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Thanksgiving Assignments: Not required. Each Scavenger Hunt is worth 20 points. Bring to class on December 1, 2014

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Thanksgiving Assignments: Not required. Each Scavenger Hunt is worth 20 points. Bring to class on December 1, 2014

Scavenger Hunt of writing


What dose scripts means?


Write down one thing that you liked about this story?


What is the word of the day? What dose it mean?


Play grammar gorillas. Write down one verb.


Play spellaroo. Did you like the game?


Play grammar gorillas again? What did you like about this


Write down one history fact.


Write down one thing that you like about this story.


Read this little story and write down one thing that you liked about it.

Children's Authors Internet Hunt:
Use the colored links provided to find the answers to the questions. Write the answer on your answer sheet.

  1. Jean Craighead George has written 80 books including My Side of the Mountain.
    When she was growing up all her family shared a common interest. What was it?

  1. How does Redwall author, Brian Jacques, pronounce his last name?
    Hint: Consider the links on the left. Which one would be likely to give more information about him?

  1. Richard Peck gives seven reasons why he reads in the dedication of his book Anonymously Yours.
    Read them. Now write a sentence stating why you read.

  2. Did Bruce Coville like to read as a child? What does he say that tells you the answer? (Select a link on the page where you might find the answer).

  3. What gave Gary Paulsen his passion for reading?

  4. Mary Osborne Pope writes the Magic Tree House books.
    According to her, what should you do before writing about the setting of a story?

7. Look around the Magic Tree House site. List the names of the two kids in the


8. Some authors write fiction. Vickie Cobb is an author who writes interesting (fiction or nonfiction) about ______________(subject)?

9. Write three things you would like to learn more about. Is science one of them?

10. Why does Dan Gutman find it easy to write about baseball?

11. Visit Children's Literature Web Guide. Select an author. Visit their website.

Write an interesting question that you would ask if you could interview the person.

Welcome to Egypt

  1. What does the aton mean in the last part of Tutankhaton's name? What do we know him as today?

  2. Why was the discovery of Merenptah tomb such a surprise? |

  3. Why were versions of the Book of the Dead placed in tombs?

  4. Describe some Egyptians by telling a little about them and their lifestyle.

  5. Alexandria was once a capital of Egypt. What are at least two monuments you would have found there and give one fact about each.

  6. What happened to the temple at Abu Simbel when Lake Nasser was formed?

  7. Who did the Egyptians worship?

  8. <--- Click on either website for Hieroglyphics translators. Write your name in hieroglyphics. Try to draw it.

  9. What are the latest theories on the building of the sphinx? (Hint: monuments).

I do not have a link for the questions below, but you are welcome to look for the answers. Please provide the website you find your answer on? __________________________________________

    1. What was so exciting about the crocodile papyri?

    2. What is the mummy’s curse?

    3. Who unlocked the mystery of the Egyptian hieroglyphics?

    4. What did the different crowns of the pharaohs mean?

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