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The Melissa Holland Memorial Scholarship

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The Melissa Holland Memorial Scholarship

Melissa D. Holland was born in Fairfield County in 1960 where she was raised with her four brothers. She attended Greenwich Academy and was a youth leader at her church and with a number of other Greenwich service organizations. Melissa enjoyed the friendship of many – through her community service as well as her musical and athletic endeavors. Melissa graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences in 1982 with a degree in English Languages and Literature. She was a member of the Tri Delta sorority and remained an active volunteer while at the University. Melissa’s service to the University included participation as an outstanding member of the Resident Staff Program for two years. Melissa's sensitivity and concern for others made her an exemplary Resident Assistant. Through her kindness and actions, she reminded others of the overarching importance of caring for others and the necessity of doing now what one considers most important. Shortly after her graduation from the University, Melissa was killed in a plane crash while returning from a trip to Europe.
The Melissa Holland Scholarship was established by the Holland Family in honor of Melissa and her commitment to helping others. The Scholarship is intended to recognize and assist deserving students from Fairfield County or Westchester County who have demonstrated compassion, conscientiousness, and commitment similar to that of Melissa. The ideal candidates already live by Melissa’s motto—“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for others?”
Melissa Holland Memorial Scholarship

The Melissa Holland Memorial Scholarship was established by the Holland family in honor of Melissa and her commitment to helping others. The selection committee, comprised of members of the Westchester/Fairfield U.Va. Alumni Chapter, seeks to recognize a deserving student(s) from Fairfield County or Westchester County who lives by Melissa’s motto: “What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for others.”

The scholarship is in the amount of $5,000 for the 2015 – 2016 academic year.
Completed applications should be submitted by 5pm, April 24, 2015.

First Name:       Last Name:       SIS #      

Current Address:      

Phone:       Graduation Year:      

Home Address:      

Major:       Cumulative GPA:      

Are You Receiving Financial Aid:      
If yes, how much and in what form(s) (please include any scholarships):


Describe any special circumstances that impact your financial need:

Please answer the following questions:

1. Please list your extra-curricular/community service activities. Describe your role in these organizations or how you may have had an influence on that activity.

2. Why are these activities important to you?

3. Melissa was known for her love of others, supporting the university community and those around her as a resident advisor, sorority sister, and athlete.   You have a special talent.  Describe a time or way in which you used that talent to impact the life of another person(s)?

4. How do you envision, in your own ways, to bring about change or influence to the UVA community that will make it a better place now and for future students?        

Privacy Statement – by submitting this application you understand that individuals on the selection committee, who may or may not be current members of the University community, will have access to this information.

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