Esther, Eunice and Margaret.” Likely this the second saw mill in the Town of Veteran which was built in about 1820 by Green, Jr. (17)


X4.  WILLIAM C. BENTLEY was b Jan 20, 1806 in Warwick, NY; d Aug 24, 1883, Taylor, Shelby Co. Missouri.  (8)

He married Experience Greenough (b abt 1807 in NY; d before May 1847 in prob Washington Co., Iowa) in abt 1830/1832 in prob Millport, NY. (7, 10, 16)  They had 6 children b  from abt 1830/32—1842. (7)  Experience was the daughter of William’s  mother Olive’s  2d husband Oliver Greenough/Greeno and Polly Coe.  That is, William married his step-father’s daughter.  But wait----Oliver Greenough and Polly Coe’s son David Coe Greenough married William Bentley’s sister Esther.

The below is from Census and other records which appear to be of our William Bentley.

1830—The William Bentley listed as head of household Veteran, Tioga Co, NY is over age 40 and not our William.  But the William in Brookfield, Tioga Co. PA is the right age and a James Bentley, likely his brother, was listed there as well. There were two males listed age 20-29, one female age 20-29, and  one female age 10-14.   This would be the right ages for William and Experience, but where did the child that age come from?  Perhaps the daughter of a male relative living with them?

1840—The William Bentley listed as head of household in Granville, Bradford Co., PA is the right age and that county is next to Tioga Co, PA.  He is listed as male age 30-39 with wife age 30-39, son age 5-9, a daughter under age 5, and a daughter age 5-9.  Ages for wife and kids also fit.

1847---William married Abigail Robbins (b abt 1815) on May 10, 1847 in Washington Co., Iowa.  They had 3 children b abt 1847-1859, including a George E. Bentley. (7)   

1850—June 1 Census lists a William, b abt 1805 in NY,  living in Washington Co, Iowa with wife Abigail.  Cowan notes from an ancestor of William:

“Here is our interpretation based on a great Aunt remembering

one of her Uncles,  and many times magnification of the census-two
separate copies:

William Bentley, 45, m, born New York, Abigle, 35, f, b NY, David, 17, b NY; Harison, 16, b NY; Cecelia, 12 b NY; Archibald, 8, b Penn.;

Gray/Greg 7, b Penn, Mariah, 2, b Iowa, William, 1/2, b Iowa.
From the census, Mariah and William are issue of William & Abigail, the older children can belong to either William and Experience or to Abigail from a previous marriage as she is about 37 when she marries William so probably was married before.”

1860 & 1870—June 1 Census lists William and Abigail as living in Salt River, Knox Co, Missouri with Abigail.  He was a farmer. (7)

1880---June 1 Census lists as a 74 yr old  farmer in Taylor, Shelby Co, Missouri with 64 yr old wife Abigail, and 20 yr old son George E. Bentley. (7)

1883---William died  in Taylor, Shelby Co., Missouri (7)


need Census—done Criddle-Cowan

5 .ESTHER BENTLEY was b abt 1811 (7, 10, 19) in prob. Catherine, Tioga Co., NY. Cowana bt 1813   She d Jan 25, 1894 in Benton, Nebraska.

Esther married David Coe Greeno/Greenough (7, 10, 16) in abt 1825 (8) in prob. Tioga Co, NY.   He was the son of his mother’s 2d husband Oliver Greenough and Polly Coe,  and brother of Experience Greenough Bentley, wife of Esther’s brother William.  That is, she married her step-father’s son.  David was b Sep 9, 1805; and d May 19, 1839 in Veteran, Chemung Co, NY. (7)  His tombstone is at the Millport, NY Cemetery (6, 17)

Their children were:  Oliver General Greenough (b Dec 5, 1827),), Olive Greenough (b abt Jan 1836), and William Bentley Greenough (b abt 1839).  William enlisted in the army for the Civil War Aug 1862 in Hagar,MI and was killed Dec 17, 1862 in Nashville, TN. according to “The Life and Descendants of Daniel Greeno” by Todd A. Farmerie (7)  Olive Greenough d at 2 months according to her tombstone at the Millport, NY Cemetery (6, 17)

1830—David C. Greeno—Veteran

Esther Bentley, Margaret's sister, married and with 2 boys under 5 years, by 1830. She probably was close to the 20 end of the 15-20 bracket. Probably b. ca 1810-11

Esther married Charles G. Maynard Oct 11, 1840.  He was b in 1819/1820 in NY; and d Oct 26, 1909 in Stanton, Colfax, Nebraska. They had  Olive in 1843, and Jane in 1846 in Iowa.  Yes, that’s a lot of Olives and Olivers!  The 1870 Census lists Charles as a farmer in Blair, Washington, Neb.  (7)

6. ELISHA BENTLEY b Mar 21, 1813, Warwick, NY; d abt 1895, Iowa per Criddle. Married Bethia Schoonover (b Nov 1814 ) in abt 1832. He divorced her.  They had one child  in 1833.   He married Mary Mitchell (1822-1904) in abt 1844.  They had 7 children born 1844 to 1865, including Green Sylvester Bentley (b Aug 1,1844 in Washington Co., Iowa,-d July 13, 1912 in Parkville, MI); and George Charles Bentley (b Jan 1, 1846 in Washington Co., Iowa)

7 .EUNICE BENTLEY, b abt 1812 or 1815 (ancestry fam tree 1815 Litchfield, CT).  Married Elihu Lane June 1, 1832 and divorced him  June 2, 1841 in Wellsboro, Tioga Co. PA..  Married Trumbull Page.

Cowan:  "Abstracted from various Tioga Co. (PA) newspapers 1839-1887
June 2, 1841
Eunice Lane vs. Elihu Lane
Eunice Lane by her next friend, James Bently......................" a James Bentley who attended Eunice Bentley Lane at her divorce hearing in Tioga County, PA.

8.MARGARET BENTLEY, b Mar 14, 1818, Millport, NY; d Dec 8, 1912, Clay Center, Kansas.  Married William Thiers (1811-1867) on Oct 13, 1836.  They had 5 children from 1837-1854.  She married Andrew Craig (1815-1900) in Clay Center,Kansas in 1882.

    Elaine Cowan (who descends from Margaret)  notes: Of Greene Bentley Junior's younger children, at least two (Margaret and Elisha) and perhaps three (Eunice was divorced there) married Pennsylvanians. And two that we know of (Elisha and Eunice) were divorced in an era when, while it was not unknown, it was not common.

    NOTE:  Bates lists a Rockwell Bentley (the maiden name of Olive’s mother was Rockwell) as born in abt 1803.  Criddle lists him with no information.  


Captain Oliver Greeno (Greenough, Greene)---2d husband of Olive Hopper Bentley

The mother of George C. Bentley was left with a house full of young kids when Green Bentley, Jr. died in late 1820.  

According to “The Life and Descendants of Daniel Greeno” by Todd A. Farmerie:

Oliver was the son of David Greeno (b 1751/2) and Lydia Rice Greeno. During the Revolutionary War, Daniel was a member of several militia companies, and is said to have participated in the Battle of Bennington, where Lydia is said to have served as a nurse.  Daniel and Lydia had 11 children: Daniel, John, Moses, Samuel, Oliver, Leonard, Emerson, Amasa, Polly, Clara, and one who died in infancy.
Oliver Greeno, b. 17 Aug. 1783, Rutland, VT.   He was in Catherine, then Tioga (now Chemung) Co., NY by 22 Oct. 1809 when he was appointed one of the guardians for his sister Polly. He had already had his oldest son, David, born in 1805 prior to his first marriage. His first wife, who he married 23 Aug. 1809, was Polly Coe, daughter of David and Sarah (Squire) Coe. She was b. 23 Aug. 1781, and d. 7 Jan. 1823, being buried in Parsons Cem., Veteran Twp., NY (her tombstone reads “Polly Greene” but could be Greeno and not clearly visible; and it notes she is the wife of Oliver Greene) and he remarried Olive (Hopper) Bentley, widow of Green Bentley.

On Nov 5,1863, he married his third wife, Ann Mallett.

Oliver died 17 Oct. 1867, Millport, NY, being buried at Horseheads, NY. His widow was still living in Millport in 1880.

Millport Cemetery, Town of Veteran, Chemung Co.
On edge of Village of Millport, North of Co. Rt. 6A, and east of State Rt. 14

Located on the edge of the Village of Millport on "Cemetery Hill", North of County Route 6A and east of New York State Route 14.
Millport Cemetery
    Oliver Greeno  d Oct 14, 1867
    Olive Greeno, d Nov 14, 1862, 81 yr, w/o Oliver
The children of Oliver and Polly Greeno (per correspondence from an Oliver Greeno descendant):  David Coe Greeno (b 1805), Daniel Greeno, Lydia Ann Greeno (b 1810), Lorinda Greeno (b1812), Sarah Greeno (b 1815), Caroline Greeno (b 1817/19).  
David Greeno, first son of Oliver, married Esther Bentley, the daughter his step-mother Olive and Green Bentley, Jr.  Their children were:  Oliver General Greeno (b 1827), William Bentley Greeno (b aft 1825), Olive Greeno (b 1836 in Ohio). David died 19 May 1839, and is buried in Veteran Twp., Chemung Co., NY. She remarried to C. G. Maynard, and lived in Michigan, and later, Stanton, Colfax Co., Nebraska. Their son William Bentley Greeno was unmarried when he enlisted in Aug. 1862 at Hagar, Mich., in Co. M, 4th Mich. Cav. The following 15 Dec. he was wounded in battle outside of Nashville, and died in a hospital there two days later. Thirty years later, his mother applied for a pension on his behalf.
Children of Oliver and Olive (Hopper Bentley)  Greeno:  Laton M. (b Jul 12, 1824), Polly M. (b May 12, 1827)
Cowan’s research notes that Oliver may have had a daughter Experience Greenough (b abt 1807, d before 1847).  This would be the same who married William Bentley, the son of Green Bentley, Jr.  But this could have been a relative of Oliver rather than his daughter?
So perhaps two children of Oliver Greeno from his first marriage –David and Experience---married two children of his second wife Olive Hopper Bentley Greeno? This very strange on top of an Oliver marrying an Olive, and Olive marrying Green (Bentley) and then a (Oliver) Greeno.
Todd Framerie wrote to Elaine Cowan in regard to the list of children of Oliver Greeno he received from a descendant of Oliver:
This list does not include Experience Greeno but there were two brothers of Oliver in Veteran in 1830, Samuel and Emerson, and while I have a list of Emerson's children that is thought (by a descendant) to be complete, for Samuel I have just ticks in the columns. Perhaps Experience belongs with him, rather than being a sister of David.
So Oliver’s first wife, Polly, died in 1823 and Olive’s first husband, Green, Jr., died in 1820.  Thus Oliver and Olive married after 1823 but prior to 1824 when son Laton was born
According to the 1830 NY Census, Oliver Greeno (aged 40-50) lived in the Town of Veteran as head of household including one male age 5-10, one age 10-15, one age 15-20 along with one female age 40-50 (which would have been Oive). Living nearby was Oliver’s son David Greeno (by his first marriage) who had two sons under age 5.
In the 1850 Census, Oliver Greeno lived in the Town of Veteran, Chemung Co.  He is listed as a farmer living with 67 yr old wife Olive.  Their household includes 14 yr old Marvin and 11 yr old Adelia Greenough—although Cowan notes:  “Olive was age 67 years, per Census, when the kids were age 14 and 11.  It is very unlikely that she was still having children in her 50's!”  Adding to the mystery, the information from an Oliver Greeno descendant to Framerie included Marvin and Adelia Greeno as the 3d and 4th children of Oliver and Olive.  So was it that the Census was wrong, or that these were children Oliver and Olive took in?  And perhaps that the descendant saw the same Census and erred?

In the 1860 Census, Oliver Greene (b 1783 in VT) lived in Veteran, NY with 78 yr old wife Olive.  He is listed as a farmer.

After Olive died in 1862, Oliver soon remarried with his third wife Ann.
According to the Sept 3, 1865 will of Oliver Greeno, he was living in Veteran, NY.  In his will per Cowan:
Ann Greeno is called his beloved wife and most of the estate is left to her. Included is an 8 acre piece of land "...being the north half of a lot formerly set off to E. S(J??) Bently in the division of the GREEN BENTLY FARM"
The will was evidently presented to the court for probate on October 22, 1867. The last date is December 09, 1867.  Oliver died Oct 14, 1867.  
----Thus the property of Green Bentley that was to be passed on to the male heirs of Green, Jr. if Olive remarried ended up going to the 3d wife of Oliver Greenough/Greeno.

    Below transcriptions of tombstones at the Millport, NY Cemetery (Tice):

Greeno, Olive d. 14 Nov 1862 ae 81 w/o Oliver
Greeno, Oliver d. 14 Oct 1867

Olive's husband Green dies in 1820.  Greene Sr lives with her, deeds her his property in 1822  on condition she not remarry.  He die1822-1823.  She marries Oliver Greeno in 1823 and keeps the land despite a dispute.  And then Ezekiel dies in 1826 and she gets his saw mill and possessions.  And then later Olive dies so Oliver gets all the property which passed on to his 3d wife after he died.  Maybe that Bentley ax murdered played a hand in all of this?



Chapter  7:    GEORGE CARGILL BENTLEY (G7)  (1801-1861); son of Green Bentley and Olive Hopper Bentley; husband of LUCINDA CLEVELAND BENTLEY (1802-1856); father of George E. Bentley; husband of PHEBE ANN WELCHER THOMAS BENTLEY (abt 1817); father of 14 children; great grandfather of Adelia Martha Bentley Burger; gg grandfather of Corinne Burger Glover; ggg grandfather of Robert Harold Glover—FIRST BENTLEY TO MIGRATE TO SOUTH DANSVILLE

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