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Team Chosen Category 1: Spain, England, Germany, Holland

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Euro 2012 Forecast

Choose One Team Only From Each Category

Plus Two Goalscorers Of Your Choice

Team Chosen


Category 1: Spain, England,

Germany, Holland.


Category 2: France, Italy,

Portugal, Russia.


Category 3; Croatia, Ukraine,

Poland, Czech Rep


Category 4: Sweden, Ireland,

Greece, Denmark

Category 9: Two Goalscorers Only




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All persons entering are deemed to have read and accepted the rules on back. Entry Fee €20.

Entries, Prizes.

  • No entry valid unless accompanied by entry fee of €20.

  • Prize allocations from total fund: 1st: 60%, 2nd: 20%, 3rd: 10% last: 10%. Actual amounts made public shortly after competition commences.

  • Entrants must check and verify their selections are correct on Clodiagh Rangers F.C. website

  • Maximum: Five entries per individual.

  • Closing Date : Thursday June 7 th, midnight

  • Decision of organisers final. No responsibility accepted for errors.

  • Strictly no late entries accepted.


  • Points awarded in following four ways:

  • Goal points: 1 point awarded per goal scored by each team during games and extra time but excluding penalty shootouts. Ordinary penalties in course of games and extra time will count. No deductions for goals conceded.

  • Game points: 6 points for winning a game, 3 points for draw, including extra time if played. Games ending in a penalty shootout count as a draw.

  • Tournament points: Euro Cup winners—30 points, runners-up—16 points, third place—12 points, fourth place—10 points, Group winner 7 pts, Group 2nd 5 points, Group 3rd 3 pts, Group Last 0 points.

  • Goalscorer points: Four points for each goal scored by each nominated goalscorer incl. penalties during games and ET. Penalty shootouts not to count. Own goals not to count. In case of dispute about scorer, UEFA official website verdict will be accepted.

  • All games up to and including final will count for goal, match and goalscorer points as well as tournament points.

  • Highest total points wins. In case of tie, entrant with higher goalscorer to be deemed ahead. If still tied then next goalscorer is assessed. If still tied then total number of goals scored by 4 teams to decide.


Categories are based on approximate bookmakers’ odds and have no connection to tournament groups.

Goalscorers are the entrants own choice.

Competition is non profit and for the purposes of sporting interest/fun.

All reasonable efforts will be made to make known competition leaders during tournament

on Clodiagh Rangers website.

Entrants are advised to use second entry form to keep note of their selections and rules.

Further info/enquiries from Billy Clancy. Tel: 086 0518934 . email:

Euro 2012

Forecast Competition

Entry Fee €20
All entry fees plus



given out in prizes.

Entry forms available here.

*from Billy Clancy

Closing date 9pm, Thurs June 7th

Guide to expected top goalscorers. Others accepted.

Mario Gomez (GER)

Nikolai Jelavic (CRO)

Wayne Rooney (ENG)

Mario Balotelli (ITA)

Arjen Robben (HOL)

Danny Wellbeck (ENG)

Pedro (SPA)

A Kerkhakov (RUS)

Fernando Torres (SPA)

Cristiano.Ronaldo (POR)

Andy Carroll (ENG)

A Shevchenko (UKR)

A Cassano (ITA)

W Snedjer (HOL)

Robin Van Persie (HOL)

F Llorente (SPA)

Z Ibrahamovic (SWE)

Robbie Keane (IRE)

Nani (POR)

Nicklaus Bentdner (DEN)

G Samaras (GRE)

Milan Baros (CZE)

Kevin Doyle (IRE)

Lewandowski (POL)

Thomas Muller (GER)

Karim Benzema (FRA)

Miroslav Klose (GER)

Jermain Defoe (ENG)

Antonio Gilardino (ITA)

Lukas Podolski (GER)

Klaus Jan Huntelaar (HOL)

Frank Lampard (ENG)

Steve Gerrard (ENG)

Steven Ward (IRE)
(see for fuller list)

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