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The louis armstrong elementary school

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P.S. 143Q

Assistant Principals 34-74 113th Street Assistant Principals

Seth Berger Corona, NY 11368 Anthony Petrocelli

Ivelisse Hernandez Telephone: 718-429-5700 Jill Pritchard, I.A.

Karen Pang Fax: 718-478-8306 Adis Rodriguez


Jerry Brito

Student Expectations:
1. I understand that having a cell phone is a privilege that I will not take advantage of.

2. I will protect my privacy and will not give my cell phone number to anyone with whom I am not familiar.

3. I will follow all school rules regarding the use of cell phones.

4. I will not send inappropriate, hurtful or threatening text messages.

5. I will not take, send or post any pictures or videos of anyone without my parents’ and the person’s permission.

6. I will only use my cell phone with the guidelines that my parents and the school have set.

7. I understand that I am responsible for the safe keeping of my cell phone.
Parent Expectations:
1. I will reinforce the school’s cell phone policy with my child.

2. I will monitor my child’s use of his/her cell phone.

3. I will ensure my child understands the dangers of texting people they are unfamiliar with, posting pictures and/or videos and posting to social media.

4. I understand and agree that P.S. 143 is not responsible for the theft, loss or damage to my child’s cell phone


Cell Phone Contract

I understand and accept the school’s policy on cell phones. I agree that if I violate any part of the expectations within this contract, I will have my phone confiscated.

_______________________ ___________________________ _______________

Child’s Name Child’s signature Child’s Class

*I understand that until the signed part of this contract is returned to the child’s teacher, the child will not be allowed to bring their cell phone to school. If a child does not have a signed contract on file, cell phones will be confiscated immediately and will have to be picked up by a parent at school.

Parents Signature



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