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The Fifth Tablet

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The Fifth Tablet

He [Marduk] made the stations for the great gods;

The stars, their images, as the stars of the Zodiac, he fixed.
He ordained the year and into sections he divided it;
For the twelve months he fixed three stars.
After he had fixed the days of the year …  and arranged in images,
He founded the stations
to determine their bounds;
That none might err or go astray,
He set the station of Bel [Enlil] and Ea along with him.
He opened great gates on both sides,
He made strong the bolt on the left and on the right.
In the midst thereof he fixed the zenith;
The Moon-god [Nanna] he caused to shine forth, the night he entrusted to him.
He appointed him, a being of the night, to determine the days;
Every month without ceasing with the crown he covered him, saying:
“At the beginning of the month, when thou shinest upon the land,
Thou commandest the horns to determine six days,
And on the seventh day to divide the crown.
… unto the path of the Sun-god [Shamash] shalt thou cause to draw nigh,
And on the … day thou shalt stand opposite, and the Sun-god [Shamash] shall…to traverse her way.
thou shalt cause to draw nigh, and thou shalt judge the right.

[Nearly fifty lines are here lost.]

The gods, his fathers, beheld the net which he had made,
They beheld the bow and how its work was accomplished.
They praised the work which he had done…
Then Anu raised the weapon… in the assembly of the gods.
He kissed the bow, saying, “It is…!”
And thus he named the names of the bow, saying,
‘Long-wood’ shall be one name, and the second name shall be …,
And its third name shall be the Bow-star, in heaven shall it shine…!”
Then he fixed a station for it…

[The remainder of this tablet is missing.]

The Sixth Tablet

When Marduk heard the word of the gods,

His heart prompted him and he devised a cunning plan.
He opened his mouth and unto Ea he spake that which he had conceived in his heart he imparted unto him:
“My blood will I take and bone will I fashion
I will make man, that man may serve us
I will create man who shall inhabit the earth,
That the service of the gods may be established,
and that their shrines may be built.
But I will alter the ways of the gods, and I will change their paths;
Together shall they be oppressed and unto evil shall they refrain …
And Ea answered him and spake the word:
“… the paths of the gods I have changed
… shall be destroyed and men will I create…
… and the gods

[The rest of the text is lacking, with the exception of the last few lines of the tablet, which read as follows.]

They rejoiced…
In Upsukkinnaku they set their dwelling.
Of the heroic son, their avenger, they cried:
“We, whom he succored…. !”
They seated themselves and in the assembly they named him…,
They all cried aloud, they exalted him…

The Seventh Tablet

O Asari, [Marduk] “Bestower of planting,” “Founder of sowing”

“Creator of grain and plants,” “who caused the green herb to spring up!”
O Asaru-alim, [Mardk] “who is revered in the house of counsel,” “who aboundeth in counsel,”
The gods paid homage, fear took hold upon them!
O Asaru-alim-nuna, [Marduk] “the Mighty One,” “the Light of the father who begat him,
” “Who directeth the decrees of Anu, Bel, and Ea!”
He was their patron, be ordained their stations…;
He, whose provision is abundance, goeth forth…
Tutu [Marduk] is “He who created them anew”;
Should their wants be pure, then are they satisfied;
Should he make an incantation, then are the gods appeased;
Should they attack him in anger, he withstandeth their onslaught!
Let him therefore be exalted, and in the assembly of the gods let him be exulted…;
None among the gods can rival him!
Tutu [Marduk] is Zi-ukkina, “the Life of the host of the gods,”
Who established for the gods the bright heavens.
He set them on their way, and ordained their path;
Never shall his deeds be forgotten among men.
Tutu as Zi-azag thirdly they named, “the Bringer of Purification,”
“The God of the Favoring Breeze,” “the Lord of Hearing and Mercy,”
“The Creator of Fullness and Abundance,” ” the Founder of Plenteousness,”
“Who increaseth all that is small.”
In sore distress we felt his favoring breeze,”
Let them say, let them pay reverence, let them bow in humility before him!
Tutu as Aga-azag may mankind fourthly magnify!
“The Lord of the Pure Incantation,” ” the Quickener of the Dead,”
“Who had mercy upon the captive gods,”
“Who removed the yoke from upon the gods his enemies,”
“For their forgiveness did he create mankind,”
“The Merciful One, with whom it is to bestow life!”
May his deeds endure, may they never be forgotten,
In the mouth of mankind whom his hands have made!
Tutu as Mu-azag, his “Pure incantation” may their mouth proclaim,
Who through his Pure Incantation hath destroyed all the evil ones!”
Sag-zu, [Marduk] “who knoweth the heart of the gods,” ” who seeth through the innermost part!”
“The evil-doer he hath not caused to go forth with him!”
“Founder of the assembly of the gods,” who … their heart!”
“Subduer of the disobedient,” “…!”
“Director of Righteousness,” “…,”
Tutu as Suh-kur “the Destroyer of the foe,”
“Who put their plans to confusion,”
“Who destroyed all the wicked,” “…,”

[A gap of sixty lines exists here. The following fragments belong among the lost lines.]

… the star, which shineth in the heavens.
May he hold the Beginning and the Future, may they pay homage unto him,
Saying, “He who forced his way through the midst of Tiamat without resting,
Let his name be Nibiru, “the Seizer of the Midst!”
For the stars of heaven he upheld the paths,
He shepherded all the gods like sheep!
He conquered Tiamat, he troubled and ended her life,
In the future of mankind, when the days grow old,
May this be heard without ceasing; may it hold sway forever!
Since he created the realm of heaven and fashioned the firm earth,
The Lord of the World, the father Bel hath called his name.
This title, which all the Spirits of Heaven proclaimed,
Did Ea hear, and his spirit was rejoiced, and he said:
“He whose name his fathers have made glorious,
Shall be even as I, his name shall be Ea!
The binding of all my decrees shall he control,
All my commands shall he make known!”
By the name of “Fifty” did the great gods
Proclaim his fifty names, they, made his path preeminent.


Let them [i.e. the 50 names of Marduk] be held in remembrances and let the first man proclaim them;

Let the wise and the understanding consider them together!
Let the father repeat them and teach them to his son;
Let them be in the ears of the pastor and the shepherd!
Let a man rejoice in Marduk, the Lord of the gods,
That be may cause his land to be fruitful, and that he himself may have prosperity!
His word standeth fast, his command is unaltered;
The utterance of his mouth hath no god ever annulled.
He gazed in his anger, he turned not his neck;
When he is wroth, no god can withstand his indignation.
Wide is his heart, broad is his compassion;
The sinner and evil-doer in his presence…
They received instruction…

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