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The Lion and The Mouse

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The Lion and The Mouse

Once upon a time there was a hungry _____. He needed something to eat and saw a little ______. The mouse was very frightened and asked the lion not to ____ him. The mouse said that he would do something for the lion if he let him ____. The lion told the mouse that he was too _____ to ever be able to ______ him, but he let the mouse go. The Little mouse ran away.
One day the lion was walking along and he stepped into a trap. He was caught in a _____. He called for help and the little mouse _____. The mouse had sharp _____ and he bit through the ______. The lion was very happy. The lion had been ____ to him so he had returned his kindness.

teeth net came mouse lion

ropes eat
small help kind

The Lion and the Mouse

Once there was a fierce lion.

He was very hungry.

He needed something to eat.

He saw a little mouse.

The mouse begged the lion to let him go.

He said that one day he would help the lion.

The lion didn’t believe him.

He let the little mouse go anyway.

Some time later the lion got caught in a net.

He called for help.

The mouse came and chewed through the ropes.

The lion was free.

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