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Stuart Malina, Conductor

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Stuart Malina, Conductor

Music Director

Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra 6/00-present

Greensboro Symphony Orchestra 6/96-6/03

Associate Conductor

Charleston (SC) Symphony Orchestra 6/93-6/97

Guest Conductor (Selected)

Youngstown Symphony Orchestra 2/08

Naples Philharmonic 12/07

Shippensburg Festival Orchestra 7/07

New York Pops 2/07 & 10/07

Indianapolis Symphony 7/00, 7/02 & 7/06

International Double Reed Society

Ft. Wayne Philharmonic 6/06

Eastern Music Festival 6/02 & 6/06

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 10/05

Nashville Symphony Orchestra 3/05

Cincinnati Pops 3/02

North Carolina Symphony Orchestra 7/97, 11-12/97 & 11/01

Chautauqua Institution 1996-01

Buffalo Philharmonic 4/01

Detroit Symphony Orchestra 12/00

Hartford Symphony Orchestra 3/00

Richmond Symphony 2-3/99

Cayuga Chamber Orchestra 12/98

Louisville Symphony Orchestra 9/96, 11/97 & 1/98

AIMS Orchestra 1996

Orchestra of St. Luke’s 1995

Kansas City Symphony Orchestra 1994 & 1995
Opera (Selected)

Opera Gala Performance Opera Delaware 5/07

Porgy and Bess Opera Delaware 5/05

Il Barbiere di Siviglia Greensboro Opera 2/01

Manon Piedmont Opera 10/00

Porgy and Bess World Tour for Gershwin Family 1993-94

Pomme d’Api (Offenbach) Orchestra of St. Lukes, NYC 1990


Many Performance Today Broadcasts on NPR (list available on request)

World premiere performances of works by (among others):

Asia, Warshauer, Jaffe, McAllister, Gill, Joel

Contemporary Music Festival Piccolo Spoleto - Director, Conductor / Pianist 1993-95

The Nutcracker Ballet, Baltimore, Conductor 12/95

Charleston Ballet Theater, Principal Conductor 1991-1995

Movin’ Out (Broadway and Tours) – Music Supervisor, Orchestrator 2001-present


Curtis Institute of Music, Diploma in Orchestral Conducting 1989

Student of Otto-Werner Mueller

Yale School of Music, MM in Orchestral Conducting 1987

Student of Otto-Werner Mueller

Harvard University, BA in Music Theory and Composition 1984 cum laude

Piano resume available on request

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