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Television Academy 66th Primetime Emmy® Award Nominations

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I Was There: Boston Marathon Bombings • • A&E Digital Studios in association with Kitty Guerrilla Films

Sean Kennedy, Executive Producer

Kathleen Williams, Executive Producer

Jaimie DeFina, Senior Producer

Jay Leno's Garage • • NBC Entertainment Digital, Big Dog Productions

Jay Leno, Executive Producer

Kico Velarde, Supervising Producer

Robert Hayes, Producer

Helga Pollock, Producer

David Swift, Producer

Walker Dalton, Producer
Park Bench With Steve Buscemi • AOL • Olive Productions and RadicalMedia in association with AOL Originals.

Steve Buscemi, Executive Producer

Stanley Tucci, Executive Producer

Wren Arthur, Executive Producer

Justin Wilkes, Executive Producer

Joe Killian, Executive Producer

Jon Doran, Executive Producer
30 For 30 Shorts • ESPN • ESPN Films in association with Resonance Story Company

Connor Schell, Executive Producer

John Dahl, Executive Producer

Bill Simmons, Executive Producer

Maura Mandt, Executive Producer

Dan Silver, Producer

Tate Donovan, Producer
Outstanding Children's Program Degrassi • Nickelodeon • Nickelodeon

Linda Schuyler, Executive Producer

Stephen Stohn, Executive Producer

Sarah Glinski, Executive Producer

Matt Huether, Co-Executive Producer

Stephanie Williams, Supervising Producer

Stefan Brogren, Producer

David Lowe, Producer

Dog With A Blog • Disney Channel • Dipthong Productions/It's a Laugh Productions/Disney Channel

Michael B. Kaplan, Executive Producer

Jim Hope, Co-Executive Producer

Leo Clarke, Produced by

Good Luck Charlie • Disney Channel • It's a Laugh Productions/Disney Channel

Dan Staley, Executive Producer

Drew Vaupen, Executive Producer

Phil Baker, Executive Producer

Christopher Vane, Co-Executive Producer

Erika Kaestle, Co-Executive Producer

Patrick McCarthy, Co-Executive Producer

Jim Gerkin, Co-Executive Producer

Pixie Wespiser, Produced by

Nick News With Linda Ellerbee – Family Secrets: When Violence Hits Home • Nickelodeon • Nickelodeon in association with Lucky Duck Productions

Linda Ellerbee, Executive Producer

Rolfe Tessem, Executive Producer

Wally Berger, Supervising Producer

Mark Lyons, Producer

Martin Toub, Produced by

One Last Hug: Three Days At Grief Camp • HBO • HBO Documentary Films in association with GDH Productions and Vermilion Films

Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer

Sara Bernstein, Supervising Producer

Greg DeHart, Produced by

Paul Freedman, Produced by
Wynton Marsalis – A YoungArts Masterclass • HBO • HBO Family in association with Simon & Goodman Picture Company and YoungArts

Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer

Lin Arison, Executive Producer

Jackie Glover, Supervising Producer

Karen Goodman, Produced by

Kirk Simon, Produced by

Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Special

JFK (American Experience) • PBS • American Experience is a production of WGBH

Mark Samels, Executive Producer

Sharon Grimberg, Senior Producer

Susan Bellows, Produced by

Paycheck To Paycheck: The Life And Times Of Katrina Gilbert • HBO • HBO Documentary Films in association with The Shriver Report

and Mackerel Sky Films

Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer

Maria Shriver, Executive Producer

Nancy Abraham, Senior Producer

Sascha Weiss, Producer

Shari Cookson, Produced by

Nick Doob, Produced by
Running From Crazy • OWN • Cabin Creek Films

Erica Forstadt, Executive Producer

Mariel Hemingway, Executive Producer

Barbara Kopple, Executive Producer / Produced by

Lisa Erspamer, Executive Producer

Oprah Winfrey, Executive Producer

David Cassidy, Produced by
The Sixties: The Assassination Of President Kennedy • CNN • Herzog & Company, Playtone

Tom Hanks, Executive Producer

Gary Goetzman, Executive Producer

Mark Herzog, Executive Producer

Christopher G. Cowen, Co-Executive Producer

Kirk Saduski, Co-Executive Producer

Jonathan Buss, Producer

Stephen J. Morrison, Producer

The Square • Netflix • Noujaim Films, Maktube Productions, Netflix Originals, Worldview Entertainment, Roast Beef Productions and Participant Media for Netflix

Jodie Evans, Executive Producer

Lekha Singh, Executive Producer

Sarah Johnson, Executive Producer

Mike Lerner, Executive Producer

Gavin Dougan, Executive Producer

Karim Amer, Produced by

Jehane Noujaim, Produced by

Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley • HBO • HBO Documentary Films in association with George Schlatter Productions and Whoop

Inc. Productions

Whoopi Goldberg, Executive Producer / Produced by

Tom Leonardis, Executive Producer / Produced by

George Schlatter, Executive Producer

Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series

American Masters • PBS • A Production of Thirteen's American Masters for WNET

Susan Lacy, Executive Producer

Julie Sacks, Supervising Producer / Series Producer

Junko Tsunashima, Supervising Producer

Dori Berinstein, Produced by

COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey • FOX/NatGeo • Fuzzy Door Productions and Cosmos Studios, Inc. in association with FOX

Broadcasting Company and National Geographic Channel

Ann Druyan, Executive Producer

Seth MacFarlane, Executive Producer

Mitchell Cannold, Executive Producer

Brannon Braga, Executive Producer

Jason Clark, Co-Executive Producer

Livia Hanich, Producer

Steve Holtzman, Producer

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Host
Pioneers Of Television • PBS • Boettcher+Trinklein Television

Michael J. Trinklein, Producer

Steven J. Boettcher, Producer
The World Wars • HISTORY • Stephen David Entertainment for History

Stephen David, Executive Producer

Russ McCarroll, Executive Producer

Paul Cabana, Executive Producer

Elaine Frontain Bryant, Executive Producer

Tim W. Kelly, Co-Executive Producer

Shirley Escott, Supervising Producer

David C. White, Series Producer

Years Of Living Dangerously • Showtime • Showtime Presents, A Roaring Fork Films Production

Joel Bach, Executive Producer

David Gelber, Executive Producer

Daniel Abbasi, Executive Producer

Solly Granatstein, Co-Executive Producer

Jennifer Latham, Supervising Producer

Adam Bolt, Senior Producer

Jacob Kornbluth, Producer

Outstanding Informational Series Or Special

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown • CNN • Zero Point Zero Productions

Anthony Bourdain, Executive Producer

Chris Collins, Executive Producer

Lydia Tenaglia, Executive Producer

Sandra Zweig, Executive Producer

Nick Brigden, Producer

Michael Steed, Producer

Tom Vitale, Producer

Jared Andrukanis, Producer
Inside The Actors Studio • Bravo • In The Moment Productions for Bravo

James Lipton, Executive Producer

Shawn Tesser, Produced by

Jeff Wurtz, Produced by

Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman • Science Channel • Revelations Entertainment

Producing Team

Vice • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Vice and Bill Maher Productions

Bill Maher, Executive Producer

Shane Smith, Executive Producer

Eddy Moretti, Executive Producer

BJ Levin, Executive Producer

Jedd Thomas, Senior Producer

Jonah Kaplan, Series Producer
The Writers' Room • Sundance Channel • Relativity Television in association with SundanceTV

Tom Forman, Executive Producer

Brad Bishop, Executive Producer

Mike Maloy, Executive Producer

Neal Kendall, Executive Producer

Aliyah Silverstein, Executive Producer

Jim Rash, Producer / Host
Exceptional Merit In Documentary Filmmaking

The Amish: Shunned (American Experience) • PBS • A Five O'Clock Films production for American Experience

Mark Samels, Executive Producer

Sharon Grimberg, Senior Producer

Callie T. Wiser, Produced by

Brave Miss World • Netflix • Linor Documentary, LLC in association with Rocket Girl Productions

Cecilia Peck, Produced by

Motty Reif, Produced by

Inbal B. Lessner, Produced by

Lati Grobman, Executive Producer

Hillsborough (30 For 30 Soccer Stories) • ESPN • ESPN Films in association with VeryMuchSo Productions

Connor Schell, Executive Producer

John Dahl, Executive Producer

John Battsek, Executive Producer

Daniel Gordon, Produced by

Deirdre Fenton, Produced by

Life According To Sam • HBO • HBO Documentary Films in association with Fine Films

Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer

Nancy Abraham, Senior Producer

Sean Fine, Produced by

Andrea Nix Fine, Produced by
Outstanding Structured Reality Program

Antiques Roadshow • PBS • WGBH Educational Foundation

Marsha Bemko, Executive Producer

Sam Farrell, Supervising Producer

Sarah K. Elliott, Producer

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives • Food Network • Citizen Pictures

Guy Fieri, Executive Producer

Frank Matson, Executive Producer

Kat Higgins, Executive Producer

Tim McOsker, Executive Producer
MythBusters • Discovery Channel • Beyond Productions PTY Ltd. for the Discovery Channel

Jamie Hyneman, Executive Producer

Adam Savage, Executive Producer

Dan Tapster, Executive Producer

John Luscombe, Executive Producer

Cameo Wallace, Executive Producer

Lauren Williams, Senior Producer

Steve Christiansen, Senior Producer

Linda Wolkovitch, Producer

Eric Haven, Producer

Dennis Kwon, Producer
Shark Tank • ABC • Sony Pictures Television

Mark Burnett, Executive Producer

Clay Newbill, Executive Producer

Phil Gurin, Executive Producer

Yun Lingner, Co-Executive Producer

Jim Roush, Co-Executive Producer

Max Swedlow, Co-Executive Producer

Bill Gaudsmith, Supervising Producer

Becky Blitz, Senior Producer

Sami Aziz, Producer

Heather M. Dreiling, Producer

Michael Kramer, Producer

Laura Roush, Producer

Kate Ryu, Producer

Undercover Boss • CBS • Studio Lambert, All3Media America

Stephen Lambert, Executive Producer

Chris Carlson, Executive Producer

Eli Holzman, Executive Producer

Scott Cooper, Co-Executive Producer

Abigail Shafran, Co-Executive Producer

Mike Cotton, Co-Executive Producer

Brielle Lebsack Cohen, Co-Executive Producer

Rachelle Mendez, Supervising Producer

Margaret Burris, Supervising Producer

Who Do You Think You Are? • TLC • Shed Media US and Is Or Isn't Entertainment

Alex Graham, Executive Producer

Pamela Healey, Executive Producer

Lisa Kudrow, Executive Producer

Dan Bucatinsky, Executive Producer

Al Edgington, Executive Producer

Howard Lee, Executive Producer

Amy Winter, Executive Producer

Timothy Kuryak, Executive Producer

Lisa Bohacek, Co-Executive Producer

Jim Albarano, Producer

Alexandra Orton, Producer

Heather Ross, Producer
Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program

Alaska: The Last Frontier • Discovery Channel • Discovery Studios

Daniel Soiseth, Executive Producer

Michael Masland, Executive Producer

Grant Kahler, Executive Producer

Cameo Wallace, Executive Producer

Brian Mandle, Supervising Producer

Deadliest Catch • Discovery Channel • Original Productions, LLC, a FremantleMedia Company for the Discovery Channel

Thom Beers, Executive Producer

Jeff Conroy, Executive Producer

John Gray, Executive Producer

David Pritikin, Executive Producer

R. Decker Watson, Jr., Co-Executive Producer

Johnny Beechler, Supervising Producer

Geoff Miller, Supervising Producer

Flipping Out • Bravo • Authentic Entertainment for Bravo

Tom Rogan, Executive Producer

Lauren Lexton, Executive Producer

Andrew Hoegl, Executive Producer

Jeff Lewis, Executive Producer

Nick Capodice, Co-Executive Producer

Audrey Olsen, Co-Executive Producer

Shannon Callaghan, Senior Producer

Million Dollar Listing New York • Bravo • World of Wonder for Bravo

Fenton Bailey, Executive Producer

Randy Barbato, Executive Producer

Tom Campbell, Executive Producer

Danielle King, Executive Producer

Megan Estrada, Executive Producer

Wahlburgers • A&E • 44 Blue Productions in association with Closest to the Hole Productions, Leverage Entertainment and Donnie D Productions for A&E

Mark Wahlberg, Executive Producer

Donnie Wahlberg, Executive Producer

Stephen Levinson, Executive Producer

Rasha Drachkovitch, Executive Producer

Jym Buss, Executive Producer

Lily Neumeyer, Executive Producer

Devon Graham, Executive Producer

David Hale, Co-Executive Producer

Brian Spoor, Co-Executive Producer

Brittany A. Little, Supervising Producer

Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan • BBC America • A BBC America original production, produced by Cream Productions and Wildfire

Television and co-produced by BBC Worldwide

Dominic Monaghan, Executive Producer

David Brady, Executive Producer

Philip Clarke, Executive Producer

Kate Harrison, Executive Producer

Marianne Kushmaniuk, Series Producer

Richard Life, Producer
Outstanding Reality-Competition Program

The Amazing Race • CBS • WorldRace Productions, Inc.

Bertram van Munster, Executive Producer

Elise Doganieri, Executive Producer

Jerry Bruckheimer, Executive Producer

Jonathan Littman, Executive Producer

Mark Vertullo, Executive Producer

Dan Coffie, Co-Executive Producer

Giselle Parets, Co-Executive Producer

Matt Schmidt, Co-Executive Producer

Patrick Cariaga, Co-Executive Producer

Phil Keoghan, Co-Executive Producer

Michael Norton, Supervising Producer

Darren Bunkley, Supervising Producer

Neil Jahss, Supervising Producer

Micheal DiMaggio, Supervising Producer

Chad Baron, Senior Producer

Vanessa Abugho Ballesteros, Senior Producer
Dancing With The Stars • ABC • BBC Worldwide Productions

Conrad Green, Executive Producer

Joe Sungkur, Executive Producer

Ashley Edens-Shaffer, Executive Producer

Deena Katz, Supervising Producer

Tara West-Margolis, Supervising Producer

Daniel Martin, Supervising Producer

Peter Hebri, Senior Producer

Ashley Shea Landers, Senior Producer

Ryan Goble, Senior Producer

Megan Wade, Producer

Chad Harrison, Producer

Project Runway • Lifetime • The Weinstein Company, Bunim/Murray Productions and Full Picture Entertainment

Harvey Weinstein, Executive Producer

Bob Weinstein, Executive Producer

Meryl Poster, Executive Producer

Jonathan Murray, Executive Producer

Sara Rea, Executive Producer

Heidi Klum, Executive Producer

Jane Cha, Executive Producer

Desiree Gruber, Executive Producer

Rob Sharenow, Executive Producer

Gena McCarthy, Executive Producer

David Hillman, Executive Producer

Barbara Schneeweiss, Executive Producer

Gil Goldschein, Co-Executive Producer

Teri Weideman, Co-Executive Producer

Rebecca Taylor Henning, Senior Producer

Tim Gunn, Producer

Sasha Alpert, Producer

So You Think You Can Dance • FOX • Dick Clark Productions, Inc. and 19 Entertainment

Barry Adelman, Executive Producer

Simon Fuller, Executive Producer

Allen Shapiro, Executive Producer

Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer

Jeff Thacker, Co-Executive Producer

James Breen, Co-Executive Producer

Zoe Brown, Senior Supervising Producer

Dan Sacks, Senior Supervising Producer

Adam Cooper, Supervising Producer

Mike Deffina, Senior Producer

Colleen Wagner, Senior Producer

Matt Kinsey, Producer

Jensen Moon, Producer

Top Chef • Bravo • Magical Elves for Bravo

Dan Cutforth, Executive Producer

Jane Lipsitz, Executive Producer

Casey Kriley, Executive Producer

Hillary Olsen, Executive Producer

Tara Siener, Executive Producer

Tom Colicchio, Executive Producer

Padma Lakshmi, Executive Producer

Erica Ross, Co-Executive Producer

Doneen Arquines, Co-Executive Producer

Shealan Spencer, Co-Executive Producer

Christian Homlish, Supervising Producer

Blake Davis, Supervising Producer

Wade Sheeler, Supervising Producer

Ivan Oyco, Senior Producer
The Voice • NBC • Mark Burnett’s One Three Inc. and Talpa Media USA in association with Warner Horizon Television

Mark Burnett, Executive Producer

John De Mol, Executive Producer

Audrey Morrissey, Executive Producer

Stijn Bakkers, Executive Producer

Lee Metzger, Executive Producer

Chad Hines, Co-Executive Producer

Nicolle Yaron, Co-Executive Producer

Amanda Zucker, Co-Executive Producer

Mike Yurchuk, Co-Executive Producer

Jim Roush, Co-Executive Producer

Kyra Thompson, Supervising Producer

May Johnson, Senior Producer

Teddy Valenti, Senior Producer

Ashley Baumann, Producer

Carson Daly, Producer

Keith Dinielli, Producer

Barton Kimball, Producer

Kyley Tucker, Producer

Brittany Martin, Producer

Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series

Black Sails • I. • Starz • Platinum Dunes and Quaker Moving Pictures in association with Starz Originals

Benjamin Cook, Supervising Sound Editor

Iain Eyre, Sound Editor

Sue Cahill, Sound Editor

Jeffrey A. Pitts, Sound Editor

Tim Tuchrello, Sound Editor

Brett Voss, Sound Editor

Michael Baber, Music Editor

Jeffrey Wilhoit, Foley Artist

James "Jimmy" Moriana, Foley Artist

Boardwalk Empire • White Horse Pike • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Leverage, Closest to the Hole Productions, Sikelia Productions and Cold Front Productions

Fred Rosenberg, Supervising Sound Editor

Roland Vajs, Sound Editor

Bill Orrico, Sound Editor

Annette Kudrak, Music Editor

Ruy Garcia, Sound Effects Editor

Jeffrey Stern, Dialogue Editor

Steve Visscher, Foley Editor

Marko Costanzo, Foley Artist
Breaking Bad • Felina • AMC • Sony Pictures Television

Nick Forshager, Supervising Sound Editor

Kathryn Madsen, Supervsing Sound Editor

Jason Tregoe Newman, Music Editor

Mark Cookson, Sound Effects Editor

Cormac Funge, Sound Effects Editor

Jane Boegel, Dialogue Editor

Jeff Cranford, Foley Editor

Tim Boggs, Foley Editor

Gregg Barbanell, Foley Artist

Dominique Decaudian, Foley Artist
Game Of Thrones • The Watchers On The Wall • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; Television 360; Startling Television and Generator Productions

Tim Kimmel, Supervising Sound Editor

Jed M. Dodge, Supervising Dialogue Editor

Tim Hands, Supervising ADR Editor

Paula Fairfield, Sound Designer

David Klotz, Music Editor

Bradley C. Katona, Sound Effects Editor

Brett Voss, Foley Editor

Jeffrey Wilhoit, Foley Artist

Dylan T. Wilhoit, Foley Artist

The Walking Dead • Too Far Gone • AMC • AMC Productions

Jerry Ross, Supervising Sound Editor

Michael Baber, Music Editor

Tim Farrell, Sound Effects

Lou Thomas, Dialogue Ediitor

Clayton Weber, Foley Artist

Outstanding Sound Editing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special

American Horror Story: Coven • Fearful Pranks Ensue • FX Networks • 20th Century Fox Television

Gary Megregian, Supervising Sound Editor

David Klotz, Music Editor

Timothy A. Cleveland, Sound Effects Editor

Paul Diller, Sound Effects Editor

Brian Thomas Nist, Sound Effects Editor

Steve M. Stuhr, Dialogue Editor

Lance Wiseman, Dialogue Editor

Noel Vought, Foley Artist
Bonnie & Clyde • Night Two • Lifetime • Sony Pictures Television

Robert L. Sephton, Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer

Pembrooke Andrews, Supervising Dialogue & ADR Editor

Joanie Diener, Music Editor

Chato Hill, Dialogue Editor

Robert Guastini, Dialogue Editor

Mike Pipgras, Foley Editor

Anita Cannella, Foley Artist

Amy Kane, Foley Artist
Fargo • The Crocodile's Dilemma • FX Networks • MGM and FX Productions

Frank Laratta, Supervising Sound Editor

Kevin Buchholz, ADR Supervisor

John Peccatiello, Sound Design

Skye Lewin, Music Editor

Jason Lawrence, Dialogue Editor

Brent Planiden, ADR Editor

Andrew Morgado, Foley Editor

Adam DeCoster, Foley Artist
Klondike • Part 1 • Discovery Channel • Discovery Networks in association with Entertainment One and Nomadic Pictures


Lee Walpole, Supervising Sound Editor

Frank Laratta, Sound Designer

Iain Eyre, ADR Supervisor

Andy Kennedy, Sound Effects Editor

Jason Lawrence, Dialogue Editor

Catherine Thomas, Foley Editor

Juraj Mravec, Foley Editor

Sue Harding, Foley Artist

Mob City • Oxpecker & Stay Down • TNT • TNT Originals

Matthew E. Taylor, Supervising Sound Editor

Rickley Dumm, Sound Effects Editor

Tim Farrell, Sound Effects Editor

Jason King, Sound Effects Editor

Lou Thomas, Dialogue & ADR Editor

Joseph Tsai, Foley Editor

Alyson Dee Moore, Foley Artist

John Roesch, Foley Artist
Sherlock: His Last Vow (Masterpiece) • PBS • Hartswood West for BBC/Cymru Wales in co-production with Masterpiece

Doug Sinclair, Supervising Sound Editor

Stuart McCowan, Sound Editor

Jon Joyce, Sound Editor

Paul McFadden, Sound Editor

William Everett, Foley Editor

Sue Harding, Foley Artist
Outstanding Sound Editing For Nonfiction Programming

(Single Or Multi-Camera)

The Amazing Race • Part Like The Red Sea •CBS • WorldRace Productions, Inc.

Eric Goldfarb, Sound Editor

Julian Gomez, Sound Editor

Andrew Kozar, Sound Editor

Paul C. Nielsen, Sound Editor

Jacob Parsons, Sound Editor

Andy Castor, Sound Editor

Jennifer Nelson, Sound Editor

Ryan Leamy, Sound Editor

Eric Beetner, Sound Editor

Aaron Cross, Sound Editor

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