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Status of Conservation Projects

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  1. Status of Conservation Projects

A project concept focusing on conservation of Picarthartes gymnocephalus has been formulated for submission to the UNDP / GEF Small Grant Programme in January 2010. The project is expected to be implemented by a local conservation organization with assistance from the Bird Club.

The Bird Club provided consultancy to a local conservation organization that received a small grant from Conservation International to survey Liberian Greenbul and raise awareness on the species. The bird was not spotted during the survey.

  1. Conservation Concerns

Shifting cultivation - the threats of deforestation posed by shifting cultivation is difficult to measure but it has been reported that it accounts for more than ninety percent. Unless alternative sustainable farming methods are introduced, Liberia may loose it status of having the single largest portion of forest in the Upper Guinea Forest region. For instance the Liberian Greenbul spotted by Wulf Gatter in Grand Gedeh more than twenty years ago could not be spotted during an expedition due to clearance of the forests in the area.

The Bushmeat trade - Liberia is unusual in the high importance of bush meat, and the lack of alternative animal protein. The economic value of bush meat is enormous, and the industry is effectively unregulated at present. Because of the adverse impacts of hunting on protected species and because the harvest is generally assumed to be unsustainable at current levels, Liberia has a bush meat crisis, and could lose some of its protected species if the industry continues to be poorly-regulated.

Mining - with the high degree of geographic overlap between mineral deposits and exploration permits and the protected area network, if exploration occurs within these areas as expected, the potential to significantly affect biodiversity and forest cover should be considered very high. Forest destruction will be locally extensive and permanent.

  1. Significant Bird Sightings / Discoveries

No discoveries but the following significant sightings were made:

English Name

Scientific Name

Hartlaub’s Duck

Pteronetta hartlaubii

African Pygmy-goose

Nettapus auritus

White-spotted Flufftail

Sarothrura pulchra

Spur-winged Goose

Plectropterus gambensis

Giant Kingfisher

Megaceryle maxima

Hadada Ibis

Bostrychia hagadash

Black-crowned Tchagra

Tchagra senegala

Black Bee-eater

Merops gularis

African Finfoot

Podica sengalensis

Yellow-bearded Greenbul

Cringer olivaceus

Rufus-winged Illadopsis

Illadopsis rufescens

  1. New Contacts with other Bird Clubs

No new contacts with other Bird Clubs were made during the reporting period.

  1. Promotional Activity for ABC (e.g. talks)

The Bird Watching Club of Liberia designed a membership form and was wildly distributed among university students, international staff in Liberia, etc. As a result the membership increased from eleven in 2008 to eighteen in 2009. Since most of the new members are students, with funds from NABU, training programs were initiated. In collaboration with the Society for Conservation of Nature of Liberia, the BirdLife partner in Liberia, one joint talk show was held. The aims and objectives of the club were the focus of the talk show.

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