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Low VOC Coatings

The Finishing Touch since 1947

Product: PTI-Wing Walk (A-A-59166) Aliphatic Polyurethane–Catalyst Cure

Other Products used with PTI-WING WALK: Primers PTI-Epoxy Primer and Acid Etch Primer; Reducer PT-1003 Type 1.
Typical Uses:

PTI-Wing Walk is a non-slip compound used for walkways on exterior aircraft surfaces. It is a two-component catalyst cure aliphatic polyurethane which is a replacement for Type I and Type II of MIL-W-5044. When mixed and reduced according to PTI’s instructions, PTI-Wing Walk topcoat will conform to most of California’s air pollution rules and regulations including SCAQMD rules 1107 and 1124.

Aerospace/Aviation: Aircraft – corporate, general, commercial and military

Marine: Gangways, ladder steps and decks.
Physical Properties:

Toxicity: PTI-Wing Walk contains no substance of known toxicity under normal

conditions of usage.

Colors: PTI-Wing Walk is available in clear, white, blacks, grays and most

Federal Standard number 595B (FS#) colors or glosses. Custom colors are available upon request.

Viscosity: Admixed and reduced [17925] -- 15 seconds with #4 Ford


Solids: Nonvolatile admixed & reduced [17925] – 65% by weight.

Weight: Weight per gallon-admixed and reduced [17925] – 10.2 lbs/gal

Hardness: Pencil Hardness [17925] – 5H

Flexibility: 1/4” Mandrel – Passes.

Salt Spray: Saturated Salt Spray 1,000 hours minimum.

Resistance Properties:

Salt Spray per ASTM B117 (corrosion)

1000+ hours

Humidity (Filiform)

1000+ hours

Lubricating Oil Conforms to MIL-L-23699

Hydraulic Fluid Conforms to MIL-H-5606/MIL-H-83282

24 hrs. at 250º F

24 hrs. at 150º F

JP-5 Jet Fuel Conforms to MIL-T-5625

Skydrol 500B Conforms to MIL-C-83286B

7 Days at Room Temperature

7 Days at Room Temperature

*Results: All pass with no blistering, softening, or other coating defects

Chemical Properties

Chemical Resistance:

Methyl Ethyl Ketone soaked cloth 100+ rubs


DS2 [1,5-Dichloropentane]


The Chemicals listed below were tested at:

1 drop per day for five (5) days:

Phosphoric Acid [10%]


Isopropanol [99%]




Ethanol [99%]


Triton X-100


NOTE: Other chemicals are currently being tested. As results are available, they will be published.


All materials to be coated must be chemically or mechanically cleaned using a recognized cleaning method.

Use of Primer

PTI recommends PTI’s Epoxy Primer (High Strontium prime-all primer) as a part of the application of this coating system to assure unsurpassed corrosion protection and maximum adhesion. An acid etch pretreatment wash primer, should be used prior to applying PTI’s Epoxy Primer.


Stir component “A” and component “ B” thoroughly before mixing. Mix one (1) part of component “A” to one (1) part of component “B” by volume. Reduce with PT-1003, Type 1 MIL-T-81772B – Type 1 thinner to stay within the required 420 g/l VOC’s. Do not add more than 10% by volume of the reducer. Do not mix more than can be used within a four hour period. Do not combine this material with that of another manufacturer.

Method of Application

PTI-Wing Walk may be applied by conventional spraying, brushing, or rolling. For best results PTI recommends spraying using an HVLP (high pressure low volume) system. Spraying should be accomplished in a suitable area having adequate ventilation and clean filtered air. A N.I.O.S.H. approved respirator should always be worn when spraying this material. See MSDS before using this material. To avoid contamination, no other materials should be sprayed in the immediate area at the same time.


Air Cure – Set to touch: 4hrs maximum.

Dry Hard: 8hrs maximum

Full Chemical Cure: 7 days minimum.

Force Cure – Dry Hard: 15 minutes air then 2hrs at 225F

Full Cure: [After dry hard] 2hrs at 225F

NOTE: The foregoing is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, conditions of use, storage and handling do affect the performance of the coating. Since these factors are beyond our control we do not guarantee individual results. For satisfactory results, PTI reducers must be used as recommended.

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