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Southern California Bight 2008 Regional Monitoring Survey

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b. Field Computer

A field computer will be used whenever possible to collect station occupation (visual observation) and event data during the Bight’08 survey. A field data acquisition application had been developed by SCCWRP and LACSD for use during the Bight’03 survey, and has subsequently been refined for use with Bight’08. This system facilitates the collection of all the required station occupation and field sampling event information (e.g., grab, trawl and dive sampling events). This system has been designed to be used on laptop computers and has special built-in features that accommodate the upload of data through SCCWRP’s web-based data submission page. Use of the Bight’08 Field Data System is strongly recommended during the survey. The most current version of the field computer software, the Bight’08 Field Data System, can be downloaded from SCCWRP’s website at

If a field computer cannot be used, all required sampling event information must be recorded on Bight’08 field data sheets and subsequently loaded into Microsoft Excel (preferred) data files for submission to the Bight’08 Information Manager. Data submission formats and standards are described in this document.
The Bight’08 Field Data System has the following requirements:

  • Stores data in an MS Access 2000, 2003 or 2007 application;

  • Receives direct input of data from DGPS through serial port assuring that all samples are associated with accurate location information and eliminating transcription error associated with hand-written entry of these data.

Some of the Bight’08 Field Data System features include:

  • Employs drop down lists of acceptable values for many entry fields, thereby reducing entry time and assuring accuracy and compliance with Bight’08 data standards;

  • Capable of producing fully completed hardcopy Bight’08 field sampling data sheets which can be used for data backup;

  • Produces export data files of all sampling event information in Bight’08 compliant Microsoft Excel files suitable for direct submission to the project Information Manager.


Bight’08 is a cooperative effort among more than 60 organizations (plus numerous additional subcontractor labs), which have limited experience working together. Effective implementation of the Bight’08 Information Management Plan requires clearly defined roles for each participant.

For the purpose of defining roles, there will be four types of participants in Bight’08:

  • Data generator - Field crew leaders and laboratory supervisors who will be responsible for compiling the data their organization generates and entering the data into one or more of the SDTP tables. The data generator is also responsible for QA/QC checks on the data prior to its submission.

  • Agency Information Management (AIM) Coordinator - Responsible for keeping track of all data generated within their agency and acting as the primary contact for the Bight’08 Information Management Officer.

  • Bight’08 Information Management Officer (IMO) - Responsible for working with Agency Information Managers to develop and create SDTPs and manage the data submission process, as well as the centralized Bight’08 database.

  • Bight’08 Technical Subcommittee chairs (TSC) - Responsible for overseeing the scientific quality assurance of data through the database development and analyses processes. They are also responsible for working with the Bight’08 Information Management Officer to generate metadata.

a. Information Management Officer (imo)

Shelly Moore

Southern California Coastal Water Research Project


3535 Harbor Blvd., Suite 110

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Ph. 714 755-3207

Cell 714 308-3015

Fax 714 755-3299

b. Agency Information Management (aim) Contact Information

Table 1. Coastal Ecology Agency Information Management Coordinators (AIM).





Shelly Moore

Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) - Chair

(714) 755-3207

Lisa Haney

Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD) – Co-Chair

(310) 830-2400 x 5605

Diane O’Donohue

City of San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater Department (CSDMWWD)

(619) 758-2326

Curtis Cash

City of Los Angeles, Environmental Monitoring Division (CLAEMD)

(310) 648-5269

Andrea Crumpacker

Weston Solutions (WS)

(760) 795-6987

Mike Mengel

Orange County Sanitation Districts (OCSD)

(714) 593-7465

Karin Wisenbaker

Aquatic Bioassay Consultants (ABC)

(805) 643-5621 x 17

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