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Term 1, Week 7 Lohan pleads not guilty to theft

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Reading Article & Journal Writing:

Term 1, Week 7
Lohan pleads not guilty to theft
LOS ANGELES - Actress Lindsay Lohan yesterday pleaded not guilty to stealing a US$2,500 ($3,200) necklace from a Los Angeles jewellery store.

Dressed all in white for a brief court appearance, Lohan, 24, was charged with a single count of felony grand theft. If convicted, the Mean Girls star could be sent to prison for up to three years, prosecutors say.

Lohan is accused of walking out of a Los Angeles jewelry store without paying for a gold designer necklace in January - just three weeks after ending her fifth stint in drug and alcohol rehab in three years.

Lohan's lawyer entered the not guilty plea for the actress in front of a packed courtroom and cameras televising the hearing. Friends have said Lohan believed the necklace, which has been returned, was on loan.

"You are no different than anyone else, so please don't push your luck," judge Keith Schwartz told Lohan.

Lohan is expected to be released on bail, set at US$20,000, later today. REUTERS

Guiding Questions:
Write down your reflections after reading this article.

  1. How do you feel about Lindsey Lohan’s actions?

  1. Can you think of any other celebrities who have tried to be treated differently to others, perhaps even when faced with the law? Give some examples.

  1. Do you think that it is right that celebrities should be treated differently to ordinary people?

  1. How do you think such celebrities should be dealt with when they try to insist that they are treated differently?

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