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Subject: Client Tips eLtr from jo becker

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Client Tips eLtr from JO BECKER
Friends and Colleagues,

Well, it seems I took an unexpected “holiday” last month in not sending an eLtr to all of you. My average work week has ranged from 50 to over 60 hours a week since March; when the time came to draft an eLtr last month my body said, “ah, no!” :-) But I’ll make up for it this month with some juicy tips and timely updates!

Before I launch into the eLtr, I’d like to thank Curtis Thompson, dermatologist and board member of Lake Oswego Family Transitional Shelter Ministry for referring me to his partners, Lane and Brandon for further website development work. I’m really looking forward to working with all of them!

Jo Becker, BA (former GRI)

503/493-6883 and

I have been writing marketing- and technology-related articles for Principal Broker Magazine since 2003. Follow the links to view the June edition (pg 10-11) or the July edition (pg 9-10), or other past editions.


In the June edition of Principal Broker Mag., I offered a sample introductory letter for those who are trying to reconnect with a sphere or other target market they haven’t been in touch with for some time. This has been a very popular offering with several requests received already. If you, too, are unsure how to get started, what to say, or perhaps how to introduce a marketing campaign to friends and past clients after a long absence, I’d be happy to extend this offer to you as well. Drop me a line at and let me know you’d like a copy.

TIPS AND TRICKS: In this section, I offer quick and simple computer tips and other resources you can use to improve your computing performance.
URGENT: Beware of e-greeting card spams!

Many of you have heard me talk (or read about) the e-card campaign my parents / partners and I utilized to stay in touch with our sphere in addition to a postal mail campaign. We found it to be excellent for building rapport and name recognition; unfortunately, in the past couple months spammers and hackers have barraged inboxes with what seems like innocent e-cards.

A couple samples of these phony e-card notifications that found their way to my inbox:


FunnyPostcard.Com “You've received a greeting ecard from a Neighbour!” “You've received a greeting card from a Partner!”

(I’ve received dozens, but the rest have already been deleted from the Trash folder…)
A sample of a legit e-card notification from

FROM: SUBJECT: “A Hallmark E-Card from JOBYEMAIL”

I know this is Hallmark’s actual format (using the sender’s email address as the FROM: address and in the SUBJECT: line) not only cuze I used them a lot, but because I copy / pasted this info from an e-card message I sent my Mother recently.

Seeing that I used to send e-cards to our clients, I was particularly disturbed to see more than one of these phony e-card notices / spam messages with a FROM: line of “” and SUBJECT: line of “You've received a postcard from a Family member!” It’s such a shame to see crooks using a well-known household name like this; it breeds confusion (and fear).
Now, to be perfectly honest with you, I do not know what the ‘deal’ is with these spam messages—I haven’t opened a single one to find out and I don’t suggest you do either! They may be selling something, they may be trying to con you, they may have the message or any links or attachments designed to infect your computer with viruses, spy ware, and any number of similarly noxious and potentially dangerous programming. The best you can do is delete any e-card notifications that come to you in a generic format (a card from “a friend,” “a neighbor,” “a family member,” etc.) and call or write any friends, neighbors, family members who you do think might have actually sent you an e-card for confirmation before opening such notices.

Ok, I’m not sure if this is “fun” or not, but it’s pretty darned amazing (and that’s generously neutral!). Well, alright, in my opinion it’s just plan gross but it is by pure human nature that we’re all drawn to gawk at such sites….

“Lizard Man” - Yes, he’s had his tongue surgically altered and his teeth ground down, and his body tattooed w/scales. Sounds like an old carnival feek show doesn’t it? He wishes he could have a tail attached but laments that the best that could be done is a prosthetic one. At 28, he’s undergone 400 hours of tattooing; what’cha suppose he’ll look like in 40 yrs when the tattoos gravitate with age?!!


I hope these tips have been useful to you. Please don’t hesitate to call/write if you have computing questions or are ready to ramp up your own marketing campaign! Referrals to your officemates and other small business owners are always appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support!

Jo Becker, BA


Formerly of Oregon Realty Company’s Portland West Office

Archived Resources:

  • JoAnn Rouza Interiors:

  • Susan Robinson (password: prosper)

  • Decorative Christmas Ornament Hangers:

  • Investment Analysis Software

  • Lincoln City cottage:

  • ImageSetters:

  • Equine Art:

  • Columbiana Seed: (REVISED address)

  • Fair Housing Council:

  • Greg Rands / Handyman, “Soil Guy,” and Personal Trainer: 503/516-4038

  • Destination College & Beyond,

  • Sue Middleton / Sketch Artist

NOTE: I, Jo Becker, am not engaged in rendering legal services, nor claim to be an expert on fair housing in the capacity in which you have engaged my services. In performing this work, I am acting as a private individual and not as a representative of the Fair Housing Council of Oregon for whom I also work.

No part of the service provided should be regarded as legal advice or considered as a replacement for legal counsel. Legal advice should be obtained from your own counsel in applying any fair housing principles, suggestions, or observations, as well as agency/representation and other legal matters.

To unsubscribe reply to this message with the word ‘unsubscribe” in the subject line. Thank you

Jo Becker, 503/493-6883

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