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The Elizabeth Turner Medal Purpose

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The Elizabeth Turner Medal

To acknowledge excellence in clinical care provided by a member of the Senior Medical/Dental Staff of the RCH over an extended period of time. This medal is awarded primarily on the basis of the individual’s contribution to the clinical care of their patients. The care of patients and their families is the raison d’être of the Royal Children’s Hospital. This award is recognition by one’s peers of excellent clinical care.


The Elizabeth Turner Medal is so named to honour the memory of Elizabeth Turner, a greatly respected paediatrician of the Hospital from 1942 to c.1980. Elizabeth

Turner’s devotion to the care of her patients exemplifies the qualities recognised in a recipient of the Medal.

Criteria: Excellence of clinical care

Length of service

Current member of Senior Medical Staff at RCH

Nomination: By members of the RCH MSA

Nominations to be called for by secretary of MSA 2 months before presentation

Selection committee: Executive committee of the MSA
Frequency of award

Ordinarily annual, but need not be awarded.


Medal and certificate to be presented at the annual dinner of MSA.


From MSA subscriptions

EKT Medal Recipients

2002 Arnold Smith, Gastroenterology

2003 Lloyd Shield, Neurology

2004 Tony Holmes, Plastic surgery

2005 Libby Rose, ENT

2006 Peter Loughnan, Neonatology

2007 Keith Waters, Oncology

2008 Barbara Main, Anaesthetics

2009 Margaret Zacharin, Endocrinology

2010 Karin Tiedemann, CCC

2011 Jim Wilkinson, Cardiology

2012 Roger Allen, Rheumatology

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