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Station House Theatre c inema Listing for Monday June 29th to Sunday July 5 th

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Station House Theatre


inema Listing for Monday June 29th to Sunday July 5 th

Monday June 29th

5pm – Hannah Montana: The Movie

8pm – 12 Rounds

Tuesday June 30th

5pm – Coraline

8pm – 12 Rounds

Wednesday July 1st

5pm – Hannah Montana: The Movie

8pm – 12 Rounds

Thursday July 2nd

5pm – Coraline

8pm – 12 Rounds

Friday July 3rd

5pm – Coraline

8pm – 12 Rounds

Saturday July 4th

2pm – Hannah Montana

4pm – Coraline

8.30pm – The Cunningham Family

Tickets: €20.00

Sunday July 5th

2pm – Hannah Montana: The Movie

4pm – Coraline

6pm – 12 Rounds

Upcoming Live Performances

4th July- The Cunningham Family

8th July- Tommy Tiernan

11th July – The Three Tenors


Before 4pm: €5 | Tuesday Student ONLY €5 (Valid Id Required) |

4pm Screenings & thereafter €7.50 Adult €5 Child (Under 12)

For more information contact the Theatre on 095 30303/21699

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Starring: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders

A young girl walks through a secret door in her new home and discovers an alternate version of her life. On the surface, this parallel reality is eerily similar to her real life - only much better. But when her adventure turns dangerous, and her counterfeit parents (including Other Mother) try to keep her forever, Coraline must count on her resourcefulness, determination, and bravery to get back home - and save her family.


Starring: Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment, Jason Earles

Miley Stewart has always had the best of both worlds. She always got what she wanted. After having a shoe fight with Tyra Banks, her dad decides to take her where she never thought she would be taken to: Tennessee. He gives her the chance to be Hannah Montana for awhile and to learn what family is all about. While there, she meets a new love interest and makes a decision that will change her life forever.

 Does she want to be Hannah Montana anymore?
12 ROUNDS (108 MINS) 12A

Starring: John Cena, Ashley Scott

WWE star John Cena headlines his sophomore action picture as a police officer whose wife is kidnapped in New Orleans. Daniel Kunka provides the script, with Deep Blue Sea's Renny Harlin handling the directing duties for the 20-million-dollar Fox Atomic/WWE Films production.
Go the extra mile… We Do!

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