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Students satisfactory Academic Progress (sap)

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Satisfactory Academic Progress


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
This assessment provides you with an opportunity to review procedures regarding satisfactory academic progress. If you completed the Student Eligibility File review and identified issues regarding SAP, it is recommended that you complete the appropriate activities provided in this assessment. Additional links are provided to assist you in the evaluation of your SAP Policy.
In addition, we recommend that you review and evaluate your SAP policies and procedures.

Activity 1: SAP Not Met File Review Worksheet

Activity 2: SAP Met File Review Worksheet

Why start with the student file review?
The file reviews will provide you the opportunity to review your SAP process at the student level. It will help you assess what is working well and what needs improvement. Once you identify areas that require further review and improvement, the assessment will guide you to related activities to assist you in your review process. Activity 1 addresses those students that you identify as not meeting your SAP Standards. Activity 2 addresses those students that you identify as meeting your SAP Standards.
These two activities will help you identify how well the institutional SAP process is working at your institution. The following SAP Example at a Glance will assist you in developing your components of SAP.

Should you identify areas requiring a corrective action, we recommend that you complete the Management Enhancement Worksheet.

Activity Bar: Activity 1: SAP Not Met File Review Worksheet, Activity 2: SAP Met File Review Worksheet
Additional Links: 2006-07 FSA Handbook, Student Eligibility, Chapter 1; 2006-07 FSA Handbook, School Eligibility & Operations, Chapter 10

Satisfactory Academic Progress


SAP Components CFR 34 668.16(e)

Activity 1 SAP Not Met File Review Worksheet

Activity 2 SAP Met File Review Worksheet

Appeal Process CFR 34 668.16(e)(5)(6)

Standards of Administrative Capability, 34 CFR 668.16 (4)

Student Eligibility 34 CFR 668.32

Satisfactory Progress 34 CFR 668.34

Policies and Procedures 34 CFR 668.16 (e); 34 CFR 668.32 (f); 34 CFR 668.34

Activity (Link to Chart)


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