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Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

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The CompleteVISUALTM step-by-step computer training manual is specially developed and organized based on the Instructional Design concepts, to ensure the effectiveness of the learning process.

Most of the tasks in each chapter fit into a single page for easy reference. Most tasks are summarized to less than 10 key steps and accompanied by actual screen illustrations. Every step you go through is practical and relevant. All chapters are independent. No exercise files need to be installed prior to the training, so you can start training from the modules that best suit you or your trainees. However, the module sequence that we suggest is designed to optimize your computer learning process.


You are asked to

Click the Office Button >> Open.

Click the Office Button to expand the menu, and then, click the Open command.

Press +

Hold down the Shift key while pressing the Tab key on the keyboard.

Type Photo from Kevin Jeff.

Type the phrase Photo from Kevin Jeff.



Getting Started 9

Starting PowerPoint 2007 10


What’s New In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007


How To Start

PowerPoint 2007 15

How To Create A Presentation Using A Template 16

Using The PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon 17

How To Choose A Command 18

How To Use The Contextual Tabs 19

How To Use the Dialog Box Launchers 20

How To Use Live Preview 21

How To Use the Office Button 22

How To Use the Quick Access Toolbar 23

How To Add a Command To The Quick Access Toolbar 23

How To Remove a Command From the Quick Access Toolbar 24

How To Customize the Quick Access Toolbar 25

How To Move the Quick Access Toolbar 26

How To Use the Mini-Toolbar 27

Getting Help And Maintenance 28

How To Search Help 31

How To Use The Help Contents 32

How To Get Help From Office Online 33

How To Get Help On A Command 34

How To Get Help In A Dialog Box 35

How To Get Office Updates From Microsoft Update Site 36

How To Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics 37

How To Repair A Corrupted Presentation Manually 38

How To Set The AutoRecover Options 39

How To Recover A PowerPoint File 41

Using View In PowerPoint 2007 42

How To Switch To Slide Sorter View 44

How To Switch To Normal View 45

How To Display Outlines and Slide Miniatures In Normal View 45

How To Switch To Slide Show View 46

How To Switch To Notes Page View 46

Working With A Presentation 47

How To Move From Slide To Slide In Your Presentation 48

How To Save A Presentation 50

How To Save A Presentation With Different Formats 51

How To Close A Presentation 51

How To Exit PowerPoint 2007 51

How To Open

A Recently Used Presentation 52

Working With Slides And Presentations 53

Creating A Presentation 54


How To Create
A New Blank Presentation Within PowerPoint 57

How To Enter The Slide Title And Subtitle 58

How To Insert A New Slide In The Slide Pane 59

How To Select A Layout For The New Slide 60

How To Change The Slide Layout To An Existing Slide 61

How To Enter The Slide Title and Bulleted Text 62

How To Enter A New Line That Does Not Have A Bullet Point 63

Using The Outline Pane in Normal View 64

How To Create
A New Slide
In The Outline Pane 65

How To Enter The Slide Title 66

How To Add Bulleted Text In The Outline Pane 66

How To Demote A Bulleted List 67

How To Promote A Bulleted List 67

How To Rearrange A Bulleted List 68


Organizing Slides In The Slide Sorter View 69

How To Rearrange The Slides 69

How To Duplicate A Slide 70

How To Delete
A Slide 70

Formatting Presentations 71

Formatting Text 72


How To Change The Font Type 74

How To Change The Font Size 76

How To Apply
Bold Text 76

How To Apply

Italic Text 76

How To Apply Underlined Text 77

How To Change The Text Color 77

How To Copy A Format Using Format Painter 78

How To Indent Text 79

How To Change Character Spacing 80

How To Exactly Change Character Spacing (Kerning) 81

How To Change The Text Direction 82

Formatting Paragraph 83

How To Remove Bullets or Numbering 84

How To Change Line Spacing 85

How To Change Text Alignment Horizontally 86

How To Change Text Alignment Vertically 87

How To
Change The Style Of The Bullets 88

How To Use
Pictures As Bullets 90

How To Convert Text To SmartArt Graphic 91

How To Create Text Columns 92

Formatting Design Themes 93

How To View And Apply A Design Theme 94

How To Apply The Design Theme Only To Selected Slides 95

How To View And Change The Color Scheme 96

How To Create New Theme Colors 97

How To View And Change Theme Fonts 98

How To Choose Theme Effects 99

Formatting Background 100

How To Add A Background Style 101

How To
Choose A Solid Color For The Background 102

How To
Create A Gradient Background 103

How To Add A Texture Background 104

How To Use A Picture As A Slide Background 105

How To Delete A Background 106

Adding Header And Footer 107

How To Add Footers To All Slides 108

How To Add Footers To Only Selected Slide 108

How To Remove Footers From The Title Slide 109

How To Add Header And Footer On Handouts 110

Working With Shapes 111

Utilizing The Drawing Tools 112

How To Draw
A Line 113

How To Draw

A Rectangle 114

How To Draw A Square 114

How To Draw An Oval 115

How To Draw

A Circle 115

How To Insert A

Text Box 116

Formatting Shapes 117

How To
Select An Object 118

How To
Format A Line 119

How To Add Or Change A Shape Fill 121

How To Delete A Shape Fill 122

How To Add Or Change A Shape Effect 123

How To Delete A Shape Effect 124

How To Change A Shape Border 125

How To Remove A Shape Border 126

How To Apply A Quick Style To A Shape 127

Manipulating Graphical Objects 128

How To Resize An Object 128

How To
Move An Object 129

How To Delete An Object 129

How To
Rotate and Flip An Object 130


How To Group And Ungroup Objects 132

How To Arrange Objects Into Layers 134

How To
Align Objects 136

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