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Supplementary Materials – Terblanche et al. Biology Letters Table taxa and the source used for building the scaling database

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Supplementary Materials – Terblanche et al. Biology Letters
Table S2. Taxa and the source used for building the scaling database.







Lepismatidae sp. 1

Marais et al. 2005

Lepismatidae sp. 2

Marais et al. 2005

Ctenolepisma longicaudata

Marais et al. 2005



Ischnura senegalensis

Marais et al. 2005


Trithemis arteriosa

Marais et al. 2005



Perisphaeria sp.

Marais & Chown 2003

Unknown sp.

Marais et al. 2005

Macropanesthia rhinoceros

Woodman et al. 2007


Blattella germanica

Dingha et al. 2005



Sphodromantis gastrica

Marais et al. 2005



Karoophasma biedouwensis

Marais et al. 2005



Extatosoma tiaratum

Marais et al. 2005



Romalea guttata

Hadley & Quinlan 1993

Romalea guttata

Quinlan & Hadley 1993


Taeniopoda eques

Quinlan & Hadley 1993

Taeniopoda eques

Harrison et al 1995



Euborellia annulipes

Marais et al. 2005



Rhodnius prolixus

Bradley et al. 2003


Unknown sp.

Marais et al. 2005



Phorocantha recurva

Chappell & Rogowitz 2000

Phorocantha semipunctata

Chappell & Rogowitz 2000


Cardiosis faimarei

Lighton 1991

Epiphysa arenicola

Lighton 1991

Onymacris laeviceps

Lighton 1991

Onymacris multistriata

Duncan 2003

Onymacris plana

Lighton 1991

Onymacris rugatipennis albatesselata

Lighton 1991

Onymacris rugatipennis rugatipennis

Lighton 1991

Onymacris unguicularis

Lighton 1991

Onymacris unguicularis

Louw et al. 1986

Physadesmia globosa

Lighton 1991

Pimelia canescens

Duncan et al. 2002a

Pimelia grandis

Duncan et al. 2002b

Psammodes striatus

Lighton 1988a

Stenocara gracilipes

Lighton 1991

Zophosis complanata

Duncan et al. 2002a

Zophosis orbicularis

Lighton 1991

Zophosis punctata

Duncan et al. 2002a


Anachalcos convexus

Duncan & Byrne 2000

Aphodius fossor

Chown & Holter 2000

Circellium bacchus

Duncan & Byrne 2002

Scarabaeus flavicornis

Duncan & Byrne 2000

Scarabaeus rusticus

Duncan & Byrne 2000

Sisyphus fasciculatus

Duncan & Byrne 2000


Carabus nemoralis

Punt 1950; Punt 1956; Punt et al. 1957

Carenum sp.

Duncan & Dickman 2001

Cerotalis sp.

Duncan & Dickman 2001


Omorgus radula

Bosch et al 2000


Bothrometopus randi

Klok & Chown 2005

Bothrometopus elongatus

Klok & Chown 2005

Bothrometopus parvulus

Klok & Chown 2005

Palirhoeus eatoni

Klok & Chown 2005

Canonopsis sericeus

Klok & Chown 2005

Ectemnorhinus marioni

Klok & Chown 2005

Ectemnorhinus similis

Klok & Chown 2005



Glossina morsitans

Marais et al. 2005


Culex tarsalis

Gray & Bradley 2003



Leptocerina sp.

Marais et al. 2005



Gonometa postica (P)

Terblanche et al. unpublished


Ornithoptera priamus (P)

Hetz et al. 1999

Troides rhadamantus (P)

Hetz et al. 1999


Agapema galbina (P)

Buck & Keister 1955

Hyalophora cecropia (P)

Levy & Schneiderman 1966a,b

Hyalophora cecropia (P)

Brockway & Schneiderman 1967



Apis mellifera ligustica

Lighton & Lovegrove 1990

Bombus terrestris

Beekman & van Stratum 1999


Camponotus detritus

Lighton 1990

Camponotus maculatus

Duncan & Newton 2000

Camponotus vicinus

Lighton 1992

Camponotus vicinus

Lighton 1988b

Cataglyphis bicolor

Lighton 1992

Cataglyphis bicolor

Lighton & Wehner 1993

Cataglyphis bicolor

Lighton et al 1993

Formica polyctena

Martin et al. 2004

Messor julianus (alates/workers)

Lighton & Berrigan 1995

Messor pergandei (alates/workers)

Lighton & Berrigan 1995

Pogonomyrmex occidentalis

Quinlan & Lighton 1999

Pogonomyrmex californicus

Quinlan & Lighton 1999

Pogonomyrmex rugosus

Quinlan & Lighton 1999

Pogonomyrmex rugosus

Lighton et al. 1993

Solenopsis invicta

Vogt & Appel 2000


Dasymutilla gloriosa

Duncan & Lighton 1997

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