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The bible is our guide, god our ruler, christ our redeemer

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Separate Baptist Missions, Inc. Treasurer's Report

Balance brought forward $ 9,210.67

General Fund $ 1,311.52

Loan Payment (Wolf Knob) 1,000.00

Grant Payment (Coral Ridge) 1,500.00

Designated Pleasant Home Church 1,100.00

Designated South Fork Church 100.00

Designated Sanders Chapel Church 100.00

Roger Popplewell Album Sales 105.00

Interest 10.44

Total Receipts $ 5,266.96
Working Balance $14,437.63


Forwarded to Pleasant Home Church $ 1,100.00

Forwarded to South Fork Church 100.00

Forwarded to Sanders Chapel 100.00

SBMI Treasurer 420.00

SBMI Mailings 344.27

SBMI Internet 179.40

SBMI Checks 23.75

Total Expenses $ 2,267.42

Ending Balance $ 12,170.21

SBMI Treasurer: Jimmie McGaha

Annual Report 2010 - Foreign Missions

Separate Baptist Missions, Inc. Treasurer's Report
Balance brought forward $ 37,197.57

General Fund $ 19,211.65

Designated, Jerry Ridge 8,653.36

Designated, Steve Palmer 6,596.07

Designated, Ed Tharpe 1,995.00

Designated, Mark Polston 4,495.00

Designated, Haiti 9,579.00

Designated, Building Ivory Coast Churches 1,325.00

Designated, Property Wall 600.00

Designated, Nassian Church Floor 600.00

Designated, Ivory Coast Dorms 100.00

Designated, Shipping of crate 100.00

Interest 38.39

Total Receipts $ 53,893.47
Working Balance $ 91,091.04

2009 Association Mission Speaker 500.00

Forwarded to Jerry Ridge 8,653.36

Forwarded to Steve Palmer 6,596.07

Forwarded to Ed Tharpe 1,995.00

Forwarded to Mark Polston 4,495.00

Ed Tharpe Immunizations 475.00

Airfare & Visa for Mark Polston & Ed Thapre 5,263.40

Forwarded for building Ivory Coast churches 25.00

For building Ivory Coast Churches 1,000.00

Forwarded to Randy Brown for Haiti Relief 9,579.00

Forwarded for property wall 600.00

Forwarded to Kohui Church 600.00

Forwarded to Nassian Church floor 600.00

Steve Palmer Travel assistance 2,800.00

Printing of Ivory Coast Bible Institute books 2,000.00

Building Ivory Coast Dorms 5,100.00

Two water pumps & one solar panel 927.00

Two truck tires 500.00

Shipping crate to Ivory Coast 1,075.14

Gospel recordings 300.00

World Missionary Press 300.00

Total Expenses $53,383.97

Ending Balance $37,707.07
SBMI Treasurer: Jimmie McGaha


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, September 11, 2010

The Central Indiana Association of Separate Baptists in Christ sends greetings to the General Association when convening at the Nolynn Association campground on Oct. 8 th and 9th, 2010. There was a wonderful kindred spirit throughout the business as well as Holy Spirit anointed messages presented during the services as the men of God were able to preach freely. We were encouraged and uplifted by Gods Word. The devotions and singing were all a great blessing. We thank God for the Brothers and Sisters of our sister associations who came to participate in our meetings. They were a great encouragement to us.

We are happy to report the Separate Baptist Bible Institute held classes in the fall of 2009 with Rev. Mark Polston teaching classes on “Sanctification” and in the spring of 2010 Rev. Jerry Ridge taught four classes titled “Prayer , Faith, Vision and Church Growth”. The classes were well attended and spiritually enlightening. The next scheduled classes will be held at the Edinburgh church fellowship hall with Rev. Mark Polston teaching “Why the Millennial Matters”, 9:00 AM till noon each day.

Our 51st Youth camp was held June 21th - 25th at the Midway campground. There was an average daily attendance of 98 youth who were 18 years old and under. Rev. Nick Whited brought wonderful messages and had something special to share with the campers each evening. Special thanks to Rev. Randy Brown and his son for sharing their experiences from recent Haiti trips.

Our Camp Meeting was held August 8th through August 15th, with Rev. Rick Owensby as the evangelist. God’s Word was delivered each night with wonderful Spirit-filled services.
We send $500.00 to the General Association Treasurer and $250.00 to SBMI.

Our S.B.M.I. Representative is: Mike Hardwick

Our Association services for next year will be:

  • Youth Camp: June 20st – 24th , 2011

  • Camp Meeting: August 14th through August 21st, 2011 with evangelist Rev. Matt Satter

  • Central Indiana Association: September 9th and 10th , 2011

  • Separate Baptist Bible Institute: Oct. 30th , Nov. 6th , 13th , 20th , 2010 and Mar. 19th , 26th , Apr. 2nd and 9th.

  • Our delegates are as follows:

Edinburgh: Danny Swanson, Jimmy Wheeler, Marline Hardwick.

Alternates: Don Bryant, Edna Caudill, Marline Wheeler

Franklin: Jim Tucker , Don Wiggington , Stacy Wiggington

Friendship Decatur: Kayla Freeman, Kentrina Freeman, Barbara Floyd

Great Hope: Laura Perkins , Kim Wilson

Indianapolis: Randy Polston , Shannon Owensby , Lisa Polston

Alternate: Janice Polston

Mt. Zion: Kelly Satter, Kelly Craven , Ginny Craven

Salem: Mary Ann Sink

Shiloh: Shaina Whited

Union Laymon: Ruth Ann Walden

We extend an invitation to the General Association to convene at our Association Campground (Midway campground) in Brown County, Indiana October 7th and 8th, 2011.

May God bless each of us as we do business for him in this Association.

Rev. Eddie Freeman, Moderator Stacy Wiggington, Clerk

1510 S. Highland Dr.

Franklin, IN 46131



Chester Caudill 4506 W Newton Drive Edinburgh,In. 46124 812-526-0356

Don Curry PO Box 26 Taylorsville, In. 47280 812-526-6363

Michael Hardwick 738 Pin Oak Court Franklin, In. 46131 317-738-2918

Jimmie McGaha PO Box 321 Taylorsville, In. 47280 812-526-2906

Brian Simmons PO Box 19 Taylorsville, In. 47280 812-526-2232


Grant Brant 677 N Main Street Franklin, In. 46131 317-736-5027

Allen Wiggington 7022 E Jefferson Street Needham, In. 46131 317-736-6793


Bill Ridge 15 Oak Leaf Lane Albany, Ky. 42602 606-387-9539


Bobby Stephens 9410 E 800 S Plainfield, IN 46168 317-831-1943


Roger Sink 7517 State Road 43 Spencer, In. 47460 812-876-2408


Benny Walden 9404 W Hedrick Road Gosport, In. 47433 812-876-2866

EAST COLUMBUS Pastor- Rev. Jim Stump

Clerk: Ida Stump 402 W Pearl Street Trafalgar, IN 46181 317-878-5609

EDINBURGH Pastor: Rev. Guy Hardin

Clerk – Carol Swanson P.O. Box 432

Taylorsville, In. 47280 / 812-526-6654

FRANKLIN Pastor - Rev. Ed Tharpe

Clerk - Michele Leach 6692 W 300 S

Morgantown, In. 46160 / 317-422-8766

FRIENDSHIP Pastor - Rev. Eddie Freeman

Clerk – Kentrina Freeman 11894 S SR3

Westport, In. 47283 / 812-591-0734

GREAT HOPE Pastor - Rev. John Perkins Jr.

Clerk - Robin Abbott 657 Hornettown Road

Morgantown, In. 46160 / 317-459-9731

INDIANAPOLIS Pastor - Rev. Jimmy Polston

Associate Pastor – Rev. Rick Owensby

Clerk – Eunice Foley 230 W. Stop 11 Road

Indianapolis, In. 46217 / 317-883-4789

JEWELL VILLAGE Pastor - Rev. James B. Wilson

Clerk - Elizabeth Bragg 430 S 400 W

North Vernon, In. 47265

MIDWAY Pastor - Rev. Charles Tichenor

Clerk - Patricia D. Ellis P.O. Box 545

Morgantown, In. 46160 / 812-597-4109

MOUNT ZION Pastor - Rev. Matt Satter

Clerk - Holly Johnson 640 South Wayne

Martinsville, In. 46151 / 765-342-5315

PLEASANT VALLEY Pastor – Rev. Harold Summers

Clerk: Sandra Summers 6987 E SR 46 E

Nashville, IN 47448 / 812-350-4205

SALEM Pastor - Rev. Kevin Ooley

Clerk - Dee Freeman 7022 Little Flock Rd.

Spencer, In. 47460 / 812-876-1678

SHILOH Pastor - Rev. Nicolas Whited

Clerk - Selma Lucas 11191 W Georgetown Rd.

Columbus, In. 47201 / 812-342-4276

UNION LAYMON Pastor - Rev. Sammy Freeman / Terry McDaniel

Clerk - Ruth Ann Walden 9404 W Hedrick Rd.

Gosport, In. 47433 / 812-876-2866

Chester Atchley 4625 W 700 S Greensburg, IN 47240 812-591-2132

John “Buddy” Cave 8660 S Peoga Road Trafalgar, IN 46181 317-933-2448

Wayne Emerson 11885 E Legal Tender Rd. Columbus, IN 47203 812-579-6735

Mike Fields 2190 W 625 S Columbus, IN 47201 812-342-2967

Kentlin Floyd 1162 N Kentucky Ave. Westport, IN 47283 812-591-3010

Eddie Freeman 11894 South SR 3 Westport, IN 47283 812-591-0734

Samuel Freeman 770 E Franklin St. Apt. 27 Spencer, IN 47460 812-606-7725

Guy Hardin 3648S 550E Franklin, IN 46131 812-344-1893

Roy Lambert 1115 Grand Ave. Columbus, IN 47201 812-376-3639

Kevin Ooley 1100 E Porter Ridge Rd. Spencer, IN 47460 812-876-9292

Rick Owensby 5331 Yucatan Drive Indianapolis, IN 47237 317-625-1339

John Perkins Jr. 7441 E 450 N Columbus, IN 47203 812-546-0771

Jimmy Polston 9737 N Kitchen Rd. Mooresville, IN 46158 317-831-6745

Mark F. Polston 260 Whitetail Run Dr. Somerset, KY 42503 606-678-2955

Jerry Ridge 700 Evans School Road Albany, KY 42602 606-387-5048

Matt Satter 43 Gatesville Road Morgantown, IN 46160 812-988-0043

Jim Stump 402 W Pearl St. Trafalgar, IN 46181 317-878-5609

Harold Summers 6987 E SR 46 Nashville, IN 47448 812-350-4205

Ed Tharpe 16 Lakewood Dr. Trafalgar, IN 46181 317-878-5450

Charles Tichenor 1602 S Iron Mine Rd. Westport, IN 47283 812-591-3705

Ray Unger 7546 State Road 43 Spencer, IN 47460 812-876-1827

Homer Whited 2340 S Fox Drive Franklin, IN 46131 317-346-6476

Nick Whited 412 E Park Court Edinburgh, IN 46124 812-526-5406

Lonzo Wiggington 2465 S Audubon Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46203 317-357-2977

J.B. Wilson 735 Rosemary Rd. Columbus, IN 47203 812-372-7645

Mike Wilson 3295 Blue Bluff Rd. Martinsville, IN 46151 765-349-1728

Nathan Hunter 5318 Chisolm Trail Indianapolis, IN 46237 317-306-9554

Terry McDaniel 1080 Burks-Shiloh Road Spencer, IN 47460 812-876-6984

Donnie Wiggington 7022 E Jefferson Street Needham, IN 46162 317-474-0828

Christian Unity Association
The Christian Unity Association of Separate Baptist in Christ sends greetings to the General Association when convening October8th and 9th, 2010, with the Nolynn Association at their campground.

We are pleased to greet you with letter and delegates this year. Our delegates are on an attached list.

Our annual association was held on July 23rd and 24th, at Union Separate Baptist Church with our camp meeting being held the preceding week. Rev. Danny Bailey of the South Kentucky was our evangelist. Bro. Danny brought messages each night that challenged us to work harder for the up-building of God’s kingdom. We felt a renewed need to work harder to win lost souls for the Lord. We praise the lord for the good spirit and fellowship felt throughout the week and our association.

Our Association consists of six churches with a total of 255 members. We extend an invitation to all to come and visit with any of our churches at any time. Our next Association will be held at Union Separate Baptist Church on July 22nd and 23rd, 2011. Our camp meeting will start July 17th at 7:00 at Union.

We are sending $200 to help in the expense of the Association.

Our SBMI board member is Bro. Bill Barr.

We pray for God’s grace and guidance to abound in each session of the general association. We would also ask you to remember our association in your prayers.
Yours in Christ,

Rev. Dwight Shepherd, Moderator

Lansing, NC 28643

Bro. Tim Roten,

Corresponding Secretary

948 Bee Tree Rd.

Lansing, NC 28643



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