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The joy factory launches ipad™ 2 suite of accessories

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Digitally-Driven Lifestyle Products Create Limitless Opportunities to Leverage iPad at Home, the Office, On the Go
IRVINE, Calif. (March 22, 2011) The Joy Factory, Inc. today unveiled a suite of digital companion products to complement the new Apple® iPad™ 2. The accessories, which range from 360-degree rotating stands and portfolios to new Smart Cover-compatible cases, were designed to not only support the multimedia functions but also make personal use of the iPad 2 all the more effortless and enjoyable.
“We are delighted to offer an extensive accessory products line for the active lifestyles of iPad 2 users,” said Sampson Yang, president of The Joy Factory and consumer electronics veteran. “Whether one uses an iPad at home, at the office or on the go, our companion products provide maximum versatility and sleek sophistication to create a most enjoyable experience.”
The Joy Factory’s iPad 2 initial product suite includes:

Folio360 II Case /Stand with Wake up and Sleep Cover

The Joy Factory’s popular Folio360 has been designed to fit second generation iPad models. The adjustable case and stand rotates 360 degrees for maximum versatility and comfort in either portrait or landscape mode, allowing users to maximize use of iPad 2’s new rear-facing camera. The Folio360’s magnetic closure snaps shut to offer a layer of protection. The magnetic cover wakes up and automatically puts the tablet to sleep seamlessly. With its non-slip material, it is possible to confidently position the iPad 2 in unlimited viewing angles from 90 to 165 degrees –more than any other case on the market. The Folio360 features the Joy Factory’s patented Snap-n-Roll™ design which easily snaps into the company’s complementary range of auto, wall or desk mounting systems for comfortable, hands-free viewing. The Folio360 II is offered at a MSRP of $59.95.

Arpeggio Kit, Bluetooth-Compatible Fast-Charging Keyboard for iPad and Mac with Dual-Pocket Bag

For iPad users that prefer to type their notes on-the-go with the comfort of a keyboard, The Arpeggio offers a wireless Bluetooth class 2 keyboard with a power saving rechargeable lithium battery and features an automatic sleep function to preserve the tablet’s power. The wireless Bluetooth keyboard can be used from up to 33 feet away—creating new opportunities to remotely manage a video presentation or home theater apps from an iPad or compatible device. The feather light keyboard (10.2 oz, measuring 10.25x5x0.25 inches) also boasts special multimedia keys to optimize iPad 2’s much anticipated video and camera recording applications.

The Arpeggio includes a padded dual-pocket bag that easily accommodates the keyboard, with room to spare for an iPad and The Joy Factory’s popular Arc or Palette cases/stands. The Arpeggio is offered at a MSRP of $99.95.
SmartBlazer2 Leather Folio Case/Stand with Wake up and Sleep Cover

The SmartBlazer2 fulfills many functions with one case. The magnetic cover easily converts into a non-slip stand to allow users to leverage iPad 2’s FaceTime video chatting and other multimedia applications hands free and boasts the automatic wake up and sleep cover functionality. The light weight leather folio provides a comfortable grip and its professional style makes it suitable to carry in any business environment. The SmartBlazer2 is available for a MSRP of $59.95.

SmartFit2 iPad 2 Smart Cover-Compatible Snap On Hard Case

The Joy Factory’s SmartFit 2 complements Apple’s built-in Smart Cover for the iPad 2. Users wanting to take advantage of the iPad 2’s sleeker profile can add on a durable, yet ultra thin polycarbonate case to protect the back of the tablet without adding unnecessary bulk and weight. The case also has been precisely engineered to fit the tablet’s new multimedia openings for easy camera, speakerphone and microphone access. The SmartFit2 is a perfect companion for Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover users and is available in 2 colors, clear and smoke. It is offered at a MSRP of $29.95.

Prism2 - Screen Protector for iPad2

The Joy Factory’s Prism2 is designed to protect the iPad 2’s screen from annoying scratches and smudges. Prism2 anti-glare screen protectors, available in a glossy or matte finish, provide high transparency, without affecting the responsiveness of the touchpad. The kit includes two Prism2 protectors and a large reusable washable cleaning cloth and is offered at a MSRP of $24.95.

The Joy Factory’s initial iPad 2 product suite is available as early as April 1, 2011. Orders are currently being taken and are available through distribution to online stores and selected retailers.
About The Joy Factory

The Joy Factory, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., offers innovatively designed digital device accessories. The company’s namesake is derived from the definition of Joy: the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying. This is the driving philosophy behind the company’s commitment to creating an elite class of digital companion products that bridge today’s complex technology and elicit a joyful experience for the consumer. The company’s flagship product suite of iPad™ and iPhone® patented and patent-pending specialty accessories include versatile cases/stands, mounting systems and charging solutions to allow consumers to stay active and engaged with their smart devices in their daily lives.

The company was founded by a team of gadget fanatics and designers with more than 40 years of expertise in the consumer electronics sector and was recently named as one of the ‘Top 5 Mobile Case Brands’ in Reader’s Choice Awards. Additional information is available at, or

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