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The mie programme: Testimonials Noel Fogarty be mie (1996)

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The MIE Programme: Testimonials

Noel Fogarty BE MIE (1996)
Managing Director, Boston Scientific, Galway
'The MIE for me was a stimulating experience which came at a time in my career when I had already built up a body of industrial experience.  It helped to put structure on these experiences by applying theory to practice across a wide variety of subjects.  It also gave me a good appreciation of strategic operations issues within an overall business context.'

Paudie O'Connor BA BAI MIE (2001)

Operations Manager, Cardiac Rhythm HQ,
Guidant Corp, Minneapolis, US
'I chose the MIE Programme because of the balance of management topics, together with its technological focus, and I was not disappointed!  The MIE has helped me greatly, particularly in operations management areas.'

Sharon Meyler BE MIE (2004)

Director, IQ Engineering, Dublin
'I found the Strategic Management and Operations Strategy modules very useful in focusing the direction for the business, while the MIS module has been invaluable in dealing with technologically-advanced clients.  It has given me the confidence and knowledge to develop our own systems.  The programme has also been of benefit in enhancing change management skills.'

Hugh Sharkey BE MIE (2004)

Manufacturing Engineer, Intel, Leixlip, County Kildare
'The MIE has given me an advantage in understanding the latest concepts and developments in almost every aspect of business, not only in terms of manufacturing and engineering, but also in areas like IT, simulation and non-technical, but very relevant subjects human resources and organisational psychology.'

Irene Mullins BE MIE (2001)

General Manager, Exel, Dublin
'I found the programme to be a stimulating experience, especially the interaction with fellow students from a variety of industry backgrounds.  There is a good balance between the various subject strands which has augmented my engineering background.'

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