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Starting Microsoft FrontPage 2003

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Creating a Web Page and Web Site

Using Microsoft FrontPage 2003 for

Windows 2000/Me/XP
Created: 10 October 2003

Starting Microsoft FrontPage 2003

In this tutorial we’ll first create a single web page using Microsoft FrontPage 2003. Then, we’ll create a web site, which consists of multiple, linked web pages. For the single web page you can save your work on a formatted 3 ½ inch diskette. For the web site it would be prudent to save the data on your hard drive. Or, you can save them both on your hard drive.

To load the Front Page 2003 program, Double click the left mouse button quickly on the FrontPage 2003 icon on the main Windows screen, or click-the left button on Start in the lower left corner of the screen, then click left-on Programs, and then click left on Microsoft FrontPage.

You should now be in the Microsoft FrontPage 2003 main screen. If you’re in FrontPage 2003, you’ll see, in the upper left corner of the screen, a title that looks like the one just to the right.

In this tutorial, whenever we indicate that you need to click a mouse button, it will mean to click the left mouse button – unless we indicate that you should click the right mouse button. So, always move the cursor over the “place” we indicate and “click left” unless we tell you otherwise.

Click-on all of the Titles in the Menu bar (like the one below) and familiarize yourself with what they do. As you click-on each Title, look at the items in the menus that “drop” down when you click-on each Title.

You’ll notice that the major portion of your screen, below the Menu Bar and Button Bars, is white. In the upper left corner of this white area you’ll see an image like the one on the right – new_page1.htm. This is like a new, default document in a word processor, but it’s a default FrontPage webpage. Later, after we’ve begun creating our web page, we’ll save the web page with a different name.

Now, slowly move the cursor over the buttons in the button bars (like the one below) and read the text help’s that appear. You’ll need to pause a few seconds on each button to give the text help time to appear. Notice that the buttons “do” the same “things” as many of the drop down menu items.

If you have used Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and 2002, one of the first things you probably noticed was that the Views Bar on the left side of the screen was not available in FrontPage 2003. It is really still there in a new way. When you are working on a single web page, as we are now, you’ll notice at the lower left corner of the screen, an image similar to the one on the right. This has replaced the Views Bar and the tabs that were below the web page design area in FrontPage 2000 and 2002.

When we are working in our web site, later in the tutorial, you’ll see that this area is now “tailored” to a web site (see image below).

When you get used to this you will find that it is very handy to use. As you move around your web site, from the site to a page, and back again, you’ll notice that these “bottom bars” change to assist you. This also gives you more area in which to create your web pages, as the Views bar is not long taking up space.

A FrontPage 2003 Task Pane, which allows you to do more “things” as you work with you web pages and site, replaces the “old” Views bar. An image of the initial Getting Started Task Pane is on the left.
If you click-on the small down pointing triangle at the top of the Getting Started Task Pane, the menu shown at the right will appear.
We’ll be using the Task Pane a lot as we go through this tutorial. Task Panes are in all of the Office 2003 modules.
Creating a single web page
We’ll start this tutorial by placing a title on our web page. Your cursor should be flashing on the left-hand side of the white area. The upper left corner, above the white area, should indicate: new_page_1.htm (like the picture on the right).

If you do not see a new_page_1.htm screen, as described above, look in the upper left corner of you screen under File in the Menu Bar for a small white sheet of paper. Move your cursor over the paper and the help text box should indicate Create a new normal page. Click-on the sheet of paper and a new_page_1.htm design area will appear.

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