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The “Kings Of Metal” Return Triumphantly With Their New Single! Manowar

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The “Kings Of Metal” Return Triumphantly With Their New Single!
MANOWAR have heard the call to arms! Bolstered and inspired by the incomparable support and devotion of their worldwide fan base, the “Kings Of Metal” are now ready to return to the fray with their brand new single "The Sons Of Odin" on February 24, 2006. This 10-minute epic, in classic true metal style, sets the perfect tone for the impending release of the yet-untitled full-length album scheduled for March 31, 2006.
"The Sons Of Odin" will feature MANOWAR’s patented, lion-hearted metal riffs mixed with arena-rock stomping grooves and orchestral arrangements. The single will also feature a remixed and re-recorded version of last summer’s first single "King Of Kings", another fast and furious outing originally released only as a bonus on the band's latest DVD "Hell On Earth IV".
The 2005 festival season marked MANOWAR’s most outrageous appearances to date, with the metal warriors headlining Europe's biggest festivals, including a three-hour-long concert at the Earthshaker Fest in Geiselwind, Germany. The band’s performance included a 200-piece choir and orchestra and special guest appearances by all former MANOWAR members. Encouraged by the rabid fan reaction, it seems clear that the upcoming MANOWAR album will feature a well-balanced combination of die-hard metal headshakers as well as monumental ballads in the vein of "Heart Of Steel" and "Courage".
MANOWAR will continue their "Demons, Dragons and Warriors World Tour" in Europe beginning in late March, featuring Italian epic-metal legends RHAPSODY as special guests and introducing the newest female-fronted superstar group HOLYHELL to the world.
MANOWAR has sold over eight million records worldwide. The last studio album "Warriors Of The World" was a critically-acclaimed chart topper throughout the world, reaching gold status in Germany.
The upcoming MANOWAR album will be released on the band’s own label, Magic Circle Music.
"Demons, Dragons and Warriors World Tour"


March 25, 2006 GREECE -Athens - Stadium Peace & Friendship

March 27, 2006 SWITZERLAND - Winterthur - Eulachhalle

March 30, 2006 CZECH REPUBLIC - Zlin - Novesta

March 31, 2006 CZECH REPUBLIC - Ostrava - Poruba

April 01, 2006 CZECH REPUBLIC - Plzen - Hala Lokomotiva

April 02, 2006 CZECH REPUBLIC - Pardubice - Duhova Arena

April 04, 2006 GERMANY -Frankfurt - Festhalle

April 06, 2006 GERMANY - Munich - Olympiahalle

April 07, 2006 GERMANY - Stuttgart- Schleyerhalle

April 08, 2006 GERMANY - Nuremberg- Arena

April 10, 2006 GERMANY - Berlin - Max-Schmeling-Halle

April 11, 2006 GERMANY - Dortmund - Westfalenhalle

Cat No: 85593

Preiscode: 055

Label: Magic Circle Music

Release date: 02.24.06

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168 West Ridge Pike Suite 226, Limerick, PA 19468

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