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Starting Microsoft FrontPage 2003

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First we’ll enter some text. Type something like: Your first name (’s) Home Page (e.g. Janies’s Home Page). Then tap the Enter key once. Notice, that when you tapped the Enter key, that the cursor moved down two lines (double spaced). This is just the way FrontPage 2003 works (it has to do with the web page programming called HTML).

If you desire a single space between your text, simply Hold Down the Shift key and, while you are holding down the Shift key, tap the Enter key.

Now click to the left of your name and hold down the left mouse button, and drag across all that you have typed, and release the button. This will highlight your title. It should look something like the picture on the right.


2. Font style

ith the text highlighted, click-on Format in the Menu bar and then click-on Font. A Font Menu screen similar to the one below will appear (we’ve made some changes – you’re Font menu will look similar to this menu when we finish the font).

1. Font


3. Size

4. Color

We’ll refer to each numbered item (on the last page) as we proceed below. There are several unique things that occur when you are working in web pages. If you are familiar with word processing, then you know that you can make your font size just about as big as you desire. However, when working in web pages, you are limited in the number of font sizes that you are allowed (by the HTML programming code). In web terminology these are called headers. We are going to “snazz-up” our title font a bit. First, you will notice that a Sample, of how the font currently appears, is located in the lower Preview area of the Font menu screen. As we alter the appearance of the font, each change will appear, as we make it, in the Preview area.

First ( 1.), click-on several of the fonts in the Font area (1. Font in the picture on the previous page). Notice that, as you click, the fonts appear in the Preview area below. Click-around until you discover one you like – we chose Bookman Old Style.

Second ( 2.), click-on Font style - Bold. Watch the Preview area.

Third ( 3.), click-on one of the Sizes. Notice that, when you click, the Preview changes to that size. Also, notice to the left of the font size there is a 1, 2, 3, [e.g. 4 (14pt)]. In web pages this is the size of the header. Since we are creating our web page in a program called HyperText Markup Language (HTML), you will find that, in a number of word processing functions, we are limited in what we can do on our web page. FrontPage tries to take care of these. In the case of Fonts however, we are still limited to 7 font sizes – called headers. In the “old” days, a few years ago, you would indicate a font size by typing in something like to do the same thing we’ll do to make our font the largest size. When we finish this web page we’ll click-on the HTML tab at the bottom of the screen to see the “programming code” that we have created by simply using FrontPage 2003. In our case, move down and choose the largest size: 7 (36 pt).

Fourth ( 4.), click-on the down arrow to the right of Color. A list of colors appears (like on the right). Click-on More Colors. When you do, the following Menu screen appears.

When the above More Colors menu screen appears, click-on Custom. The below Color menu screen will now appear.

Click-on one of the Basic Colors (arrow on the left). Notice that, when you do, a small marker appears in the color pattern (top arrow on the right). Also notice that a small triangle appears on the right of the pattern (middle arrow on right). You can click-on the triangle, hold down the left mouse button, and drag the triangle up and down. As you do, you will see changes in the color. Try this. For now choose a favorite dark color. If, you want to use this color again later, click-on Add to Custom Colors. You will see your choice appear in Custom colors on the left. This color will always appear whenever you want it for other text in this web page. When you are satisfied, click-on OK once, again and a third time.

You will notice, when you return to your web page, that the area you highlighted is still highlighted (and you won’t see your color as you selected it). You will need to point away somewhere in the white area of the page and click the left mouse button. This will remove the highlight and reveal the text color you selected. If you don’t like the color, try again.

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