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Summary of corrections

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Summary of corrections
Photo corrections:

- Correct photo of sushi lying on mat with avocado on the bottom, not lying on top of crab and cucumbers (confusing because picture does not correspond to instructions)

- Show cutting avocado (confusing part)

- Show cutting cucumber (confusing part)

Manual corrections:

- Print in color (better presentation)

- Provide tabs on each page (easier access to different sections)

- Table of contents

- Laminate pages (to be able to have around the bar, because sometimes table is wet)


  1. Were there any instructions that were unclear and hard to follow?

  1. If so, would additional photographs depicting that section been helpful?

  1. Did the instruction manual contain too much detail or lack necessary information?

  1. Was there anything that was helpful or hindering?

  1. Any other comments:


We conducted the user test on six individuals and requested that they complete the questionnaire after rolling the sushi roll. Some of our users were pleased with the manual but the majority had a few noteworthy critiques. When the surveys had been reviewed, it was evident that our instruction manual would undergo revision to make improvements.

A common area that the users claimed was hard to follow were the directions about “Preparing your Vegetables.” They stated that cutting the cucumbers seemed to take longer than it should since they constantly were trying to all pieces exactly ¼ inches thick by 3/8 inch wide. While the measurements were supportive, a photograph showing how to cut the cucumbers uniformly would have been even more helpful. (recommendations: insert photos showing method to cut cucumber so that users are not constantly measuring. Faster cutting time) Learning how to properly cut the avocados was another problem that users encountered. Again, a solution proposed from the questionnaire was adding a few photos that visually show how the avocados are prepared. One individual claimed that after seeing a picture of how an avocado is held/cut, the instructions would probably make more sense.

One user felt that the last photograph of all the contents on the makisu in the “Combining the Ingredients” section was misleading. He claimed the written instructions stated that avocado slices should be added first, but that the picture showed the avocado on top of the crab sticks and cucumbers. This part confused him greatly because he did not know whether to follow the written or visual instructions.

Our original manual lacked color and was administered as a black and white booklet. Since we included photos, it would be beneficial to print the material in color. Five of the six testers said that the booklet was bland because it lacked color and that one of the major improvements that could be done, would be to print the instructions booklet in color.

A drastic problem our group saw while administering the user testing was the fact that the pages would easily get damp from the sushi board and ingredients. In turn, the users had trouble flipping and separating pages. It was also hard for them to lift the booklet from the table because it would stick. Since printing was done with an inkjet printer, most of the booklets had their ink run which made reading difficult.

A final notable issue was that a few users requested a table of contents. One stated that he knew how to make sushi rice and that if he could skip to the “Preparing your Vegetables” section, it would save him time from reading earlier sections. Another said that if she was to make sushi more than once, some sections she would remember such as how to cut vegetables. Therefore, she would not have to reference that part again and could easily flip to a part where she needed assistance in.

Those were the most noteworthy of inputs gathered from the user testing. Initially we thought that our manual was complete. However, after putting it to use with individuals who had no prior knowledge of how to roll a California roll, it was evident that improvements were needed.

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