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St John the Baptist, Iceni Way, Shrub End Parish Priest: Father Tom Lavin, 16 Clairmont Road, co3 9BE

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(St John the Baptist, Iceni Way, Shrub End)
Parish Priest: Father Tom Lavin, 16 Clairmont Road, CO3 9BE

Email: Tel: 01206 576898

Parish Website:

St Teresa’s Primary School (Headteacher: Mrs Frances Booker) 508445

St Benedict’s College: (Principal: Mrs Jo Santinelli) 549222

Parish Hall booking: Mrs Elaine Moclair, email: or phone 07952 597059

We continue to pray for those parishioners who are sick and housebound and especially: Lilianne Banna, Elizabeth Bec-Wilson, June Bickerseth, Rose Bobby, Kevin Butler, Dorothy Bell, Patrick Burton, Ida Butlin, Roslyn Campbell, Eva Corcoran, Yvonne Couperthwaite, Ben Culhane, Sylvia Davies, Cynthia D’Cruz, Terry Doonan, Olive Doyle, Mary Fircks, Win Healy, Paul Holmes, Philip Jansma, , Trevor Lines, Natasha Manastyrskyj, Jean Mendes, Bernadette Mills, James O’Neill, Iolande Pitt, Eileen Pool, Jo Preston, Marion Preston, Ann Renwick, Carrianne Rogers, Ewan Thompson, John & Teresa Thorneycroft, Peter Townsdrow, Francesca Vassallo, and any unknown to us. We remember also Fr. John Harding, John Leech, Yvonne Cartledge, Ron Pettican, John Matterson, Peggy Natkanski, Peggy Balm, Nadia Hales, Ernest Moore, Florence O’Connell, Eileen Armour, George Paling, Wilfred Cartlidge, Philip Gilsenan, Cyril Noy and all whose anniversaries occur this week.

Sunday 28th July: 11.00am Mass: Commissioning of New Ministers of Holy Communion
Sunday 28th July: DAY FOR LIFE

The culture of life affirms the inherent value of life at all of its stages. It seeks to build an environment of compassion and care that nurtures and sustains life, even in the midst of the most challenging of human and personal circumstances. The proceeds of the Day for Life collection assist the work of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre and other life-related activities supported by the Church.


Morning Prayer 15 mins before Mass
Saturday 27th July Our Lady on Saturday

12.30pm Sally Ransom (Ints)

6.30pm (at St John’s) Christine Anglade (RIP)(A)


(Day for LIFE)

9.00am John, Timothy &Peter Watt (Ints)

11.00am Paddy Collis (RIP)
Monday 29th July St Martha

10.00am Private Intention

Tuesday 30th July St Peter Chrysologus, Bp, D.

10.00am (at St John’s) Phyl Burns (RIP) (A)

Wednesday 31st July St Ignatius Loyola, Pr

10.00am Philomena Clark (RIP)

Thursday 1st Aug. St Alphonsus Liguori Bp, D

10.00am Stephen Widman (RIP)

Friday 2nd Aug. St Eusebius & St Peter Eymard

10.00am Vocations to the Priesthood.

Saturday 3rd Aug. Our Lady on Saturday

12.30pm Mary Robson (Ints)

6.30pm (at St John’s) All Parishioners

9:00am Elli Duffy (RIP) (A)

11:00am Eugene Keogan (RIP) (A)

Saturdays: 11am Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until 12 noon



Sunday 28th July 3.00pm Holy Hour for the Year of Faith.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Rosary, Sunday Reflection, Benediction.

Wednesday 31st July, Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola, Mass 10a.m.

Many parishioners may remember Father Arthur’s brothers, Fr.Michael and Fr.Bob who are still involved in work in South America with the Society of Jesus. They will be attending Mass here with Father Arthur on Wednesday morning. The brothers are celebrating 50 years in the priesthood.

Pilgrimage to Poland Reunion: Thursday 1st August: 7.00pm in the Hall.

A presentation on screen and sharing of photos and experiences will take place. All are invited and those who wish to travel to Ireland/Knock next year are asked to attend as an itinerary and costs involved will be presented.

Friday 2nd Aug: 2.00pm Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Divine Mercy

Devotions at 3.00pm.
New Parish Pastoral Council

The new Parish Council met on Wednesday 24th July to agree its constitution and set out a programme for the coming year. The following events were decided on with the aim of bringing the parish plus the two school communities together: Masses for Christ the King, Easter, Pentecost and the feast of Saints Peter and Paul; a bring and share lunch after the Mass for the feast of St Teresa; the formation of a meditative prayer group; a parish fun day for next summer; circulation of cards with the times of the Christmas Masses.

The minutes and a list of the council members are displayed on the notice boards at St Teresa’s and St John’s. If you would be willing to help with the lunch after the Mass for the feast of St Teresa (Sept. 29th), please contact Anthea Hockly. If you would like to join the meditative prayer group, please phone Elizabeth Townsend on 734581.
First Holy Communion Programme 2014

If you would like your child to join the programme for next year, please contact Amanda Garvey via the presbytery with the child’s full name and date of birth, your name and contact details and a copy of the child’s baptismal certificate. Names must be received by 15th August at the latest.

Harvest Lunch 2013

Will take place in the Church Hall on Thursday 5th September. Tickets costing £5 will be on sale after all Masses on 24th/25th August and 31st August/1st September. Assistance with transport for the more frail pensioners would be of particular help. Angelia 512497 or Joan 573448.

St Helena Hospice:

Joan Rhodes will be holding a Coffee Morning in aid of the Hospice on Thursday 15th August in her home 3 Greystones Close from 10.30am. There will be a Bring & Buy sale and a raffle.

Channel Swim

Congratulations to David Corr from Worth School who has completed his arduous Channel swim with his team mates, taking 16 hours 52 minutes! Thank you to all who have donated to the paediatric ward of the Queen Victoria Hospital. Donations are still being accepted at

Kolbe’s Gift: A play by David Gooderson.

Leicester Square Theatre: London: 1-5 October.

In 1941, the Polish Priest Maximilian Kolbe entered the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. Fr Kolbe offered to take the place of a Polish soldier who had a wife and children and ended up in a starvation bunker but died from a lethal injection.

powerful play tells the true story of these two men. One became feted across the globe. The other faded into obscurity. This is their story. The Tickets are now on sale: please speak to Fr Tom.

New Parish Website:

After hours of hard work, a new website has been designed. You will find it at the existing address:

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