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Southern California Bight 2008 Regional Monitoring Survey

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Southern California Bight 2008 Regional Monitoring Survey

Information Management Plan

Prepared by:

Bight’08 Information Management Committee

Prepared for:

Commission of Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

3535 Harbor Blvd., Suite 110

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Version Date: July 30, 2008

Disclaimer: While we strive to make the Information Management Plan as accurate as possible when we publish it, there may be times at which we may find it necessary to make some minor changes. Please check the data submission website at\datasubmission\bight08 for the most current version of the Information Management Plan and most current values in a given lookup list. If a value seems appropriate for a field but is not listed, please contact the Information Management Officer to discuss its inclusion.

Information Management Chair:
Shelly Moore Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
Information Management Co-Chairs
Shelly Walther Los Angeles County Sanitation District

Lisa Haney Los Angeles County Sanitation District

Information Management Committee Members:
Bruce Bealer Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

Cheryl Brantley Los Angeles County Sanitation District

Curtis Cash City of LA, Environmental Monitoring Division

Susan Chang City of LA, Environmental Monitoring Division

Larry Cooper Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

Andrea Crumpacker Weston Solutions

Mike Mengel Orange County Sanitation District

Hai Nguyen Orange County Sanitation District

Diane O’Donohue City of San Diego, Metropolitan Wastewater Department

Chi-Li Tang Los Angeles County Sanitation District

Karin Wisenbaker Aquatic Bioassay Consultants

Acknowledgements: The Information Management Committee wishes to thank those members of the Field Methods, Chemistry and Toxicity Committees that participated in collaborative process essential to the creation of the Bight’08 Information Management Plan. In particular, we wish to thank Mike Kelly, Darrin Greenstein, Keith Maruya, Rich Gossett, Michael Hoxsey, Lee King, Brent Bowman, Lisa Sabin, Will McCully, Janice Chen, Vanh Phonsir and Valerie Raco-Rands.

Table of Contents



a. Standardized Data Transfer Protocols 8

b. Field Computer 10


a. Information Management Officer (imo) 11

b. Agency Information Management (aim) Contact Information 12

c. Data Flow 12

d. Data Revision 14

e. Schedule 14


a. Overview 15

b. How To Use This Document 16

c. Data Submission Protocols 17

d. Data Entry Templates 18


a. Data Release Philosophy 18

b. Metadata 19


a. Common Tables 19

b. Coastal Ecology 23

b. Rocky Habitat 45

Appendix 1. Lookup Lists 53

Appendix 2. Metadata 103

Section 1: Identification Information 103

Section 2: Data Quality Information 107

Section 3: Spatial Data Organization Information 108

Section 4: Spatial Reference Information 109

Section 5: Entity and Attribute Information 109

Section 6: Distribution Information 110

Section 7: Metadata Reference Information 111

Section 8: Citation Information 112

Section 9: Time Period Information 113

Section 10: Contact Information 113

Appendix 3. Acronym Glossary 115


The Southern California Bight 2008 Regional Monitoring Project (Bight’08) is a cooperative effort involving more than 60 agencies to assess the overall ecological health of the Southern California Bight (SCB). Bight’08 builds upon previous successful regional surveys and includes new questions and new participants. Cooperative programs such as this one are important in providing a regional perspective to conditions in the marine and estuarine habitats of the Southern California Bight.

The large scope of this survey provides a unique challenge to organizing and structuring the necessary committees and data management practices to ensure its success. The overall structure of all of the Bight surveys has varied from survey to survey depending on the focus; however, the general structure of the groups has stayed the same throughout. For Bight’08 there are five major working groups (Figure 1): 1) Coastal Ecology; 2) Shoreline Microbiology; 3) Water Quality; 4) Rocky Reef; and 5) Areas of Special Biological Significance. In addition, there are six sub committees responsible for the technical aspects of the survey. These technical committees are responsible for delineated a set of common methods and standards to be used in the field and lab. Specifically, the Information Management technical committee is responsible for creating Standardized Data Transfer Protocols (SDTPs) to ensure data comparability and ease of data analyses.

Figure 1. Layout of the groups and committees for Bight’08.

The main challenge for the Bight’08 Information Management committee is the development of a unified data system. Each of the participating organizations has developed and is using their own data management system. These systems vary in the types of data captured, the software systems in which they are stored, and the degree of data documentation. In order to meet the project goal of producing a regional assessment of the Southern California Bight, a cooperative information management system is necessary to ensure that the collected data can be shared effectively among participants.

Information management needs to occur on several levels. First, a process must be developed to ensure the quality, compatibility, and timeliness of the data each organization collects. Once collected and organized, it must be readily available to the project scientists for review, analysis and interpretation. Ultimately, this information will be made available to other interested organizations and the general public.

This document describes the information management system (IMS) that will support Bight’08. The document focuses on four major functions of the IMS:

  • The Standardized Data Transfer Protocols each participating agency will use to transfer data from their internal IMS to the Bight’08 IMS.

  • The data submission process for submitting data to the Bight’08 Information Management Officer.

  • The technical guidelines of how the data will be organized in the centralized Bight’08 database.

  • The milestones and mechanisms by which the data will be made accessible to project participants, other organizations and the general public.
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