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The first jet fighter/bomber the world has seen (one of the rarest aircraft in existence) is now for sale

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The first jet fighter/bomber the world has seen (one of the rarest aircraft in existence) is now for sale.

ORION AIRCRAFT has teamed up with AIR ASSETS, Intl.

to offer exclusively the last Me 262!

The airplane is manufactured as a continuation of the basic Me 262 design. In fact, it has been assigned a factory serial number (Werk Number) of 501242 drawn from the werknummern sequences used on the original 1945 production lines. This airframe carries an original factory designation of B-1c. This model has been designed to be readily re-configurable between single-place and two-place models (two sets of controls) without sacrificing airframe authenticity.

Great pains are being taken to produce an aircraft which is not simply a replica, but rather true serial production representative aircraft in every possible respect. Virtually rivet for rivet, the new aircraft is a duplicate of the original Me 262. Certain subtle modifications have been directed for safety and reliability, most dealing with the engines and landing gear system. A cursory visual inspection would not reveal them, however, as these internal modifications have been tightly integrated into the original design characteristics of the aircraft. With the ability to examine and copy components from a vintage source, the standard of authenticity has been exactingly maintained.
Werk number 501242 was manufactured using many of the same techniques as the originals (by hand from raw materials), and is a precision duplicate, even down to the four nose-mounted Mk 108 cannons.
After careful consideration of a wide variety of available engines, the General Electric J-85 / CJ-610 was selected as the replacement for the vintage Jumo 004 powerplants.
Thanks to an innovative engine mounting concept, the J-85s are to be buried deep inside carefully-engineered castings of the original engine, so that correct visual appearance will be retained. The Jumo housings are necessary to maintain the correct nacelle weight since the J-85 is a much lighter engine than its German predecessor.
I was born many years too late, I find myself wondering what it would be like to be a fighter pilot during WWII. I can’t help it, every time I see a movie clip or go to an airshow and see a WWII fighter my mind wanders. If you are fortunate you might own or have flown a warbird. What if you could own a warbird so rare that only 6 flying were in existence? What if you could not only own it, but it was brand new. Not a replica, but a brand new rivet for rivet reproduction. You could own a warbird as if it came out of the factory back in the day. Not just any warbird, but a jet fighter/bomber.
Born of the desperate circumstances of war, this masterpiece of technology and innovation forever changed the face of aviation when it first appeared in the skies over Europe in 1944.
The final Me 262 is now for sale.

Price: $3,000,000

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