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Supplemental material: Supplementary video 1

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Supplemental material:

Supplementary video 1: Simultaneous video and telemetric EEG recording of an adult DCX knockdown rat. The animal shows a spontaneous seizure lasting ~15.5 s with a maximal amplitude of >700 µV. During the seizure the animal displays some myoclonic jerks of the jaw associated with eyes protrusion. The EEG trace was filtered between 1 and 50 Hz, 1 division on the y axis corresponds to 300 µV and time (s) is shown on the x axis. The movie of the animal´s behaviour is linked to the EEG trace appearing to the left.
Supplemental figure 1: Representative EEG traces obtained from control and DCX knockdown pups after injections of the convulsant agent pentylenetetrazol (PTZ). Two injections of PTZ were applied at an interval of 10 min. Note that two PTZ injections were required in control pup to induce seizures and that the latency between the first injection of PTZ and the occurrence of seizures was dramatically shortened in the DCX knockdown pup.

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