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Stonehenge mailorder (updated: november, 26th 2007)

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20 YEARS OF DISCHORD - comp. 3xCD boxset (22.00 euros) with: minor threat, void, youth brigade, rites of spring, dag nasty, ignition, fugazi, etc… [dischord]

512 ANOS DESPUES EL SAQUEO CONTINUA - comp. CD (7.00 euros) with: los crudos, autonomia, elektroduendes, cojoba, dona maldad, los dolares, opozicion, etc... [la bruja]
7 REPRISES DE 7 SECONDS - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: intensity, endstand, this side up, second rate, fake hyppi & stranded (all doing 7 seconds covers) [weewee]
A WILL TO EXTINCTION - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: ebola, disabuse, stigmata uno, john bender, idi amin, etc. [discoppress]
ACCIDENTAL DEATH..., VOL. 2 - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: gob, pachinko, exit, jackwacker, bhang dextro & designer [satan's pimp]
AGEHA - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: yage, 125 rue montmartre, buoyancy, peace of mind & die kosmo gesellschaft [tomte tumme tott]
ALL THE DAYS ARE NUMBERED SO… - comp. CD + Zine (6.00 euros) with: fiya, sinaloa, soophie nun squad, reactionary 3, the good good, etc... and a huge comics zine (al burian, nate powell, erin tobey, etc... ) [harlan]
AMEBIX JAPAN - comp. LP (7.00 euros) with: age, effigy, raw gauge, life, zoe and acrostix (all doing amebix covers) [agipunk]
AMORE E ANARCHIA - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: subway art, bakunin's children, d'rotzbouwen & toxkapp [skank]
AND THEY HAD TEARS IN THEIR EYES - comp. LP (6.50 euros) with: my hero died today, jr ewing, the break quintet, saddest day, kids like us & billion $ mission [lilac sky]
ANTI-SOCIETY (ANARCHO-PUNK COMPILATION, VOL. 3) - comp. CD (7.00 euros) with: icons of filth, alternative, karma sutra, liberty, oi polloi, hagar the womb, etc. [overground]
ANTI-STATE (ANARCHO-PUNK COMPILATION, VOL. 2) - comp. CD (7.00 euros) with: the mob, flux of pink indians, amebix, subhumans, poison girls, etc. [overground]
ANTI-WAR (ANARCHO-PUNK COMPILATION, VOL. 1) - comp. CD (7.00 euros) with: dirt, zounds, political asylum, omega tribe, kronstadt uprising, etc. [overground]
APATHY IS NO EXCUSE FOR FAILURE - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: petrograd, phillippe, what's wrong & skol [skank]
AS TIME GOES BY - comp. EP (3.00 euros) with: blotto, drift age, the because & i excuse [snuffy smile]
AUTONOMIE AUJOURD'HUI - comp. CD (8.00 euros) with: kochise, ya basta, antibody, lix xivia, cria cuervos, les apaches, les partisans, urban blight, etc. [bloko autonoma]
AUTONOMIE, VOL. 1 - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: ivich, alcatraz, headway & coche bomba [stonehenge]
AUTONOMIE, VOL. 2 - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: aside, what's wrong, uneven & spit [stonehenge]
B-CORE SEVENS 1998-2000 - comp. CD (6.50 euros) with: june of 44, the capitol city dusters, aina, blutip, the dismemberment plan, nra, etc. [b-core]
BE QUICK OR BE DEAD - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: last security, assel, acursed, left in ruins, ohuzaru, tortuga, entropia, d.i.a., etc. [sly actions]
BEAT US IF YOU CAN... - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: separation, kate mosh, turnover, engrave, simulcast & force of change [remaining thoughts]
BENEFIT FOR MALOKA - comp. LP (6.50 euros) with: petrograd, agathocles, charlie don't surf, ab irato, etc. [maloka]
BITE THE BASTARD - comp. CD (5.00 euros) with: alcatraz, soar, what's wrong, primitiv bunko, jean seberg, elevate, aside, 20 minutes de chaos, etc. [emergence]
CAN'T STOP THIS TRAIN - comp. CD (8.00 euros) with: assuck, refused, boy sets fire, seein' red, reversal of man, separation, man vs. humanity, etc. [join the team player]
CITY OF... - comp. CD (6.50 euros) with: man in the shadow, entreat, low punch & straightforward [choose life]
CONCERTO POUR DES TRAQUE-E-S - comp. LP (7.00 euros) with: porc bleu, napalm dance, pekatralatak, rene biname, etc… (all doing berurier noir covers) [p'tit agite]
COUNTER CULTURE - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: d.s.-13, the swarm, slang & end 32 [coalition]
CRITICAL PEDAGOGY - comp. LP (7.00 euros) with: mdc, seein' red, cluster bomb unit, john holmes, the dread, countdown to putsch, jilted, abstain, etc. [six weeks]
DECIDE ON CHANGE - comp. LP (7.00 euros) with: totalitar, balance of terror, melee, straight to hell, esperanza, scholastic deth, diallo, last security, etc. [mountain]
DESINTEGRONS LES INTEGRISTES - comp. 2xEP (5.00 euros) with: seven hate, mush, perfect cousins, world pets, goober patrol, shit for brains, etc. [n.r.v.]
DESTROYING SOUTHERN TRADITION - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: deathreat, damad, suppression & equity [at a loss]
DON'T WORRY... BE ANGRY - comp. LP (7.00 euros) with: coche bomba, tear of a doll, copyright, king biscuit, pleum & forguette mi note [angrrr]
DREI AKKORDE... FREIHEIT - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: asmodinas leichenhaus, mrtva budoucnost, kort prosess, etc. [shandmaul]
DYING ALIVE / LIVING DEAD - comp. LP (7.00 euros) with: gride, see you in hell, homoconsumens, dread 101, innoxia corpora, etc. [phobia / insane society / malarie]
EVERY TWENTY SECONDS - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: suffer, boycot, active minds, sawn off, scum of society, skrofula, vulgre, etc. [human error]
FARM SANCTUARY BENEFIT - comp. CD (7.00 euros) with: antiproduct, submission hold, atom and his package, seven days of samsara, countdown to putsch, etc. [mountain]
FIRST FIVE YEARS - comp. 2xCD (10.00 euros) with: walleye, damnation a.d., railhed, edsel, universal order of armageddon, jones very, etc. [jade tree]
FLEX YOUR HEAD - comp. LP (8.00 euros) with: minor threat, void, s.o.a., youth brigade, iron cross, government issue, teen idles, etc. [dischord]
FOR FRIENDS - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: rainbowmonkey, jim atkins (from jimmy eat world), kitty melodies & amapola [earth water sky]
GIVE ME BACK - comp. LP (7.50 euros) with: born against, spitboy, seein' red, econochrist, manliftingbanner, downcast, struggle, etc... [ebullition]
GOD'S FORSAKEN CHILDREN - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: y, fight da suckas, d'rotzbouwen & profan [struggle]
GONCHO SONORO SOCIAL CLUB - comp. CD (7.00 euros) with: vision tunel, criatura, disface, karnvapen attack, faccion, persona, etc... (benefit compilation) [mala raza]
GORE GORE GIRLS, VOL. 2 - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: uneven, voodoo dolls, x-sindicate & pmt [new wave]
GRINDING IS NOT A CRIME - comp. MCD (2.50 euros) with: wilbur cobb, cumshot, obliteration, bile, ptao & grizzly adams [emergence]
HARDCORE OR DIE - comp. CD (7.00 euros) with: fuerza de lucha, liberacion, propria actitud, 720°, etc. (international hardcore comp.) [algo discos]
HARDCORE VS. HUNTING - comp. EP (3.00 euros) with: boxed in, what price wonderland, knifed, burn all flags, burning the prospect, among the missing, etc. [muppet vision]
HATE/LOVE - comp. 2xLP (12.50 euros) with: kina, infezione, indigesti, nabat, negazione, etc.. (80's italian hardcore compilation) [agipunk]
HE'S NO GOOD TO ME DEAD - comp. CD (8.00 euros) with: grief, bongzilla, sour vein, negative reaction & subsanity [game two]
HEART IN HAND, VOL. 1 - comp. CD (6.50 euros) with: e-150, manifesto, hopeful, refraining, unabomber, etc. [heart in hand]
HOMO HOMINI LUPUS - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: gomorrha, autoritar, shank, calloused, comatose, pink flamingos, irritate & s.c.d. [farewell]
INNATE REBELLION - comp. LP (7.00 euros) with: resist and exist, contravene, fallas del sistema and resistant culture [catchphraze / spiral]
KIDS WANNA DANCE - comp. EP (3.00 euros) with: kontrovers, ambulance, human waste, bombstrike, etc. [new noise]
KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: zanussi, uziel, rain still falling & actitud de rechazo [swarm]
LE D.I.Y. OU LA MORT - comp. 2xCD (8.00 euros) with: heyoka, haine brigade, scraps, verdun, kochise, desert culturel, etc... [anarcho-punk federation]
LES POTAGERS NATURES - comp. 10-IN (5.50 euros) with: happi uiz, erez martinic, radikal satan & agripon (crazy french musical melting-pot) [les potagers natures]
LETTERS FROM THE LANDFILL - comp. LP (8.00 euros) with: this is my fist!, shotwell, abandon & peels [off the dial]
MAKING CHILDREN'S SONGS A THREAT AGAIN - comp. LP (7.00 euros) with: karst, gride, zanussi, the dagda, zegota, migra violenta, inertie, betercore... (punk child's issue) [guerilla shooting]
MORE NOISE BY NICE BOYS - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: agoraphobic nosebleed, skrupel, mrtva budoucnost, masher, etc. [insane society]
N.Y. CATHETER CREW - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: indecision, milhouse, the judas iscariot, kill your idols, berzerkers, r.p.o.d. [mother box]
NEDERTHRASH IN OPKOMST - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: seein' red, tuco ramirez, betercore, mihoen, cockroach, no-men & saf [u.p.s.]
NEW DAYS RISING - comp. CD (5.00 euros) with: d.d.i., attentat sonore, affluente, zlodzieje rowerow, frammenti, etc. [boisleve]
NO SPEED LIMIT, VOL. 1 - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: gomorrha, amen 81, seuchenherd, irritate & hapto [civilisation]
PASSING BELLS - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: manifesto jukebox, sharpeville, diaspora, wasted, unkind & hero dishonest [passing bells]
PASTA POWER VIOLENCE - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: cripple bastards, society of jesus, obtrude & nagant 1895 [s.o.a.]
POSTCARDS FROM THE HEARTLAND - comp. CD (6.50 euros) with: yage, koufax, pale, the last forty seconds, division of laura lee, nikad, jeff caudill, kettcar, wedekind, etc. [firewalk with me]
PROTEST MEANS ACTIONS - comp. LP (6.50 euros) with: aus-rotten, diavolo rosso, muff potter, upright citizens, recharge, etc. (all doing crucifix covers) [plastic bomb]
PROTOTYPE - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: ulcer, apartment 213, laceration, unsettled, default & disdain [clean plate]
PUBLIC SAFETY - comp. LP (8.00 euros) with: limp wrist, signal lost, deadfall, sleeper cell, career suicide, observers, gorilla angreb, look back and laugh, etc. [maximum rocknroll]
RECONSTRUCTION - comp. CD (6.50 euros) with: aside, alcatraz, undone, what's wrong, coche bomba, headway, etc. [boisleve]
RESISTANCE - comp. CD (8.00 euros) with: kochise, igor agar, 20 minutes de chaos, protex blue, brigada flores magon, etc. [maloka]
RESISTANCE IS FUTILE - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: stalingrad, grievance, konstruct & no comply [hammerwerk]
RETRO IS POISON - comp. LP (8.00 euros) with: i object, active minds, ciril & karnvapen attack [punks before profits]
SEKEC MAZEC 3 - comp. EP (3.00 euros) with: see you in hell, lycanthrophy, space to being, nesoucast stroje & lahar [beer is not drink]
SOLIDARITY - comp. CD (6.50 euros) with: submission hold, the judas iscariot, kill the man who questions, react, aus-rotten, diskonto, etc. [dead alive]
STOP FIGHTING, START THINKING - comp. 2xEP (5.00 euros) with: ahimsa, mind intrusion, uneven & what's wrong [take effect / illegal]
STRICTLY BALLROOM - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: hard to swallow, wat tyler, suffer, voorhees, des man deablo, marker & underclass [caught offside]
TAKING LIBERTIES - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: opstand, suffer, unhinged & seein' red (benefit for the anarchist black cross) [bad card]
THE BRAVE DO NOT FEAR THE GRAVE - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: reversal of man, thoughts of ionesco, hybris & deamon's jaded passion [grave romance / alveran]
THE BRYCC HOUSE BENEFIT - comp. CD (6.50 euros) with: chumbawamba, submission hold, harum-scarum, national acrobat, noam chomsky, kung fu rick, etc. [thrown brick]
THE EMO APOCALYPSE - comp. LP (7.00 euros) with: belle epoque, funeral diner, cease upon the capital, june paik, louise cyphre, etc. [react with protest]
THE EMO ARMAGEDDON - comp. EP (3.00 euros) with: la quiete, shikari, danse macabre, raein, zann, louise cypher, daitro, what price wonderland, etc. [react with protest]
THE GIRLS CAN DISH IT OUT TOO - comp. CD (7.00 euros) with: attentat sonore, daisy chain, mind of asian, all or nothing, the faceful, ect... (all female fronted bands) [emancypunx]
THE GREAT AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT? - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: dropdead, reversal of man, racetraitor, etc. [hit the ground running]
THREE PARTS OF INTENSE EMOTION - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: linsay, deamon's jaded passion & springwater [blackwood]
U.P.S. THE RECORD - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: sin dios, boycot, point of few, pcp, dekadent & vision of war [u.p.s.]
UND KEINER WEINT UNS NACH - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: fall time, kathecore, manface & konstrukt [hammerwerk]
VI LAR AV HISTORIEN - comp. LP (7.00 euros) with: autoritar, martyrdod, abductee s.d., debris, human bastards, project hopeless, dread 101, etc. [undislessed]
VIVA LA VINYL, VOL. 3 - comp. LP (6.50 euros) with: dead end cruisers, detestation, t.v. killers, the slubs, urban dk, inflicted, etc. [dead beat]
VOICES - comp. 2xEP (5.00 euros) with: summer day in june, sickness, disbeer & viral youth [panx]
WE COME IN PEACE - comp EP (3.00 euros) with: protestera, diskonto, personkrets 3:1, ensam, anatomi-71, apologia, kuolema, etc. [halvfabrikat]
WE MAY FIGHT A BATTLE THAT CAN'T BE WON - comp. CD (6.50 euros) with: x-acto, by all means, personal choice, autocontrol, etc. [boisleve]
WELCOME TO HELL - comp. CD (7.00 euros) with: wolfbrigade, fleas and lice, the dagda, boxed in, riistetyt, murder disco x, submission hold, knifed, etc. [protest]
WITH LITERACY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL - comp. CD (6.50 euros) with: zegota, crispus attucks, virginia black lung, hiretsukan, homage to catalonia, etc. [exotic fever]
WO DIE WILDEN KERLE WOHNEN - comp. EP (2.50 euros) with: soma, lebensreform, akephal, minion, etc. [no more heroes


924 GILMAN – THE STORY SO FAR (COMPILED BY BRIAN EDGE), Book (14.00 euros) story of the oldest and most inspiring collectively run punk space, stories, pictures, interviews (420p., in english)

ABOLISHING THE BORDERS FROM BELOW # 19 (JUNE 2005) Magazine (1.00 euros) anarchist courier from eastern europe, with lots of political news (kossovo, russia, poland, etc. ) (44p. a4, in english)
ABOLISHING THE BORDERS FROM BELOW # 22 (DECEMBER 2005) Zine (1.75 euros) anarchist courier from eastern europe with lots of political news, etc. (in english)
ABOLISHING THE BORDERS FROM BELOW # 23 (FEBRUARY 2006) Zine (2.10 euros) anarchist journal from eastern europe with lots of political news (in english)
ABOLISHING THE BORDERS FROM BELOW # 25 (JULY 2006) Zine (2.50 euros) anarchist journal from eastern europe with lots of radical political news (48p. in english)
ABOLISHING THE BORDERS FROM BELOW # 26 (OCTOBER 2006) Zine (2.50 euros) anarchist journal from eastern europe with lots of radical political news (48p. in english)
ABOLISHING THE BORDERS FROM BELOW # 27 (DECEMBER 2006) Zine (2.50 euros) anarchist journal from eastern europe with lots of radical political news (48p. in english)
ABOLISHING THE BORDERS FROM BELOW # 29 (MAY 2007) Zine (2.50 euros) anarchist journal from eastern europe with lots of radical political news (48p. in english)
ATTITUDE PROBLEM # 34 (WINTER 2003-2004) Zine (2.00 euros) severed head of state, born/dead, pilger, uro, a bunch of reviews and texts too (40p. a5, in english)
BANNED IN DC, Book (15.00 euros) a collection of pictures and stories from the dc's punk scene 1979-1985, compiled by cynthia connolly (180p. a4, in english)
BARRICATA # 15 (MARS 2007) Zine (2.50 euros) zine de contre-culture, avec la fraction, kenny arkana, dossier bédé indé, commune libre de oaxaca, etc. (78p. a4, en français)
BAVARDAGES # 6 Zine (2.00 euros) nikmat olalim, los dolares, les 400 couverts (squat), inspiring texts, reviews, drawings, etc. (52p. a4, english or french versions available)
C'EST DE LA RACAILLE ? ET BIEN, J'EN SUIS ! (ALESSI DELL'UMBRIO), Book (7.00 euros) une analyse incroyable des emeutes de l'automne 2005 (96p., en français)
CHANSONS D'AMOUR (CRASS), Book (20.00 euros) anthologie reunissant l'ensemble des textes ecrits par le collectif anarcho-punk connu sous le nom de crass (260p., en français)
CLONE Zine (1.50 euros) reedition des newsletter 1-10 (face up to it!, strong as ten, bavardages, customers, etc..., et quelques textes et chroniques (42p. a4, en francais)
DANCE OF DAYS, Book (15.00 euros) the history of dc's creative and political scene, with tons of pictures, etc… written by mark andersen from positive force, dc (413p., in english)
DARKEN BEFORE STORM # 1 Zine (1.30 euros) born dead icons, schifosi, hrydjuverk, zerstort, some reviews, some writtings (52p. a5, in english)
DAYS OF WAR, NIGHTS OF LOVE Book (8.00 euros) an amazing load of interesting and varied texts, to relcaim your life back in the crimethinc. anarcho-post-situationist vein (292p., in english)
DIRTY PLATITUDE # 1 Zine (2.50 euros) punk comix zines
DOOMSDAY GRAPHICS & SHAVED WOMEN (NENAD VUKMIROVIC & ANDREA TOMASEVIC), Book (10.00 euros) graphic book with dark illustrations and art (80p. a4, colour)
DORIS # 23 Zine (2.00 euros) u.s. personal zine (36p., in english)
DORIS BOOK: AN ANTHOLOGY 1991-2001, Book (12.00 euros) this is an anthology of this very personnal zine full of writings and art (320p., in english)
EVASION Book (7.00 euros) novel-like narrative of a journey documenting reclamation of our lives and spaces (crimethinc) (290p., in english)
FUGAZI Dvd (15.00 euros) 10 years of fugazi (1987-97), with gigs, interviews, practices, studio works… (115mn)
GIVE ME BACK # 51 Zine (0.50 euros) tiny hawks, envy, seein' red, etc... (this is basically the new heartattack) (a4, in english)
GIVE ME BACK # 52 Zine (0.50 euros) des ark, daitro, deep six records, wordl/inferno friendship society, etc... (a4, in english)
GRITA O MUERE (AKA LE GRAND MACABRE # 2) Zine (1.00 euros) hyacinth, customers, fashionable idiots, up the zines, textes, chroniques, etc… (64p. a5, en francais)
HEARTATTACK # 32 Zine (0.80 euros) sound virus records, bl'ast, jose palafox, columns, reviews, etc. (96p. a4, in english)
HEARTATTACK # 47 Zine (0.50 euros) the work issue with columns, articles, etc... also featuring interviews with funeral diner, artist mike sutfin, and lots of reviews (a4, in english)
HEARTATTACK # 49 Zine (0.50 euros) i object, the now-denial, cristy c. road, iron lung, reviews, letters, colums, etc. (a4, in english)
HEARTATTACK # 50 Zine (0.50 euros) bulltets in, dead stop, fucked up, etc., etc... that's the final issue (a4, in english)
I TAKE MY DESIRES FOR REALITY... Zine (2.00 euros) lack of reason, against me!, moonlight wankers, textes, chroniques, etc. (68p. a5, en francais)
I WISH THERE WAS SOMETHING THAT I COULD QUIT (AARON COMETBUS), Book (8.00 euros) aaron cometbus's latest novel (112p., in english)
INDESTRUCTIBLE (CRISTY C. ROAD), Book (6.00 euros) illustrated autobiographic novel telling the story of a 15 years old queer punk girl having to face her peers pressures at school, etc. (in english)
INERTIE # 1 Zine (2.00 euros) affliction, forced to decay, urban blight, avis, texts, etc. (72p. a5, in french)
INSOUMISSION A L'ECOLE OBLIGATOIRE (CATHERINE BAKER), Book (8.00 euros) une reflexion radicale sur l'école (nouvelle edition de 2006) (206p., en français)
KORRIGAN # 1 Zine (2.50 euros) aclys, cave in, simon gane, columns, reviews, etc. (38p. a4, in french)
LA MORT DE L'ASILE. HISTOIRE DE L'ANTIPSYCHIATRIE (JACQUES LESAGE DE LA HAYE), Book (10.00 euros) l'histoire du mouvement antipsychiatrique (224p., en français)
LAST HOURS # 11 (AUTUMN 2005) Zine (2.00 euros) tons of itws (active distro, against me!, the profits, darkest hour... ), a bunch of articles (g8 summit, imperialsim... ), etc... (116p. a4, in english)
LES MOUVEMENTS SONT FAITS POUR MOURIR... (LE JARDIN S'EMBRASE), Book (5.00 euros) analyse et reflexion autour du mouvement anti-cpe de 2006 (éditions tahin-party) (160p. en français)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 241 (JUNE 2003) Zine (3.50 euros) cut the shit, deathbag, cria cuervos, the tyrades, and all the classic mrr features that you just can't live witout (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 247 (DECEMBER 2003) Zine (4.00 euros) d.s.b., the phoenix foundation, meet the virus, the boils, and tons more, as well as the usual mrr features (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 251 (APRIL 2004) Zine (4.00 euros) migra violenta tour report, microcosm allegiance, vakivaltaa, the fuse, and your healthy monthly dose of mrr features (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 253 (JUNE 2004) Zine (4.00 euros) gorilla angreb, voetsek, schifosi, scurvy dogs, minority blues band, and tons more (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 257 (OCTOBER 2004) Zine (4.00 euros) rattus, fighting dogs, hero dishonest, kicks, and… well, all the classic mrr features (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 259 (DECEMBER 2004) Zine (4.00 euros) r.a.m.b.o., penelope houston, bad business, i attack, and your monthly dose of mrr features (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 260 (JANUARY 2005) Zine (4.00 euros) the total end, true north, straight to hell, punk in china, etc., and the regular mrr features (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 262 (MARCH 2005) Zine (4.00 euros) karnvapen attack, dead moon, wreckage, neo boys, catholic boys, etc., and your regular mrr features (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 263 (APRIL 2005) Zine (4.00 euros) bombenalarm, all crusties spending loud night 2005, battleship, apa, black lips, etc., (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 264 (MAY 2005) Zine (4.00 euros) bruce banner, intent, the holy mountain, lovesongs, etc. (152 p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 265 (JUNE 2005) Zine (4.00 euros) kolokol, transistor transistor, hard skin, endless nightmare, etc. (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 266 (JULY 2005) Zine (4.00 euros) mdc, unkind, ohuzaru, hiretsuken, giant haystacks, etc. (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 267 (AUGUST 2005) Zine (4.00 euros) sleeper cell, knugen faller, army of jesus, motorama, the slicks, etc… (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 270 (NOVEMBER 2005) Zine (4.00 euros) clorox girls, regulations, czolgosz, the time flys, and your regular mrr features (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 271 (DECEMBER 2005) Zine (4.00 euros) abductee s.d., action, george harrison, besthoven, and... well, i guess you know what to expect here, right? (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 273 (FEBRUARY 2006) Zine (4.00 euros) endstand, out cold, the pedestrians, and all the regular features that make you love mrr (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 274 (MARCH 2006) Zine (4.00 euros) brutal knights, manikin, best of 2006, and all the rest (152p. a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 278 (JULY 2006) Zine (4.00 euros) ak press, billy childish, death token, etc., etc. (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 279 (AUGUST 2006) Zine (4.00 euros) mika miko, the fall, cardiac arrest, and of course, tons more (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 280 (SEPTEMBER 2006) Zine (4.00 euros) hjertestop, bill daniel, svartenbrandt, and all the rest (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 281 (OCTOBER 2006) Zine (4.00 euros) out with a bang, redd lrpss, rat trapes, and all the regular mrr features (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 282 (NOVEMBER 2006) Zine (4.00 euros) the feelers, auktion, pesd, and the regular mrr features (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 283 (DECEMBER 2006) Zine (4.00 euros) crimes against humanity, doris zine, jay reatard, and all the rest (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 285 (FEBRUARY 2007) Zine (4.00 euros) the life and art of randy biscuit turner (big boys), lemuria, subhumans, etc. (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 286 (MARCH 2007) Zine (4.00 euros) holy shit, smartut kahol lavan, lost cherrees, etc. (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 287 (APRIL 2007) Zine (4.00 euros) keith rosson/avow zine, ssk, the vivious, lost cherrees (part 2), etc. (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 288 (MAY 2007) Zine (4.00 euros) clockcleaner, conflict (us), pisschrist, the rats, etc. (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 289 (JUNE 2007) Zine (4.00 euros) ultimo resorte, masstrauma, social circkle, etc. (a4, in english, as always)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 290 (JULY 2007) Zine (4.00 euros) stormcrow, merkit, solid decline, monster squad, vivisick, wgf zine, etc. (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 291 (AUGUST 2007) Zine (4.00 euros) 25th anniversary issue, also with ruidosa inmundicia, no slogan, anti-system, etc. (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 292 (SEPTEMBER 2007) Zine (4.00 euros) active distribution, outraged, the new bloods, the fakes, and more, of course (a4, in english)
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL # 293 (OCTOBER 2007) Zine (4.00 euros) a look at punk and immigration (article), anti-you, political asylum, and of course, much much more (a4, in english)
MINOR THREAT Dvd (15.00 euros) three live sets from 1980, 82 and 83 and an interview (92mn)
MISSING YOU IS KILLING ME # 2 Zine (1.00 euros) un recueil de textes personnels assez intimes (28p. a4, en francais)
MIXED REVIEWS (AARON COMETBUS), Book (3.00 euros) a bunch of short stories, aaron cometbus style (68p., in english)
NOWE SNY Zine (0.60 euros) booter, article sur le queercore, historique des minutemen, chroniques, etc. (en français)
NYARK NYARK ! (ARNAUD RUDEBOY), Livre + cd (29.50 euros) fragments de la scène punk et rock alternatif en france (1976-1989) (260p. format 29x29, en francais, plus un cd)
ON FIRE, Book (5.50 euros) a collection of writtings about the genoa events of summer 2001, from a radical perspective. (144p., in english)
PLUS QUE DES MOTS # 1 Zine (1.00 euros) ken park, hyacinth, textes, chroniques, etc. (a5, en français)
PROFANE EXISTENCE # 45 (SUMMER 2004) Zine + cd (7.00 euros) 15-year anniversary issue, with behind enemy lines, garmonbozia, phobia, tons of solid writings, plus a cd comp. (100p. a4, in english)
PROFANE EXISTENCE # 46 (FALL-WINTER 2004) Zine (4.50 euros) witch hunt, wolfbrigade, the profits, clit fest 2004, and much more (100p. a4, in english)
PROFANE EXISTENCE # 49 (AUGUST 2005) Zine (4.50 euros) born/dead, voetsek, mutiny, schifosi, f.p.o., articles on the italian anarchist federation, etc.. (100p. a4, in english)
PROFANE EXISTENCE # 50-51 Zine + cd (7.00 euros) imperial leather, apatia no, sick terror, ruin, a nausea tour diary, columns, reviews, and a free cd (oi polloi, dirt, tragedy, la fraction, aus-rotten, etc... )
PUNX IS LADIES Zine (1.75 euros) a compilation of interviews by north american punk women focusing on the women place within our community (a5, in english)
PUNX PICNINC # 1 Video (10.00 euros) a d.i.y. underground videozine, with antibody, pcp, opus dead, l'etincelle (60mn, pal)
RATCHARGE # 4 / PERSPECTIVE # 3 Zine (1.00 euros) i object, hannibal smith army, hit me back, columns (48p. a5, in both french and english)
SATYRICON, Book (10.00 euros) collection of political collages in the john yates tradition by ben&, in a luxuous hardcover edition (122p., in both english and french)
SCANDINAVIAN JAWBREAKERS Video (7.00 euros) live footages and interviews, with wolfpack, driller killer and dischange
SEMTEX # 4 Zine (2.00 euros) children of fall, vuur, teo you and me zine, texts, reviews, etc. (48p. a5, in english)
SHORT, FAST & LOUD # 11 (SPRING 2004) Zine + cd (4.00 euros) witch hunt, self defense, metal mary, reviews, columns + comp. cd w/ mental disease, aphasia, schifosi, witch hunt (92p. a4, in english)
SHORT, FAST & LOUD # 12 (WINTER 2004) Zine (3.00 euros) ludicra, cattle decapitation, collateral damage, mutual abuse, etc., plus the usual u.s. zines stuff (88 p. a4, in english)
SNAKE PIT # 16 Comic book (2.50 euros) ben's daily comic punk adventures (ben plays in j church for those who care) (32p., in english)
SUSPENSION, Photo zine (2.50 euros) nice printed photozine with pictures of reiziger, ananda, hellnation, d.s.-13, monochrome, fugazi, catharsis, jr ewing, vanilla, etc. (36 p. a5)
SYNTHESIS # 4 Zine (2.00 euros) various articles (feminism, anti-nestle, abortion, etc. ) (36p. a5, in english)
THE RAG # 1 (AUTUMN 2006) Zine (3.00 euros) irish collective revolutionary anarcha-feminist zine, with a load of great articles (42p. a4, in english)
THE STORY OF CRASS (GEORGE BERGER), Book (16.00 euros) just like the title suggests, it's a long interesting book about the history of the anarcho-punk band crass (300p. in english, with pictures)
THE UNHEARD MUSIC, Book (11.00 euros) a collection of pictures taken by chrissy piper from 1991-1997, featuring a bunch of the best bands from this era (160p.)
THINGS ARE MEANINGLESS (AL BURIAN), Book (6.00 euros) a collection of al burian's comics and text (all handwritten) (156p., in english) (microcosm publishing)
TRUBLION # 2 Zine (1.50 euros) aurelie apatride, collectif mary read, paulin plus que des mots, plus quelques textes et chroniques (a4, en francais)
UN GENOCIDE SANS IMPORTANCE (JEAN-PAUL GOUTEUX), Book (6.00 euros) analyse de l'implication de l'état français et du vatican dans le génocide rwandais de 1994 (192p. en français)
UP THE ZINES Zine (2.00 euros) zine entierement consacre aux fanzines (itw heartbeat, positive rage et mononoke, chroniques, etc. ) (56 p. a5, en français)
UP THE ZINES # 2 Zine (1.30 euros) zine consacre aux zines (vendetta, dimwit, chroniques, etc. )
UP THE ZINES # 3 Zine (1.80 euros) zine consacre aux zines (hey you, ratcharge, chroniques, etc.)
VENDETTA # 9 (SUMMER 2004) Zine (2.00 euros) urban blight, paris violence, apatride, foetus party, reviews, etc.. (60p. a5, en francais)
VOICE OF AMERICA – DEAD KENNEDYS 1978-1986 Book (4.00 euros) graph-book avec des traductions en francais de textes des dead kennedys illustrees (collages, montages, etc. ) (46p.)
WE'RE GONNA FIGHT # 2 Zine (1.30 euros) maloka, refuse records, darbouka, pointing finger, political articles, etc. (36p. a5, in english)
WE'RE GONNA FIGHT # 3 Zine (1.30 euros) active minds, analena, rai ko ris, scene reports, columns, reviews, etc. (44 p. a5, in english)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH DVD (12.00 euros) u.s. political punk-hardcore (live, visual collage and other stuff, etc. )


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ORCHID T-shirt (7.00 euros) one-sided, black ink on grey shirt (sizes available: s, m, l, xl)
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