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Sunday, 2.6.2013

Monday 3.6.2013

Tuesday 4.6.2013

Wednesday 5.6.2013

Thursday 6.6.2013

7:00h departure MSMG

8:45h Palmer's/9:30h Rest Up

all sightseeing tour by coach with English guide

8:30h Palmer's LK Erdkunde + guests trip to Dover

8:30h LK Sowi City of London/10:00h LK Sowi Bank of England

9:30h walk: Big Ben, Downing Street, Buckingham Palace (Horse Guards 11:00h, Changing of the Guard 11:30h), Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, China Town, Covent Garden

(meet at Big Ben)

a) 10:00h Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern

b) 10:00h Natural History Museum

c) 10:00h Stadium Tour Chelsea

11:00h LKs Englisch (35)

Shakespeare Workshop Globe

(meet at 10:30h)

all clear rooms and load coach
a) Harry Potter Studios

b) Harrods, Natural History Museum, Science Museum

c) Olympic Park

Channel crossing

packed lunch on board

12:30h all lunch at Camden Lock flea market

arrival in London

check-in at

Palmer's Lodge/Rest Up

a) 15:30h The Tower (33+3)

b) Brick Lane

c) Camden Lock

17:00h Evensong at Westminster Abbey

13:00h LK Mathe + guests

boat trip to Greenwich, Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum (meet at Westminster Pier)

14:00h LK Sowi Museum of London

a) British Museum

b) Tate Modern
17:00h Evensong at St Paul's/Westminster Abbey


a) cricket at Wandsworth with Nick Miller

b) LK Mathe + guests

Science Museum

c) Natural History

17:00h Evensong at St Paul's

18:30-21:00h free live music and dancing at The Scoop with

Ronnie Scott’s Rejects (

shop till you drop/time for individual activities

19:00h all

London at night (buskers, live music)

Piccadilly/Leicester Square/

Soho/Trafalgar Square

19:30 LKs Englisch + guests Globe Theatre

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" (meet at 19:00h)

London at night (buskers, live music)

18:00h London Eye (45+3) (meet at 17:15)

19:00h LK Sowi Unseen Tours - homeless tour

London at night

19:30h Musical: The Lion King (33)

(meet at 19:00h)

London at night (buskers, live music)

all last supper
18:30h all departure

Locations of sights:

Palmer’s Lodge = U Swiss Cottage

Rest Up = U Elephant & Castle

The Tower = U Tower Hill

Brick Lane = U Aldgate East

Westminster Abbey = U Westminster or St. James’s Park

Globe Theatre = U Blackfriars or Mansion House or London Bridge or Southwark or St. Paul’s

Big Ben = U Westminster

boat to Greenwich/Westminster Pier = U Westminster

British Museum = U Tottenham Court Road or Holborn or Russell Square

Tate Modern = U Southwark or Blackfriars

St Paul’s = U St. Paul’s

London Eye = U Waterloo or Westminster

Millennium Bridge = U St. Paul’s

Natural History Museum = U South Kensington

Chelsea Stamford Bridge = U Fulham Broadway

Science Museum = U South Kensington

Cricket at Wandsworth = U Southfields

The Scoop = U London Bridge

Lion King/Lyceum = U Covent Garden

Harrods = U Knightsbridge

Olympic Park =U Stratford

areas to go to for live music: Soho and Camden

Free Live Music:

The Spice of Life U Leicester Square

Mon. 19:00h Open Mic Night

Tues. 20:00h Blues Jam

Wedn. Jazz
London Blues Bar U Oxford Circus

Mon June 3rd, 20:30h Blues Jam

Tues, June 4th , 18:30h Dowe+Boweevil, Jimmy C + his Blue Dragons

Wedn, June 5th, 18:30h The Bluematics

The Alley Cat U Tottenham Court Road

Mon June 3rd, Songwriter's Circle (folk music)

Wedn, June 5th, 20:00h Jam Session with Sam Hare,
areas to go to for live music: Soho and Camden

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