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The Geisha

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Song – Molly and Chorus

I’m the smartest little geisha in Japan,
And the people call me Roli-Poli San,
Lost in admiration utter
At the variegated flutter
Of my cleverly manipulated fan!
I can dance to any measure that is gay,
To and fro in dreamy fashion I can sway,
And if still my art entices,
Then at extra special prices
I can dance for you in quite another way!
Chon Kina – Chon Kina
Chonm Chone – Kina, Kina
Nagasaki – Yokohama
Haladate – Hoi!

Chorus. Chon Kine – etc.

Molly. Please to note how correct and highly bred
Is the hair erected on my head,
All severely coiled and braided
While my cheeks are pinkly shaded
And my lips are tinted elegantly red!
I’m a votary of fashion as it flies,
And my latest new kimono will surprise;
But the charms of Roli-Poli
Will not captivate you wholly
Till you gaze into her liquid almond eyes.
Chon Kina – etc.

Chorus. Chon Kine – etc.

Molly. I’m considered quite an Oriental belle,
And they tell me I perform extremely well
On the samisen or koto,
While my very latest photo
Is an article that’s always sure to sell!
When they daily over dainty cups of tea
The attractions of the “Chaya” come to see,
Rich and haughty, poor and lowly,
Call for pretty Roli-Poli,
Every customer is sure to order me!
Chon Kina – etc.

Chorus. Chon Kine – etc.

Dance, playing particular attention to Imari.

Fairfax. (Applauds after the others) Excellent! Bravo!

Molly. English boy buy Roli-Poli now?

Takemini. How much for Lot Two?

Molly on box. Exit Fairfax into Tea House.

Imari. (To Juliette) Now, I’ve taken a great fancy to that girl. I like the way she does – (Bus.) Chon-Kina! (Imitates dance)

Wun-Hi imitates him – is seen, chased and escapes over bridge.

Juliette. It’s a very common trick – she’s not worth your nobility’s attention.

Imari. She’s very nice indeed. I will buy her cheap, I can always sell her again.

Juliette. No, you can’t. Can’t you see she is an English girl?

Imari. An English girl? Is she? Then I will buy her. I will teach these English people to come here and buy our Japanese girls!

Takemini. Any bid for Lot Two?

Imari. I should think there was. A hundred dollars. (Several people commence to shout “Two! Three! Four!” and “Five hundred!”) Silence! I shall consider it an act of disobedience for anyone to bid against me.

Officers. Oh! Oh! (They turn away.)

Takemini. One hundred dollars – for the last time – going, going – gone! The Marquis Imari.

Molly. Only a hundred dollars! Well, I’m a bargain!

She crosses Juliette in passing Imari. Jealous scrap between them.

Juliette. This may upset all my arrangements.

Imari. (Confidentially to Juliette) I think I have got the best of the sale after all. Mimosa is only a singing girl, and this geisha will make a splendid addition to the Japanese Court.

Lights dimming.

Takemini. Lot Number Three is Blush Rose.

Imari. All foreigners must now leave.

Lights down to show sunset.

Takemini. All foreigners must now leave.

Finale Act I

Cunningham. Though of staying too long you’re accusing us,
Yet Japan has such wonders to show,
And you’ve all been so good in amusing us,
That no wonder we’re sorry to go.

Molly runs off, followed by Imari and Juliette.

While the freest of fun is permissible,

And such excellent tea we obtain,
And the girls are so quaint and so kissable,
We shall certainly come here again!

Officers. For to pass the most pleasant of days
You should always contrive when you can
To attentively study the ways
Of the dear little girls of Japan!

Chorus. For to pass the most pleasant of days, etc.

English Officers and Ladies leave stage.

Night approaches clear and starry

Silver shadows softly fall,
Bringing rest to great Imari
Welcome rest to one and all.

Enter Katana and Mimosa.

Katana. Pearl of the radiant Eastern sea,
Light of a soldier’s life,
Time in its course will set thee free
Free to become my wife!
All that my heart desires to say
Would that my lips could tell,
Fairest of fortunes bless thy way,
Light of my life, farewell!

Katana & Rose of my fancy’s garden fair
Chorus. Fortune foretells joy that excels.
Almond-eyed maid of beauty rare,
Fondest of fond farewells!

Mimosa. Sorry and sad I go from thee,
Lord of my loving heart,
Ever and ever think of me,
Though for a time we part.
Saved by a friend from hapless fate,
Whither she goes, go I;
So till I come, my soldier, wait!
So till I come – good bye!

Mimosa & Son of the Sword, whose gleaming blade
Guarding its prize danger defies,
Truest of knights to trusting maid,
Sweetest of sweet good-byes!

Katana exits slowly. Enter Molly, followed by Imari and Juliette. English Officers and Ladies re-enter.

Molly. Oh, what will they do with Molly,
With poor little madcap me?
I’ve got in a mess in a Japanese dress,
And what will the consequence be?
No doubt with a girl like Molly
They’d try to take liberties free,
But if they’ve the folly to take them with Molly,
They’ll have to be sharper than she!

Chorus. Now who is this Roli-Poli,

And what is her little game?
We’re bound to admit that we’re puzzled a bit,
For nobody knows her by name.
It’s hard upon Roli-Poli
To hint that she’s open to doubt,
And yet we’re suspicious and rather ambitious
Of finding a thing or two out!

Cunningham. (Aside) Do you know Reggie, tho’ he’s bought that one
By buying sweet Mimosa; we’ve spoilt his fun.

Fairfax. Most Noble, we’re heartbroken, I may say,
To take Mimosa from you.

Imari. Laugh away!
But don’t make sure you’ve got the best of me!

Fairfax. Take care, my lord, in English hands is she!
So don’t you dare
To touch a hair
Of the head of that dainty geisha fair!
If truth be told
To a Marquis old,
It’s you – not the girl – who’s just been sold!

Chorus. It’s only the way

Of sailors gay,
Yes it seems uncommonly rude to say
That if truth be told
To a Marquis old,
It’s you – not the girl – who’s just been sold!

Imari. This conversation we will not prolong;
It may turn out that after all you’re wrong!

Chorus. Please to go! Please to go!

Fast the sun is setting!
Due respect to custom show;
Orders you’re forgetting.

Bus. English Party move up stage to bridge.

Please to go! Please to go!

Seek the city’s shelter;
Time is pressing, swift progressing.
Hurry, helter-skelter
Please to go! Please to go! etc.

Fairfax left on bridge. Imari pulls Molly down on her knees.
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