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The George B. Carter Serteens Club of Hawaii

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The George B. Carter Serteens Club of Hawaii is a community service-oriented club, composed of gifted and talented intermediate and high school students from both private and public schools here in Hawaii. Requirements for admission in to the club include: scoring in the 98th or 99th percentile on a nationally recognized achievement test, or having an IQ of 130 or more. Prospective candidates are recommended to us by their school counselor.
The Serteens program is a D.O.E. approved community service activity, operating with the Board of Education approval since 1973. The club is sponsored by the Honolulu Sertoma Club.
Every February, the Serteens attend an educational encampment at Kilauea Military Camp on the Big Island of Hawaii. This educational encampment is designed to encourage individual self-awareness and growth, and critical and creative thinking through its seminars and group activities. This encampment is the high point of the Serteens’ year and we encourage all of our members to participate as we feel it is a truly enriching and rewarding experience.
This year’s encampment will be held from Friday 02/14/14 to Tuesday 02/18/14. We leave on Friday afternoon and will return on Tuesday afternoon. This will mean that most students will miss at least 2 days of school, as Monday, 02/17/14 is the President’s Day holiday. Schedules may vary for private schools. We hope that this memorandum is adequate documentation to justify this student’s absence for the dates above. Of course, even if excused, the student will be responsible for any work assigned or missed during this time, and should make the necessary arrangements with you well in advance. The student will also need his/her parents’ approval to attend this encampment and to miss school.
If you have any questions regarding this encampment, please feel free to contact the Advisors, Dan and Kristl Patterson, at 228-7057 or e-mail at .

Kristl C. Patterson

Advisor Team Member

The George B. Carter Serteens Club of Hawaii

Revised Sep 16, 2013

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