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(Affiliated to the South African Association of Freight Forwarders)

1st Floor · Chamber House · 190 Stalwart Simelane Street · Durban 4001 · PO Box 1506 · Durban 4000

Tel: 031-220 2010 Faxmail: 086 553 9632 Email: Website:

Secretaries: Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry





Deno Moodlayiar (Chair) Schenker

Siva Naidoo Hellmann Worldwide

Debbie Nortje Hellmann Worldwide

Riaz Sheik Impson

Seelan Naidoo BPL

Rishi Beeprajh Wilhelmsen

Kevin Chetty Rohlig Grindrod

Cookie Nayager DHL Global Forwarding

Karl Rangasamy UTI

Surentha Naidoo WFS

Ian Gumbley WFS

Vikesh Kamaraj Airoad/WFS

Zakes Makhubo Emirates

Zaba Gumede SARS

Nomonde Vezi SARS

Mark Meintjies SARS

Frans Ballack SAA


Venita Bunsee SAA

Mark Naicker SARS

Ross Wilson WFS

Burt Jonker Swissport

Tim Baron BPL

Heshan Sewpersad Unitrans

Ricky Naidoo WFS

Ricky Isaac Emirates

Previous Minutes:

Approved by Siva and seconded by Kevin

Matters Arising / New Matters / General:

- ACM is still on hold at the moment.

- Nomonde once again appealed to all present to please complete the Client

Questionnaires as and when they are sent out, as they serve the purpose of helping

SARS to evaluate their service to their customers.

- At the last meeting Mark N made the comment that whilst Emirates manifests are being

audited, SAA’s are not. Frans confirmed that SAA manifests ARE being checked now.

- CBCU continue to do a few stops each day, depending on the volumes, but there has

been no blitz lately.

For Customs stops – agents to liaise with Zaba.

For CBCU stops – agents to liaise with Mark.

Mark said the e mail he had sent out re stops created a bit of confusion. Deno asked

Mark if “one” e mail address can be set up for the purpose of stops.

Nomonde confirmed the procedures / requirements for Customs Supervision / Exams.

- The bookings are to be made at the enquiry counter at least 24 hours prior to the

supervision / exam taking place.

- Payments need to be made using the DA 73 at the cashier.

- The charge is R100 per hour.

- The DA 73, SARS receipt and all supervision documents to be present at the time

- of supervision / exam.

Supervisions / Exams that require bookings are:

  • EWP

  • Carnets

  • Export of Imported Goods

  • Export of Local Goods

  • DA 65

  • Destructions where necessary

  • DA 22

  • RIT and RIB (unpack / repack)

  • Any other supervision / exam, except customs stops


- Clients are to have two sets of all relevant documentation regarding the

supervision / exam.

- In the event where the client requires unbooked supervision / exam, an amount

of R200 needs to be paid.

- Clients need to produce processed entries at the time of supervision / exam -

not draft entries.

- The client needs to notify Customs if they are running late, or want to postpone

the meeting - they cannot just not turn up.

- E Mail and telephone bookings are not accepted.

- Nomonde said they had “0” acquittals outstanding at the moment. Mark thanked

everyone for their assistance.

- Zaba appealed to all Agents to resolve any pending items before month end -

which is SARS year end. Deno suggest that Zaba gives Agents a time period in which

to finalise any outstanding matters, failing which, their account will be put on hold.

- Frans raised a point which puts SAA in a bit of a predicament when releasing goods.

The customs document shows “released” but then there is an endorsement which

reads “documents still required”. The release counter very often cannot get into the

section where the comments are written. Frans feels this is very “loose”, especially if

SAA release the goods and then there is a query. Nomonde said the incident Frans

is describing is a first, but it still needs to be looked at from an IT point of view.

Next Meeting: Thursday 12 April 2012 at 09h00

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